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‘Secret’ RCMP memo blames everyone but the Liberals for Canada’s misery


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From LifeSiteNews

By Kennedy Hall

This is, of course, about Canada’s Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, a man whom the left has tried to turn into a Super Trump since the day he stood up against COVID totalitarianism.

According to the National Post, a “secret” RCMP report that warns of a potential revolt by Canadians, once “they realize how broke they are,” has been unearthed by way of an access to information request.

The report begins: “A secret RCMP report is warning the federal government that Canada may descend into civil unrest once citizens realize the hopelessness of their economic situation.”

Now, before we get into the meat of the supposed predictions, I think we would be wise to look at the information with a certain interpretive key. Keep in mind that the RCMP has become a Liberal Party institution, and we needn’t look any further for proof of that than the disgraced former RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, who was appointed by Trudeau and subsequently gave him a run for his money with how many scandals she was caught up in.

COVID, Russia, and climate change destroying the world

The report — heavily redacted and embedded at the bottom of the article — starts with a stunning statement. It reads: “The global community has experienced a series of crises, with COVID-19, supply-chain issues, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine all sending shockwaves throughout the world.” It goes on to say that the situation will “probably” get worse and the “early effects of climate change and a global recession” will only add fuel to the fire of the deterioration of Canada and the global community.

Note that this striking claim is presented as fact, without proof or evidence, and is the leading thought of the document. The report goes on to say: “The coming period of recession will … accelerate the decline in living standards that the younger generations have already witnessed compared to earlier generations.” It adds that “many Canadians under 35 are unlikely ever to be able to buy a place to live.”

So, the theme of the document is that the world, and Canada in particular, is going to hell in a hand-basket, and the reasons for that are primarily COVID, Russia, the climate, and not the government. How convenient! After almost a decade of Trudeau, a report surfaces when his popularity is in the sewer that blames everyone but him for the deciding state of the country he has done his best to ruin.

Karl Marx and the conspiracy nuts

Tellingly, after hammering home the dire situation on the horizon — where it will be if the Liberals have their way — the document predicts that the coming dark age will be accelerated by “popular resentment” and “paranoid populism.”

Now, any astute reader of the news with right-leaning sensibilities will understand what those terms mean. “Popular resentment” is a dog whistle for a Marxist worldview that pits groups of people against one another in a “struggle” for prosperity. “Paranoid populism” is an abbreviation of “People who are involved in populist movements, like Donald Trump — and by extension Poilievre — supporters, are paranoid conspiracy nuts.”

The popular resentment section reads: “The fallout from this decline in living standards will be exacerbated by the fact that the difference between the extremes of wealth is greater now… than it has been at any time in several generations.”

Translation: The rich are lording over the poor, and the poor are poorer than they ever have been. Of course, there is some truth to this, as there is always truth to this in human society where there are always “haves” and “have nots.”

The section on paranoid populism then tellingly implies that those afflicted by populist paranoia will pounce on this struggle. It reads: “Capitalizing on the rise of political polarization and conspiracy theories have been populists willing to tailor their messages to appeal to extremist movements. Authoritarian movements have been on the rise…”

Amazing. According to this report, we are living in a Marxist moment where the proletariat is struggling for their survival against the bourgeoisie, and the real threat is the rise of a populist movement which appeals to extremists with conspiracy theories. Again, a liberal institution will put the blame for the apocalypse on anyone but liberals.

This is really about Poilievre

Now, if you were a betting man, who do you think the document is referring to, given that it is a Canadian document that has been conveniently released just when the Conservatives have threatened to topple the government with a non-confidence motion? This is, of course, about Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, a man whom the left has tried to turn into a Super Trump since the day he stood up against COVID totalitarianism. Poilievre is far from a right-wing Christian hero — he holds views incompatible with Christian morality — but he is still enough of a populist and common-sense politician that he represents a mortal threat to the regime.

Is the Canadian economic situation bleak? Yes. Will it take a lot of work and common-sense governance to turn things around? Of course. And, again, Poilievre is not the savior, but the man can at least do proper math and understands what the average Canadian is struggling with. If he enacts any of his red tape removing policies, surely Canada will be able to start recovering. The Liberals cannot abide this, as they clearly want to destroy this nation.

It is clear by this point that the Liberal Party will be decimated in the next election, whenever that is, as every poll imaginable has them losing so many seats that they will be able to drive to work together in an airport shuttle van. And, since liberals are incapable of self-reflection and critical thinking, their only hope in their hopeless situation is to sound the alarm of the coming Canadian Armageddon and warn Canadians that it is everyone but they who are to blame, and the opposition will only burn the country down faster than a wildfire that was caused by conservative disbelief in climate change.

For my money, this “secret” document is nothing but a piece of propaganda from a desperate regime.

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illegal immigration

Biden’s U-Turn On Deporting Illegal Immigrants Will Last Only Until Election Day

Published on


As published July 12, 2024 by The Federalist

The Biden administration knows a deportation airlift will serve the self-interest of winning reelection on Nov. 5 if done at scale.

In both my books on the border, I offer the same remedy for halting the multinational onslaught of immigrant strangers transiting the infamous “Darien Gap” between Colombia and Panama en route to the besieged southwest U.S. border.

The Darien Gap passageway is a jungled 70-mile bottleneck of wilderness and foot trails, through which an estimated 1.5 million of more than 10 million illegal immigrants from around the world have crossed the U.S. border in the past three years. An American government that really wants to shutter the passage must fund a large-scale deportation airlift from Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico all at once, I advised in my 2021 book, America’s Covert Border War, The Untold Story of The Nation’s Battle to Prevent Jihadist Infiltration.

“The United States should demand that these countries … install a U.S.-funded infrastructure that would fly all immigrants to origin countries anywhere in the world, on national security grounds,” I again recommended in a second 2023 book, Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History.

No Republican border hawk ever took my homeland security-bolstering recommendation seriously, as I had hoped.

But to my very great surprise, the most mass-migration-friendly administration in American history, Joe Biden’s, the one that has widened the Darien Gap passage from a mere country lane into a superhighway, has now announced  that it will be the one to put my deportation airlift idea into action, at least in Panama.

Not because the Democrat administration ran with my idea or that I’m some sort of policy genius, but because the administration knows a deportation airlift will serve the self-interest of winning reelection on Nov. 5 if done at scale, and because this remedy was obvious to just about anyone with a brain.

“United States Signs Arrangement with Panama to Implement Removal Flight Program,” reads the headline of the Department of Homeland Security’s July 1, 2024, announcement. Details remain scant, but the statement goes on to quote Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas saying that his new partnership with Panama will “manage the historic levels of migration” pouring over the U.S. border for three years.

The Darien Gap passage is a major contributing gusher in the worst mass migration crisis in U.S. history, funneling millions of illegal immigrants through an unlocked turnstile to find their forever homes. Whereas fewer than 20,000 economic immigrants per year ever passed through the Colombia-Panama passage before Biden policies unleashed the current mass migration on inauguration day of 2021, 250,000 passed through it in 2022, 520,000 last year, and a projected 800,000 by the end of 2024.

National Security Threat

The multinational diversity of those passing through the gap from more than 160 nations is a unique affront to U.S. national interests, as border crossers may include Islamic terrorists from Muslim-majority nations, human rights violators from Africa, and spies from adversarial nations such as Russia and China.

Terrorists, spies, and warlords are of little concern to the Biden administration. It has only ever orchestrated the conversion of the Darien Gap into the world’s most trammeled immigrant thruway under its lenient “safe, orderly, and humane” immigration policies.

So the Biden administration’s deportation airlift plan constitutes a stunning, 180-degree policy U-turn.

In 2022, for instance, Mayorkas and Secretary of State Antony Blinken pressured the Panamanian government to open a shorter sea and river route, built larger and new hospitality rest camps to accommodate the increase, and arranged for dozens of United Nations and nonprofit migrant advocacy groups to provide all manner of aid and assistance. These moves induced hundreds of thousands more border crossers per year to make the trip.

Now, the Biden administration will replace its “safe, orderly and humane” mantra of just five minutes ago with the new “safe, humane repatriation” one. Why a deportation airlift, and why now?

Election Concerns

The short answer is that the administration needs to slow the southern border flow to help it keep the White House in the Democrat Party’s hands.

The party well knows polls regularly show that voters regard Biden’s three-year-long mass migration border crisis as an apex-level problem for which they’ll punish him and reward Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

The campaign wants controls in place to reduce anticipated desperate last-chance border rushes as Election Day approaches — immigrants will want to reach the American border before a possibly victorious Donald Trump slams the gates shut.

Panama’s New Approach

And just when it needed a solution most, the administration lucked into a most unexpected damage-control opportunity: Panama elected President Jose Raul Mulino on his keynote promise to “close” the Darien Gap and to get the U.S. to help pay for repatriation flights.

“The border of the United States, instead of being in Texas, moved to Panama,” said Mulino, who served as security minister under former president Ricardo Martinelli. “We’re going to repatriate all those people.”

That’s a major U-turn for Panama. For years, the Panamanian government employed “controlled flow” policy bus trips that transported immigrants exiting the Darien Gap toward the American border.

“I won’t allow Panama to be an open path for thousands of people who enter our country illegally, supported by an international organization [the United Nations] related to drug trafficking and human trafficking,” Mulino said at his July 1 swearing-in, attended by Mayorkas. He appears to be serious. For the first time, Panama is already stringing barbed wire to block the major trails, NBC News reports.

Mayorkas jumped at the opportunity to help Mulino — at least during the period of anticipated surges just before the election.

The number of illegal crossings along the southern border will surely drop sharply if the U.S.-Panama deal works out, an almost certain boon to the Biden campaign that they will repeatedly claim as an achievement — until Nov. 5.

This isn’t the Biden campaign’s first such move to suppress expected preelection surges and to claim the positive result to diminish those terrible polling numbers on illegal immigration for immediate political advantage.

Mexico Acts

After record crossings last fall (all-time records of 10,000-14,000 per day) produced terrible polls, Biden paid an official state visit to Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador in Mexico City to discuss the torrential immigration flows. Mayorkas and Blinken followed up after Christmas.

Almost immediately, as I was the first and only one to report for many months, on Jan. 17, Lopez-Obrador deployed 35,000 regular army troops, who began rounding up tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in relentless sweeps of northern border towns. The Mexicans forced them onto planes and buses. They were shipped 1,500 miles south and entrapped in southern provinces behind militarized roadblocks and bureaucracy. Crossings fell by as much as 80 percent initially.

That wasn’t all the Mexicans did, but the resulting illegal crossings slowdown became as immediately apparent as the Biden administration’s ability to have had Mexico do this at any time during the three-year mass migration cataclysm.

President Biden and his deputies have been emphasizing the decline ever since, including during the otherwise disastrous televised debate with Trump.

Look for much more noisy political messaging about even more declines if the Darien Gap closure further reduces the flow at the U.S. border, as it very well might.

A Biden Reelection Would Revert to Lack of Enforcement

But all of this is a paper tiger. No one should expect the Biden administration, should it win the election, to sustain the Mexico or Darien Gap crackdowns beyond Nov. 5. Their leftist wing engineered the whole crisis from the beginning because they believe in unimpeded migration and disdain enforcement, as I explain elaborately in Overrun.

If the Democrats win the White House, look for them to develop new diplomatic “beefs” with President Mulino, ala Hungary’s Viktor Orban, as an excuse to shutter U.S. funding for any deportation airlift.

But there’s a silver lining for border hawks here. If Trump wins, he can build mightily on the preparations that Biden’s campaign managers are beginning now.

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‘They’re So Dishonest’: Doctor Unloads On Media For Asking Biden ‘Terrible’ Questions Instead Of ‘Grilling’ Him

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From the Daily Caller News Foundation



Physician and medical professor Dr. Vinay Prasad criticized the media on Thursday for not asking President Joe Biden the right questions to assess his cognitive capability.

Democrats have increasingly been encouraging Biden to drop out of the presidential race after his debate performance against former President Donald Trump, which caused worries regarding the president’s mental competence. Prasad on his YouTube channel said the media should challenge the president’s capability through asking tougher questions rather than pushing him to take a cognitive test.


“The media, they’re so so relentlessly focused on whether or not he should get a neurologic test. I think they fundamentally misunderstand. Yes, if you’re his doctor, you might want to do tests on this gentleman, but if you’re vetting a candidate for this office, the test is learn how to ask better questions,” Prasad said. “The questions they ask are so terrible. Ask pointed questions, ask really questions that force him to retrieve memories, ask questions that really ask him to articulate.”

“Don’t ask open-ended questions that allow him to filibuster and just go back to saying the stock and trade things he says all the time that come out like rote memorization,” he continued. “Push him in different domains. You can actually assess someone for president if you are a competent journalist and ask the right questions. They don’t appear to do that.”

Corporate media’s years-long effort to quash questions regarding Biden’s mental fitness faced a substantial setback after the debate. Despite worries from Americans, legacy media outlets consistently downplayed their legitimacy.

“We have to admit that they’re completely dishonest. Before the debate, when 50 million Americans watched him with word-finding difficulties and things of that nature … they were running a media campaign that said any video you saw of him was probably doctored or it was taken out of context because, of course, the man is doing just fine,” Prasad said. “They never raised the question of, ‘is he performing, this 80-plus-year-old gentleman is up for the task of being president?’ They never raised that question. The moment that everyone saw it, and then the jig was up and they couldn’t conceal these deficits anymore … now they’re suddenly happy to run op-ed after op-ed and calls for him to step down.”

“They’re so dishonest, this media. What are you doing in the White House Press Corps? Don’t you see the man? Aren’t you assessing him daily? Why are you keeping that a goddamn secret?” he asked.

Biden recently sat down for an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos in an effort to reassure voters that he is capable of being president, asserting his debate performance was just a “bad night” and that he is not cognitively diminished. The president also seemed to express an unwillingness to take a cognitive test.

“No amount of medical testing is going to answer the question of if somebody is fit enough to be president of the United States. Just like no amount of imaging and test questionnaires is going to tell you if a college kid is able to play in the NBA,” Prasad added. “You have to watch them play basketball and you have to watch him engage in the sorts of acts that one would expect from a president.”

“It would probably involve, I would imagine, being woken up in the middle of the night and having to get your opinion on a bunch of big issues and that might happen like many nights in a row, so you might have some chronic sleep deprivation,” he said. “How would you perform under those circumstances? You might get a sense for that if you were really grilling somebody in a vigorous dialogue and vigorous questioning, which the media didn’t want to do for all this time.”

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