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Rotary Club of Red Deer Will Celebrate 100 Years by Awarding $1,000,000.00!!!



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  • Leaving a Legacy for Red Deer

    Apply today for an opportunity to receive
    $1 Million dollars for your organization.


    The Rotary Club of Red Deer, Red Deer’s longest active community service club, will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2023.

    To celebrate this anniversary, the Rotary Club of Red Deer is prepared to invest a minimum of $1,000,000 in a Legacy capital project and is seeking a Red Deer area community capital project to fund ideally, the project should be substantially completed on or before our Club’s 100th anniversary in 2023.

    Rotary International is a worldwide service organization with over 34,000 clubs and 1.2 million members who serve communities around the world. Rotary’s six areas of focus are:

    1. Peace and con ict prevention/resolution 2. Disease prevention and treatment
    3. Water and sanitation
    4. Maternal and child health

    5. Basic education and literacy
    6. Economic and community development

    Rotary is a non-political and non-secretarian organization open to all people regardless of race, colour, creed, religion, gender or political preference.

    The Rotary Club of Red Deer invites submissions from not for pro t community organizations for this exciting opportunity marking Rotary’s 100th anniversary. Our goal is for the successful project to serve Red Deer and to embrace one or more of Rotary’s area of focus. Click for more detailed information on Rotary’s areas of focus.

    In the past, the Rotary Club of Red Deer has been involved in many local area projects such as Rotary Park, Camp Alexo, Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter, Red Deer Hospice, community playgrounds, scholarships and other smaller community initiatives. This signature project for the Rotary Club of Red Deer will be its premier project and appropriately re ect its commitment to the City and the surrounding area of Red Deer.

    It is the intention of the Rotary Club of Red Deer to review submissions for potential legacy projects and assess them to determine suitability as our 100th anniversary project. The Rotary Club of Red Deer envisions a multi-phase evaluation process. The first phase should, at a minimum, provide conceptual detail of the project including:

    1. Description of the project and its sustainability;
    2. Timing of the project;
    3. Estimated total capital cost of the project;
    4. How the project will align itself with Rotary’s areas of focus and provide long term service to the community;
    5. How the project will lend itself to other community partnerships; 6. How Rotary would be recognized.

    From the initial project submissions, the Rotary Club of Red Deer will determine a short list and conduct a second phase detailed assessment in the rst quarter of 2018 with the intent of selecting a project as its Legacy 100 Project.

    Project submissions should be submitted to later than Friday, January 26, 2018 and sent to:

    Rotary Club of Red Deer

    Box 372 Red Deer, Alberta T4N 5E9
    Attention: Rotary Club of Red Deer Legacy Committee

    Should there be any questions, please contact Ron Moisey, Rotary Club of Red Deer Legacy Committee, at 403-309-3973 or 403-392-1000 (cell) or e-mail

    Raymond Rogers
    President, Rotary Club of Red Deer

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    Sylvan Lake’s Castle of Dreams



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  • Local House Holds Romantic History (interview with Mrs. Ada Hagerman, Sylvan Lake News, January 27, 1981)

    If you’re heading to Sylvan Lake this weekend, take a walk around.  There’s some amazing local history.

    It almost reads like a Harlequin romance but it happened here in Sylvan Lake back in 1905. She came from “royalty” in France, fell in love with a commoner and married. Taboo in those days, she was ordered to get out of the country but was given all the money she desired.  This was the beginning of a unique historical event not to be excluded from Sylvan Lake history books.  Evidence of the romance now lies in a stone castle located on 50A Street.

    When Mr. and Mrs. Archambeau left France in disgrace, they came to Sylvan Lake with a dream to build themselves a home which was almost identical to the bride’s royal fortress. After years of toil and hard labour, their dream was fulfilled. Local resident Ada Hagerman told the News of problems the young couple ran into before their dream finally became a reality. A young girl at the time, Mrs. Hagerman related incidents she remembered when the building was being constructed as rather comical.

    “The Archambeaus started building their castle in 1905 or 1906,” she said. “At first they built a raft made of a plank and two logs and pushed it up and down the lakeshore picking up special rocks for the castle.” Aided by another couple, the men then dragged stones on a deer hide nailed to a pole to the building site while the women carried what they could in their arms. Progress, of course, was slow. It all changed one day, though, when the Archambeaus saw a wheelbarrow and what it could do.

    Mrs. Hagerman laughingly said the couple were so intrigued with the device they went home and built one themselves. There was a problem, though. The wooden wheelbarrow did not work as well as they had expected. They had built a six-sided wheel! After advice and a new wheelbarrow from Mrs. Hagerman’s father, the problem was solved. But before convenience of a wheelbarrow came, about seven feet of the castle had already been constructed.

    Although Mrs. Archambeau had money, for the first two years the couple could only work with wood and nails. Finally, in 1910, they were able to build a cement house adjacent to the castle.

    Mrs. Hagerman said the couple used to keep goats up in the castle. After going to a sale one day and buying the critters, they realized they had no place to keep them until a shed and fence could be built. The logical think seemed to be carrying them up to the castle.

    Years later, tragedy struck the Archambeaus. Mr. Archambeau died of what residents thought was cancer, although no one was ever sure.  Childless, Mrs. Archambeau returned to France and was never heard from again. But history of the castle was to go on being told from decade to decade. Throughout the years it has been used as a ‘honeymoon castle’ for both local and city residents and has passed from owner to owner.

    There is no one currently living in the castle, but the adjacent Holbrook Cottage has allowed the Archives to install a signpost as part of our Legacy Trail Walking Tour – Preserving the Past for Future Generations.

    Read some other stories about Sylvan Lake’s history – Click here.

    Published by Todayville originally on September 4, 2017

    Marion Thompson

    Sylvan Lake & District Archives

    5012  – 48 Avenue, Lower Level, Municipal Government Building

    Sylvan Lake, AB  T4S 1G6

    403-887-1185 x262


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    Garden Days is About to Bloom From Coast to Coast



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  • Garden Days is Canada’s annual, fun-filled, country-wide celebration of our garden culture and the vital role of gardens and gardening in our communities and our lives.  This year’s dates are June 16 to 24, inclusive.
    Starting on National Garden Day, Saturday, June 16, this nine-day program of activities and events is for garden enthusiasts, families, schools and tourists alike.
    Garden Days is an opportunity for all Canadians to get outside to enjoy their own garden, visit or take part in their favourite garden experience, get inspired at a nearby garden centre, attend a garden-related seminar or two at a local library or horticultural society, go on a garden tour, get involved with a community garden initiative or travel to a nearby destination to enjoy their favourite public garden.
    Garden Days activities from coast to coast
    There are hundreds of fun activities planned from one end of the country to the other.  From The Butchart Gardens in Victoria’s ‘Gnome Hunt’ which will delight the kids, to Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Garden’s ‘Rhody Show’ a must-see for plant lovers –  there are activities in every province that will be sure to delight.  All are easily found on the Garden Days website
    There’s still time to register your activities
    All Canadian gardens, garden and horticultural organizations, schools, communities, libraries, wineries, BIAs and garden-related businesses such as garden centres are invited to organize activities or events to celebrate public gardens and home gardening and register them,at no cost, on the Garden Days website.  It’s as simple as visiting and clicking on the ‘Register’ button.
    Why is there a national Garden Days program?
    The objective of Garden Daysis to draw attention to Canada’s garden culture, history and innovations and to underscore the importance of public and private gardens, the values of home gardening and the promotion of environmental stewardship.
    Above all, Garden Days is all about having some great outdoor fun while celebrating the role of gardens and gardening in our communities and our lives.
    For the latest news and updates, follow Garden Days’ social media accounts:
    Twitter:                @gardenscanada                             #GardenDaysCanada
    Instagram:          @CanadianGardenCouncil           #GardenDaysCanada
    For more stories visit

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