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Rocky Mountain House RCMP seek public assistance to locate wanted male


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Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

RCMP are seeking the public’s help in locating a male wanted in a violent home invasion on December 26, 2017.

Keehoo Rick Cardinal, age 35, of no fixed address has been charged with Robbery, Break & Enter, Pointing a Firearm and 7 additional Criminal Code charges for his alleged involvement in the Boxing Day incident.


Cardinal should be considered armed and dangerous. RCMP are asking the public not to approach and call 9-1-1 immediately should he be spotted.

If you have information about Keehoo Cardinal’s whereabouts, please call the Rocky Mountain House RCMP at 403-845-2882 or call your local police service.  If you want to remain anonymous you can contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), by internet at or by SMS.


December 30, 2017
Rocky Mountain House RCMP make arrests in two Violent Home Invasions

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta On December 26, 2017 around 9:15 a.m., Rocky Mountain House RCMP responded to a call for service of a home invasion at a residence in the town of Rocky Mountain House.  Upon arrival, Police discovered the lone male suspect had departed.  There was evidence to show three individuals in the residence were assaulted and robbed of property.  At approximately 10:00 a.m., the same day, three suspects forced their way into another residence within the town of Rocky Mountain House, where the home owner was assaulted with a weapon, unlawfully confined, and robbed of property.

On December 29, 2017, Rocky Mountain House RCMP, with the assistance of the RCMP Calgary Emergency Response Team, executed two search warrants at two different residences within the town of Rocky Mountain House.  Several individuals were arrested as a result.  Firearms stolen from one of the home invasions were recovered, along with other offence related property. The investigation continued with the assistance of the RCMP Calgary General Investigation Section.  The following three individuals have been charged with numerous Criminal Code offences connected to the two home invasions:

Rickie Wapoose CARDINAL (30) of Rocky Mountain House, has been charged with :

– Robbery X 2 – Sec. 344(b) CC
– Break and Enter X 2 – Sec. 348(1)(b) CC
– Uttering Threats X 3 – Sec. 264.1 CC
– Assault with a Weapon X 4 – Sec. 267(a) CC
– Assault X 2 – Sec. 266 CC
– Disobey a Lawful Order X 5 – Sec. 127 CC
– Extortion – Sec. 346(1.1)(a.1) CC
– Pointing a Firearm – Sec. 87 CC
– Unlawful Confinement – Sec. 279(1) CC
– Disguise with Intent – Sec. 351(2) CC
– Robbery to Steal Firearm – Sec. 98.1 CC
– Possession of a Weapon Obtained by Commission of an Offence X 3 – 96(a) CC
– Unlawful Possession of a Firearm X 3 – Sec. 92(1) CC
– Careless Storage of a Firearm – Sec. 86(1) CC
– Possession of Prohibited Weapon – Sec. 91(2) CC

Keehoo Rick CARDINAL (35) of no fixed address, and Shanel BRODERSEN (26) of Rocky Mountain House, have been charged with:

– Robbery – Sec. 344(b) CC
– Break and Enter – Sec. 348(1)(b) CC
– Extortion – Sec. 346(1.1)(a.1) CC
– Pointing a Firearm – Sec. 87 CC
– Unlawful Confinement – Sec. 279(2) CC
– Disguise with Intent – 351(2) CC
– Uttering Threats – Sec. 264.1(1) CC
– Assault with a Weapon X 2 – Sec. 267(a) CC
– Robbery to Steal a Firearm – Sec. 98.1 CC

Police have determined that all the individuals involved in these home invasions were known to one another.

Rickie Wapoose CARDINAL and Shanel BRODERSEN were remanded into police custody and will appear in Rocky Mountain House Provincial Court on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.  A warrant for arrest has been sought for Keehoo CARDINAL. The Rocky Mountain House RCMP are seeking the public’s assistance in locating him.  If you have information about Keehoo CARDINAL’s whereabouts, please call the Rocky Mountain House RCMP at 403-845-2882 or call your local police service.  Keehoo CARDINAL is considered armed and dangerous.  If you want to remain anonymous you can contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), by internet at or by SMS.

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Soros-Backed DA Poised To Lose To Challenger In Ultra-Liberal County

Published on

From the Daily Caller News Foundation


Portland District Attorney Mike Schmidt is likely to be replaced by prosecutor Nathan Vasquez after only serving one term.

Schmidt, the Soros-linked incumbent, won in 2020 in a landslide in which he received over 75% of the vote in heavily-Democratic Portland. Election results show Vasquez leading Schmidt with 56% of the in the nonpartisan primary as of this writing.

As of April 2024, Multnomah County is nearly 50% blue, with 282,152 of 568,681 voters registered Democrat according to the Oregon Secretary of State. Only 56,653, roughly 10% were registered Republicans.

The incumbent received a generous cash influx of $213,000 from Soros linked donors in April 2024. Despite this, Schmidt and many other progressive and Soros backed DAs are on a losing streak.

Former Portland District Attorney Mike Schmidt linked to Soros lost


Portland faced increasing insecurity and surges of violent crime in recent years, prompting many to flee the county. Portland homicide rates peaked in 2021 with 92 murders and again the following year with a record of 101 murders, according to OregonLiveData. Violent crime rose 17% in Portland following Schmidt’s election, according to a report from the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission.

In 2020, Oregon decriminalized hard drugs via referendum Measure 110, but was promptly re-criminalized by Democratic Gov. Tina Kotek after Oregon declared a state of emergency citing a dramatic increase in overdose cases. Vasquez plans to prioritize enforcement of drug trafficking and open air drug use, according to his campaign website.


Following Schmidt’s 2020 election, Portland became a hotspot for riots following the police killing of George Floyd. Schmidt later announced that they would not be prosecuting low- level riot related crimes. BLM rioters and violent Antifa protestors led destructive demonstrations for over 120 days, billing the Portland Police Department over $12 million by the end of the year.

Schmidt also accepted a $30,000 campaign donation in February from the Drug Policy Alliance, a group that supported hard drug decriminalization through referendum Measure 110.

“Experience matters,” Vasquez said on his campaign website. “Until you’ve held the hand of a child who is about to face her abuser, or a mother who must listen to the details of her son’s murder, or helped someone access rehab for the first time, only then can you know what it takes to rebuild our public safety system.”

Both Vasquez and Schmidt’s campaign did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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Liberals shut down motion to disclose pharma payments for Trudeau’s ‘safe supply’ drug program

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Liberal MP Majid Jowhari

From LifeSiteNews

By  Clare Marie Merkowsky

Liberal Members of Parliament (MPs) resisted a motion to disclose payments made to pharmaceutical companies for “safe supply” opioids.

During a May 15 session in the House of Commons, Liberal MPs blocked a vote on a motion by Conservative MP Garnett Genuis to publish the contacts between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government and pharmaceutical companies for “safe supply” opioids.

“Allow the public to see the contracts,” Genuis told the Commons government operations committee, questioning, “What do you have to be afraid of?”

“There are contracts involving this government and big pharmaceutical companies involved in producing and selling dangerous hard drugs which then end up on our streets,” he argued.

“Big pharmaceutical companies are involved in supplying hard drugs that are used as part of the government’s so-called ‘safe supply’ program,” Genuis continued. “These programs are a failure. We oppose them. In any event, we believe the public has a right to see the contracts.”

However, a committee vote on his motion was quickly blocked by Liberal MPs.

“I don’t think this is a motion we should move forward with,” Liberal MP Majid Jowhari said.

“I think we should go back and look at it and say our objective is to get an understanding of the source of safe supply and how it is being procured, which is different than going and saying, ‘Give us all the contracts,’” he continued.

Similarly, Liberal MP Irek Kusmierczyk claimed the request was a political tactic, saying, “They are against safe supply and safe consumption sites. That is clearly spelled out by my Conservative colleagues.”

“Organized crime groups are trafficking not only illicit substances but any prescription drugs they can get their hands on,” Deputy Commissioner Dwayne McDonald, commander of the RCMP in British Columbia, testified.

Genuis put forward a motion asking that the committee “order the production of all contracts, agreements or memoranda of understanding to which the Government of Canada is a party signed since January 1, 2016” concerning the purchase of opioids.

Liberals’ refusal to release the contracts comes as the Trudeau government recently rejected a proposal from the Alberta government to add a “unique chemical identifier” to drugs offered to users under “safe-supply” programs so that authorities could track its street sales.

Indeed, the Trudeau government seems determined to pretend their “safe-supply” programs are a success despite the rising deaths and crime in cities that have adopted their policy.

However, the program proved such a disaster in British Columbia that the province recently requested Trudeau recriminalize drugs in public spaces. Nearly two weeks later, the Trudeau government announced it would “immediately” end the province’s drug program.

Beginning in early 2023, Trudeau’s federal policy, in effect, decriminalized hard drugs on a trial-run basis in British Columbia.

Under the policy, the federal government began allowing people within the province to possess up to 2.5 grams of hard drugs without criminal penalty, but selling drugs remained a crime.

Since being implemented, the province’s drug policy has been widely criticized, especially after it was found that the province broke three different drug-related overdose records in the first month the new law was in effect.

The effects of decriminalizing hard drugs in various parts of Canada has been exposed in Aaron Gunn’s recent documentary, Canada is Dying, and in U.K. Telegraph journalist Steven Edginton’s mini-documentary, Canada’s Woke Nightmare: A Warning to the West.

Gunn says he documents the “general societal chaos and explosion of drug use in every major Canadian city.”

“Overdose deaths are up 1,000 percent in the last 10 years,” he said in his film, adding that “(e)very day in Vancouver four people are randomly attacked.”

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