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Red Deer Students Help Alix Teen With Lukemia


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By Sheldon Spackman

Two young Red Deer sisters were joined by their classmates at Ecole Oriole Park Elementary School last week to help raise money for one of their family friends diagnosed with lukemia in January of this year.

Blake Henry, the oldest of four siblings, is 13 years old and lives in Alix, Alberta. His mother Marcy has been friends with Andrea Caraca-Hart of Red Deer for many years and her daughter’s Sophia (11) and Olivia (9) are now good friends of Blake’s. Caraca-Hart says her daughter’s wanted to do something that might help Blake’s family get through the next three and a half years of treatments that lie ahead. So the girls held a cookie sale at Oriole Park school which was fully supported by the students and the School’s Principal, Colette Pedde. Over 300 cookies were sold with over $200 raised for the Henry family.

Caraca-Hart says “Blake is a very strong, smart, capable young man; a farm boy! Very helpful around the farm and other than this has always been very healthy.” She says “so far Blake has been hitting his milestones and proceeding with his treatment as scheduled.” Adding, ” The Henry family’s, friends and community have been amazing with the amount of support and love pouring in.”


Glenn Anderson adds some colour to the “Day of Golf”

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Last week, the 32nd edition of the Glenn Anderson Day of Golf raised an incredible amount of money … in fact more than $832 thousand dollars!  As the numbers are tallied up, that total will be closer to $900K!  That’s a big deal and the money raised will fund cancer research. Congratulations to the organizers and a shout out to the Derrick Club who did an amazing job of hosting the event.

But today’s story is more about Glenn Anderson.  A class act, Anderson travels up to Edmonton from Florida each year to help make this event a roaring success.  He told some great stories at a reception the night before the tournament. If you’re an Oilers fan, you’ll enjoy this video!

Click here to watch the video on youtube. 

Learn more about the Cure Cancer Foundation.


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Health Basics was my Kick Start to a Healthier Weight

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Editor’s note: The concepts outlined in this article are important and can be adapted to our current isolated lifestyle.

Health Basics was my Kick Start to a Healthier Weight

I am a retired nurse so I know quite a bit about living healthy. However over my last year of work, I had a sedentary job and I felt tired so I did not put as much energy into my own lifestyle and my weight crept up. I was getting a lot of heartburn and I knew weight loss and lifestyle are the first line treatment.

So, after I retired I asked my doctor to send me to Health Basics. It was good to go every week, to have to be accountable, to have others to discuss my choices with as well as to pick up on things from class that I had let slide. I went through the 8 week program and lost 9 pounds. As I know how important it is to continue living healthy and be accountable to myself, I rejoined TOPS which I was a member of a number of years ago. I also continued with exercise classes and yoga at the Golden Circle and now I am down 17 pounds just over 4 months after I started down this path. I am feeling great: stronger, fitter and I have almost no heartburn. Health Basics has helped me to enjoy retirement!”

PS: “I knew Health Basics is a great kick start on healthy living as my husband had attended it years ago when he was diagnosed with diabetes. He followed the class recommendations and has lost more than 75 pounds over the years and feels great too.”

As always Red Deer PCN is here to support your health and wellness. Call 403.343.9100.  Mental Health Counsellors are available for therapy and other concerns.

James: Good information is the miracle drug


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