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Central Alberta

Mayor Sean McIntyre shares rules for the beach this weekend at Sylvan Lake


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From the Facebook page of  Sean McIntyre, Mayor of Sylvan Lake

Waterfront Crowd Control plans for July 18 and 19, 2020.

The Town of Sylvan Lake is aware that our waterfront, on Saturday, July 11, was at or near a maximum capacity, and that members of the public were concerned with public health and physical distancing practices, or lack thereof.
Albertans are being asked to stay-cation within their home province, and with limited options, are flocking to destinations such as Sylvan Lake. The Town recognizes that everyone is trying to find balance – to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while trying to seek a bit of “normal” again. We do not believe any ill-will was intended on July 11, with respects to the crowding; however, all of us must be more vigilant about respecting health and safety rules regardless of the circumstances.
Looking ahead, for the weekend of July 18/19, the Town of Sylvan Lake is taking the following action to help mitigate potentially negative impacts of crowding:
• Increased RCMP presence along waterfront, enforcing park rules including public health orders such as physical distancing.
• Increased number of Bylaw and Peace Officers to assist in educating the public on health orders, and to enforce municipal bylaws. Members will also have access to, and hand out face masks where they identify a need.
• Increased signage, including signage to reinforce public health orders, and signage to identify waterfront parking restrictions.
• Closure of public waterfront parking lots once they are full; once public waterfront parking lots are full, they will be closed and remain closed until 6:00 PM that evening.
o The parking lots and any associated closures will be staffed.
• Electronic signage into Town, which will indicate if and when the volume of people within the waterfront becomes a concern.
• Observation of successes, continued challenges, and potential needs. Following this weekend, Administration will again assess the health and safety needs of the waterfront, and where required, take additional measures to mitigate potential health and safety risks associated with an influx of visitors to the community.
The Town of Sylvan Lake reminds all Albertans to keep 2 metres from those outside of their family cohorts, to wear a mask when safe distancing is not possible, to wash/sanitize hands frequently, and to stay home if feeling unwell.
Additionally, please consider visiting our community another time/day if when upon arrival, the waterfront appears too busy to safely enjoy your time with us.
These measures have been developed after conversations with Alberta Health, Alberta Environment and Parks, the Solicitor General, RCMP, our Town of Sylvan Lake staff, and more.
As we continue into summer, additional measures may be taken to keep people safe. That is why this update is specific to the weekend of July 18 and 19, 2020. It’s important that we each conduct ourselves responsibly, that we remain vigilant about preventing the spread of Covid-19, that we keep our health and the health of those around us at top of mind, and that we are considerate of others as we try to enjoy our summer while navigating through a pandemic.
Please, be wise and enjoy Sylvan Lake responsibly.

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Central Alberta

Third Aviation School coming to Red Deer Regional Airport

Published on

From the Red Deer Regional Airport

The Red Deer Regional Airport is proud to welcome their newest aviation business to Central Alberta, the Canadian Aviation College!

The Canadian Aviation College is a designated training institution who currently operate from their main college in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, and are happily transitioning a secondary location to the Red Deer Regional Airport. This transition into Central Alberta with both single and twin-engine aircraft will allow students and instructors from the college to take advantage of the diverse landscapes of the region, while utilizing the consistent winter weather of Alberta.

As a student-oriented aviation training facility, the team at Canadian Aviation College focus on empowering their students to graduate with a higher level of experience and be better suited for employment in Canada. International students who graduate from their Commercial Pilot Program are also eligible for post-graduation work permits in select countries. The economic impact of students within Central Alberta is immense.

Students with the Canadian Aviation College will live within Central Alberta as they complete their studies, and this number of students will continue to grow year after year. These students are able to contribute to the local economy by eating meals, visiting sites, and contributing to daily activities and transportation. This addition to our local economy is vital in times such as these.

“Students are a huge economic driver for Central Alberta, and we are so happy to see upwards of 100 students here with the Canadian Aviation College as we look to the future”, says Graham Ingham, CEO of the Red Deer Regional Airport. “The Airport has continued to remain busy throughout 2020, with essential service business and VIP traffic, and this addition of the airport’s third aviation school is a fantastic benefit to that economic impact.”

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Central Alberta

Understanding My Own Grief was Life changing for Me

Published on

Understanding My Own Grief was Life changing for Me

A personal story:

“…I connected with the PCN program through my doctor’s recommendation. I have always been a thirsty learner of better ways to navigate through life. The Coaches of the program Journeying through Grief showed up every day with their humanness and wisdom.

I appreciated their loyalty to improve our wellness through learning to manage our grief. They were willing to be vulnerable in a way I have never seen in any kind of therapy or counselling. Their own histories with grief nurtured my trust and receptivity to the information.

They shared their personal experiences in dealing with life’s challenges. For me, I would describe my experience as emotional debridement. I am thankful for the contribution and support of everyone in the class. Several of us had mastered supporting others but needed to learn how to do this for ourselves.

Connection with empathy as in this group is nothing less than GOLDEN in creation of a better life of wellness in arguably a better world. Reflectively I now feel that my own grief was due initially to the loss of my dreams too quickly as important people did not believe in me. Not learning how to handle this made subsequent losses more difficult to manage.

I learned that dealing with grief is a journey and to never give up. If things get tough, have faith that things will get better soon…”

About Red Deer Primary Care Network (RDPCN):  We are a partnership between Family Doctors and Alberta Health Services. Health professionals such as psychologists, social workers, nurses and pharmacists work in clinics alongside family doctors. In addition, programs and groups are offered at the RDPCN central location. This improves access to care, health promotion, chronic disease management and coordination of care.  RDPCN is proud of the patient care offered, the effective programs it has designed and the work it does with partners in health care and the community.

Learn more about the Primary Care Network.

From Night to Day – how a visit with our clinic’s psychologist changed Steven’s life

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november, 2020

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