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Local filmmaker’s “Nut Milking EXPOSED” video generates well north of 45 million views and growing



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    Nick Saik was born and raised in Central Alberta, surrounded on all sides by Agriculture.  A filmmaker by trade, Nick and his father, Rob, a successful author, movie producer, and agriculture advocate have been working for many years to apply Nick’s filmmaking skills to advocacy in the agriculture sector.

    One of Nick’s more recent productions, “Nut Milking EXPOSED”  is a truly inspired piece of work, regardless of what side of the “…should Nut milk actually be called milk?” argument you may be on.  It’s funny. And it’s really well-produced. And this world-class production from the mind of a gifted Central Albertan is being viewed all around the world.

    The actor looks into the camera and says with a straight face:

    “There’s so much confusion with city folks these days. They’re talking about ‘Nuts don’t lactate. Nuts don’t have a nipple.’ I’ll show you a nut nipple,” says the 3rd generation Nut Milker from the picturesque “Nut Milkery” he operates.

    The video comes to an end with the following:

    “There is a debate in the dairy industry: If nuts don’t lactate why is their juice called milk?” the video asks. “Definitions matter in the world of food. What defines milk for you?”

    “Besides the proximity I’ve had to it, Agriculture has always been a major draw for me,” says Nick Saik. “While I’m quite confident that I’m not cut of the same cloth that farmers are cut from, there is something in that lifestyle, and in those values that I can’t escape. My Dad Robert Saik made his living as a consultant to farmers. He’d spend the majority of his time helping farmers do more with the resources available to them. I think my investigative relationship with Agriculture is thanks to my Dad’s relationship with Agriculture.”




    The KNOW IDEAS mission is to entertain and inform audiences by presenting rationally optimistic, trustworthy, scientifically-based solutions to highly controversial subjects.

    The world has been crippled by meaningless controversy. We need answers, but pessimists aren’t the sort of people that tackle seemingly insurmountable problems. In response, the father and son team of Rob and Nick Saik champion a rationally optimistic approach to resolving the world’s challenges, and they use science as the common ground on which we all can meet.

    Despite often having very different views from very different generations, through their work Nick and Rob prove that important discussions are always most productive when they are based on scientifically tested facts, and are conducted in an honest and respectful manner.

    No one can pay Know Ideas to change its mind, it courageously follows proven scientific evidence to wherever it leads. Our first project, Know GMO is a demonstration of this commitment in that our funding has come directly from family farmers and we have intentionally avoided any support from any seed or chemical companies that could be seen to influence our findings.

    We post our sources. If we’ve said it we’ve checked it, and if it changes we’ll change too. If you’re looking for an information source you can trust on whether we should all go no GMO or pro-GMO, then join us for on our journey by watching our series Learn GMO.

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    Saying sorry: CN apologizes to Manitoba rancher for oil spill after derailment



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  • ST-LAZARE, Man. — CN has apologized to a Manitoba rancher after one of its trains derailed and spilled oil on his land.

    A company spokesman says CN vice-president Sean Finn has spoken directly with Jayme Corr about how to fix any damage resulting from Saturday’s spill.

    Corr says Finn apologized for taking so long to reach out to him.

    He says the railway initially gave him little information, despite the spill being on a frozen river oxbow that Corr uses to water his cattle in the summer.  

    CN still can’t say how many cars were leaking or how much oil was spilled.

    Trains resumed running at noon on Sunday.

    Cleanup crews from CN and investigators from the Transportation Safety Board are at the spill site.

    The Canadian Press

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    Ag Politics

    Hans Rosling’s Factfulness




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  • This is a book you really need to read. Visit to learn more about Hans Rosling.

    This video was produced independently by Know Ideas Media

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