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Lacombe Generals Need Your Help To Get To National Championship


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By Sheldon Spackman

The Lacombe Generals have launched a Go Fund Me Campaign to help pay for the cost of travelling to the Allan Cup in New Brunswick next week.  As Jeff McInnis explains, the team is a victim of it’s own success.  A string of provincial and regional championships means a massive travel bill at the end of every season.   The 2017 tournament runs from April 10th to 15th and the Generals are one of six teams competing in the annual event.  The Generals are Alberta Senior Men’s AAA hockey champs and earned the right to represent the Pacific Region in Boutouche, New Brunswick.

Although it’s been a successful season on the ice for the Generals after moving from Bentley to Lacombe last year, it’s still been a challenging one financially. A trip to the east coast comes at a high cost for the Generals and they’re looking to raise $10,000 or more with this campaign.

Team officials site the economic downturn and the loss of some key sponsors as factors that have led to this situation. The cost of flying a team of 28 players plus staff and gear to New Brunswick, as well as paying for meals and hotel rooms is roughly $2,000+ per round trip and does not include players equipment. It leaves the team in the hole by over $20,000.

Officials add “We are simply asking for any type of contribution that you can provide to help us get to Bouctouche, NB and be able to represent our town and Province to the best of our abilities.  We appreciate all of our fans and and sponsors that have stuck with us and stand by us.  We would not be able to be where we are without your support!”

Click here to show your support for the Generals!

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On My Journey to Health

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I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in October 2020. I worked with the RDPCN family nurse to adopted a completely new lifestyle. I decreased my caloric intake, started carb counting, and started walking daily. At first I would walk for 30 minutes a day and now I am up to one hour per day. At times the winter weather has challenged me but I have persevered. Evenings were always family time but I steal an hour for my walking. Fortunately, my family is supportive and at times my daughter or a friend join me and give me motivation.

I have begun to feel lighter and in better shape. I have lost 30 pounds and I have normal blood glucose and blood pressure now. I am still awaiting results of a liver fibroscan. It has taken me a lot of work and willpower to stay the course and I am not done yet. I really feel that I have dodged the bullet. For me a prospect of serious illness, heart attack, liver failure, losing a limb or my family losing me… was petrifying.

So if I were to give advice to anyone who recently got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, it would be this: first, make sure you understand what is going to happen if you don’t do anything and then think about the consequences it will have on you and your family, those you love the most. For me that was the biggest motivation. And second advice, find your support system:  family, friends, medical professionals… anyone that will be able to be there for you, give you advice, challenge you and prop you and push you when needed.

I hope someone finds my story inspiring. After all, for years I had used every excuse in the book, not enough time, I cannot give up this or that… until the prospect of getting seriously ill became all too realistic. It is not easy to change one’s ways, but it is more difficult to live with the consequences of the untreated diabetes, or even worse – to not live at all. My only regret is that I did not set on this journey sooner, before any damage was done.

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Getting My Blood Glucose Back in the Normal Range Gave Me Tears of Joy

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Strategies to Manage Persistent Pain, September 16th

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Strategies to Manage Persistent Pain Thursday, September 16, 2021 1:00-2:00 pm
Red Deer Public Library Facebook Live

Come learn more about persistent (chronic) pain from our team at Red Deer PCN. You will learn about different types of pain, medication to manage ongoing pain, the effects and benefits of opioids, and the importance of non-medication strategies to help manage your pain.

Presented by Red Deer PCN’s Dr. Myburgh G.P, Jennifer Howe, Pharmacist & Jennifer Wallin, Psychologist.

Tune into Facebook Live at Red Deer Public Library Facebook page for this program.

This is one of a series of health-related programs co-sponsored by the Red Deer PCN and the Red Deer Library.
Watch for others in the series!

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