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Jason “Bumbles” Kenney bumbled again. Will he ever learn or say sorry?


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April 2 2015 this article from the National Post came out;

Jason Kenney has long been considered the Conservative party’s best approximation of an heir apparent; a dauphin, if you will. In a caucus notably lacking in strong performers, save for the Prime Minister and a handful of ministers, Mr. Kenney is a star.

Or was.

For it has been reinforced lately, most recently Wednesday, that this minister has a potentially crippling Achilles heel; his very confidence and combativeness, coupled with instant access to social media, lead him to one snafu after another. Making matters worse, having erred, Mr. Kenney is incapable of apology. The words “I’m sorry” apparently cannot pass his lips without causing him to spontaneously combust. In this, the Defence Minister neatly personifies what ails his party as it heads into a make-or-break election; a clench-jawed refusal to admit error or consider fair criticism until the last grainery has been burned, the last well salted and the last bridge bombed.

That was in 2015, now in 2021 it appears nothing has changed.

Last week Ontario’s Finance Minister was stripped of his position when the media disclosed he was in the Caribbean over Christmas. Alberta’s Premier, once referred to in Ottawa as Mr. Bumbles, looked at his government and many Cabinet Ministers, Senior Staff and MLAs including Red Deer South’s Jason Stefan was in fact also out of the country.

Unfortunately Ontario’s Premier Ford only had 1 member lacking the moral compass to stay home, Mr. Bumbles had many.

The Minister in charge of rolling out the vaccine was in Hawaii, coincidentally our vaccine roll out was one of the slowest in Canada. Our bumbling Premier offered;”We weren’t expecting the vaccine til January” so it is Trudeau’s fault that we got vaccines early. He went on to brag that starting now, we are vaccinating 3,000 people per day. With a population of 4.5 million that means we will all be vacinated in 1500 days or about 4 years.

Mr. Kenney still bumbles along, with denials, blaming others, doubling down and refusing to take responsibility or to apologize.

He says he never directed them directly, not to travel even though it has been on the government website.

Some may offer that the Premier is a hands off Premier, more in it for the prestige and photo ops, but his party UCP should get off their high horses and live with all us common folks. You know the ones you warned could be fined $1,000 if we go to Grandma’s house. Does UCP stand for Upper Crust Party? It fits.

Mr. Premier if you want to distance yourself from the moniker; “Mr. Bumbles”. Do something, Take action. Take control of your government.

I remember when Former Premier Prentice and Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith were seen as “too smart by half”. They lost.

Will you last through any more Bumbles? I would try to do your job. Just saying.

Political editor/writer and retired oilfield supervisor

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There's a Better Way
Open Letter to Central Albertans
February 26, 2021
Red Deer – Mountain View, AB
I spoke with an Alberta government official in mid-December 2020 re: the status of the proposed recovery community facility in Red Deer, as originally announced in mid-July 2020. I was informed that the project is bogged down in the bureaucratic process. The official hoped that there would be a public update prior to Christmas but this has yet to occur.
With that being said, I wanted to propose a project that I came across that may be beneficial for Red Deer and Central Alberta.
To my knowledge, the project originated in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is called “There’s a Better Way”. Please see this YouTube link for a short video on the project.

In a nutshell, the program aims at providing flexible work opportunities to those experiencing homelessness in order for them to earn some cash and be better connected with services. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide a base for which these individuals can move into permanent housing and full-time employment.
I truly feel that giving people the dignity of work makes an immense difference in their life. This is very evident in 2020-21 as many people have lost their jobs, their businesses and ultimately, their sense of purpose in life.
I have reached out to representatives from Safe Harbour, Turning Point and the Mustard Seed as I feel their involvement would be crucial. All three organizations expressed interest in pursuing a similar program for Red Deer. The major concerns they expressed in seeing this program get off the ground were twofold:
  1. Funding for staff to facilitate the project along with funding to employ individuals through the program.
  2. Partnership with the City of Red Deer to provide opportunities to complete manual labour tasks within the community. (cleaning up garbage, shovelling snow, etc.)
I reached out to the City of Red Deer (including the Mayor and all city councilors) along with Red Deer North and South MLAs on February 10, 2021 to discuss the merits of the program in light of the delays to the proposed recovery community facility. I have yet to receive a response.
For 2021, Red Deer City Council is recommending funding of $516,974 for Urban Encampment and Debris Cleanup on Public Lands. My initial thoughts were to see if the “There’s a Better Way” program could be funded through an allocation of some of the funds earmarked for the rough sleeper and drug debris cleanup. Additionally, the program could be funded through private sector donations to the previously noted organizations. Amounts donated to these organizations would qualify for a donation tax credit regardless of whether the funds were donated personally or via your corporation.
If you, your organization or anyone you know feel that there would be an opportunity for a program such as this to operate within Red Deer, I would love to discuss this further with you.
Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.
Jared Pilon
Libertarian Party Candidate for Red Deer – Mountain View, AB
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What happened to the guy in the blue truck

Open Letter to Premier Jason Kenney

February 23, 2021


Red Deer – Mountain View, AB

On August 1, 2016 you began your “Unite Alberta Truck Tour” in a blue Ram 1500. Your mission: to consolidate conservative support by uniting the Tories with the Wildrose Party. We all know the results of the truck tour and how the tour carried over to the 2019 United Conservative election platform: “Getting Alberta Back to Work”.

It is now February 2021, four and half years after you launched the truck tour. Even though Albertans have suffered through the past year with COVID-19, the three pillars of your 2019 election platform are still of the utmost concern to Albertans: Jobs, Economy, Pipelines.

When the UCP government took office in 2019, no one could have foreseen the significant challenges that would be presented to both your government and Albertans just one year later. These challenges however, should be viewed a rallying point rather than a crutch.

Moving forward, Albertans are looking for strong leadership. We want to see drastic reductions in red tape. We want a government that champions our interests within Canada and to external markets. Simply put, we want jobs, a strong economy and pipelines. We are not interested in more panels and consultations. We do not want the ideological policies of those in Ottawa dictating our future or our children’s futures.

To secure our financial future, public sector bureaucrats, specifically those on Alberta’s “sunshine list”, need to share in the economic downturn that the private sector is currently facing. Alternative routes to get oil to market, not subject to the Canada Energy Regulator, need to be explored immediately. Small businesses need a concrete plan for reopening and a guarantee that no further lockdowns will be imposed.

Polls suggest that the conservative base is fragmented again. Albertans know what happened the last time this occurred. Premier, it is time to be the guy in blue truck again. Albertans are counting on you.



Jared Pilon

Libertarian Party Candidate for Red Deer – Mountain View, AB

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february, 2021

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