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Is it time for the Mayor and City Councillors to roll back their pay?


There will be no raises for exempt staff at city hall this year. No “top up” for cost of living increases, for increased schooling, increased transit, increased property taxes, and all the other increased costs coming down the road.

The staff down at city hall earn a good living and they will most likely not quit over this issue, but the hypocrisy is blaringly obvious.

According to the Red Deer Advocate’s September 4 2019 edition: “The decision to not provide an annual wage adjustment to exempt staff was made in an effort to ensure we are being highly sensitive to our local economic context and financially responsible,” said Mayor Tara Veer.

Where was this effort when the Mayor voted herself a $19,741.49 raise and Councillors Wong, Lee, Buchanan, and Johnston voted in favor of giving councillors a $8,151.72 raise.

Councillors Wyntjes, Handley, Higham and Dawe voted against this wage increase, last November.

Maybe it is time for Mayor Veer or Councillors Wong, Lee, Buchanan or Johnston to show real concern and table a motion to roll their wage back 5% like the Premier and MLAs did. Remember all those provincial government employees who had their wages rolled back a few years ago?

This is a blog I wrote the evening the Mayor and City councillors voted themselves a raise.




A “PAY RAISE” by any other name is still a “PAY RAISE“.

The Mayor and city council just voted themselves an 18% and 14% pay increase to offset a federal subsidy they enjoyed, unlike the normal taxpayers.

On March 22, 2017 the federal government tabled a budget that would eliminate the 1/3 tax free subsidy to politicians on January 1, 2019.

On October 16, 2017 we had a municipal election where we re-elected Mayor Veer and Councillors Lee, Johnson, Wong, Handley, Wyntjes, and Buchanan. We also elected newcomers Higham and Dawe as councillors.

My point is that they ran, knowing that the subsidy they enjoyed for years would end 14 months after the election. At least Mayor Veer and Councillors Lee, Johnson, Wong,Handley, Wyntjes and Buchanan would have, if not they should have known. Newcomers Councillors Higham and Dawe should have been told by the city.

Good money managers would have prepared for the end of a federal subsidy. We pride ourselves of being more free market and less government hand-out proponents and yet here we are looking for hand outs from the Red Deer taxpayers.

Councillors Higham, Handley and Buchanan wanted to delay this issue and look at the overall compensation package and whether the council position should be deemed a full time position but it failed to pass.

The Mayor broke the tie and voted herself a $19,741.49 pay increase to see her pay rise from $112,198.94 to $131,940.49 because she felt, in my opinion, entitled to her entitlements.

Councillors Lee, Johnson, Buchanan and Wong voted them selves $8,151.72 pay increase to see their pay rise from $60,466.44 to $68,618.16.

Councillors Handley, Wyntjes, Buchanan and Dawe voted against the raise. Councillor Dawe said that we are and will be asking taxpayers for restraint so felt uncomfortable giving himself a raise.

Councillor Handley thought it could better handled on the expense council side of compensation, Councillor Lee worried about receipts, time and money. Talks about transparencies but would it not be more transparent to reimburse receipted expenses than just giving out $8,151.72 and $19,741.49 pay raises?

I know many people who put in long hours for free out of necessity or a sense of duty. I know people who work fulltime and have 2 other jobs and make less than a councillor, yet they cannot vote themselves a raise to cover the extra bills and taxes imposed on them by this municipal government.

I actually thought that this council would not vote themselves a raise even if ten other councils did. What about the hundreds perhaps thousands of village, town, city councils and public, private and separate school boards, across Canada, dealing with this same issue?

When it comes to making tough decisions involving themselves, I know 5 who couldn’t step up to the plate.

Every household will now have to pay $2 a year more to subsidise 9 fairly well off people.

I know they put in a lot of hours, I know they enjoy the job, but there are so many who work even more hours and make a lot less, but they have no cookie jar to reach in to guarantee their net pay. Probably out of a hundred thousand residents you might find a dozen including these 9 lucky ones.

Enjoy your hand outs. Just saying.


Political editor/writer and retired oilfield supervisor


Homes by 3Leafs showcases the first single family, shipping container home built in Calgary.



Homes by 3Leafs showcases the first single family, shipping container home built in Calgary. The Alberta based company is changing how homes are constructed by transforming recycled steel containers into high performance, energy efficient homes with net zero capabilities.

September 19, 2019, Calgary, AB ​Homes by 3Leafs gave media an exclusive inside look into the sleek, elegant modern two-storey home made from four recycled shipping containers. The home is nestled in the eco-friendly community, Echohaven, in northwest Calgary.

Som Sourachit, C.E.O. of Homes by 3Leafs describes this moment as pivotal. “Our high performance, energy efficient houses reduce waste in landfills by repurposing steel shipping containers into dream homes. The houses have net zero capabilities and are the new blueprint for how we should build while protecting our environment. “

It’s estimated there are millions of shipping containers piling up in landfills worldwide. The repurposed containers make the perfect envelope for a home, and reduce the heavy reliance on trees used for construction. The steel means shipping container homes are sturdier and will last for generations with fewer repairs than traditional stick builds over time.

The homeowner, Jaime Turner, added “This is a teaching moment for my young daughter. We wanted to build a legacy for her. This is our forever home and we know because it’s made of steel it will last for generations, and an added bonus is, we are being good to our environment!”

Homes by 3Leafs is proud to be leading the way in new home construction. Currently, 6 building projects are underway.

About Homes by 3Leafs

Homes by 3Leafs is a global company based in Edmonton and is comprised of a team of architects, construction experts, designers, and engineers with years of experience developing stunning homes. By using shipping containers to build, Homes by 3Leafs is committed to saving the environment. Thousands of containers pile up in landfills unused while forests can’t be cut down fast enough to support the robust construction industry. The company leads the way with cutting edge technology and new innovations to help the world build beautiful sustainable homes to last hundreds of years.

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Shed Your Threads is a one of a kind shopping event



From Elysha Snider and Chelsey Key

Shed Your Threads Consignment Clothing Event

On October 6th, Elysha Snider, Chelsey Key, and Copper Lane Hair Studio will be hosting their third Shed Your Threads: an annual consignment-inspired shop designed to support style and community.
All clothes are donated, sorted, and priced creating a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Not only does the event promote fashion-based sustainability, but it also supports the city of Red Deer, as every dollar spent gets donated to a local organization.
This year, all proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Red Deer River Naturalists, and all clothes that do not sell will be donated to Vantage Community Service’s Street Ties Outreach Centre for youth experiencing homelessness.
Our hope is to grow each year- from our motivation to the final donations, we want this event to be a meaningful one.
Event Details:
– Date/Time: Sunday, October 6th from 11 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
– Location: Copper Lane Hair Studio in Red Deer
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