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Inaction and procrastination at city hall may cost our children $100 million.



Red Deer County released the fact to our local media that they ramped up construction projects because tenders were coming in at 50% off boom prices.

Red Deer City just released the fact that they will delay construction projects for another 10 years.

The Aquatic Centre including a 50m pool, which has been requested and lobbied for, for at least 30 years, long before the last pool, (Collicutt) was built 2 decades ago.

The estimated cost at one time , at least 5 years ago, was $87 million. In boom times you could reasonably expect the cost to increase by 5% per year. 5 years and add another 10 years and we are looking at a cost of approximately $150 million.

Red Deer County says they were getting 50% discounts and Blackfalds is getting their new public works yard sooner at 40% off and it will be at least 20% larger than planned.

Red Deer City should get the county or Blackfalds negotiators to find these great deals. We may have gotten the pool for $43 million but now it looks like it could cost our children $150 million.

If this delay of another 10 years, costs us over a $100 million more than what it would have cost us today, I think our city leaders have failed us miserably. We will never know because they won’t look, they won’t ask, and they would not admit it anyways.

Too bad.


Political editor/writer and retired oilfield supervisor


All Canadians should know what this Calgarian is up to!




Submitted by Scott Cameron of Bassa Social Innovations 

Get to know your neighbour.

You might be surprised how they’re changing the world.


I’ve known Steve for the past year. He’s one of the first guys I met when I moved to Calgary and, as part of a small group of friends, someone that I get together with quite regularly for group dinners, birthdays and vacations – spent an amazing few days on the west coast sailing with he and his wife earlier this summer. Until today, I only had a hint of what he does.

Steve is an entrepreneur and a passionate energy sector guy. Like many Canadians, I’ve tended to glaze over when these guys start talking about their work. I’m a social sciences and former government sector guy – I had energy sector guys in my family and never really conditioned myself to understand what they did. I decided to change that and chose to take an hour out of my day to visit Steve in his shop here in SE Calgary.

He had another visitor in the shop with him that morning. A fourteen-year-old, middle school student that learned about Crossfire (the name of the technology) from her parents and decided to investigate it as part of her science curriculum. I’m glad she did. She took me over to a whiteboard at the front of the shop and used the schematics already drawn to explain how Steve’s invention (Crossfire) makes it possible to use solar energy to power a small air compressor (93% efficient) that controls the pneumatic valves at natural gas and oil wells making it possible for the site to eliminate emissions. Cool.

I’m not even going to attempt any further explanation because, well, I’m a social sciences guy. I learned a few things as a result of my visit today – that Steve is one of many Canadians investing their life savings into entrepreneurial ventures to make the energy sector greener, that the political and policy environment appears to be working against these innovations, that innovations of this nature won’t just improve the sector here but is gaining traction globally, and that a fourteen-year-old student has the intellect to understand and explain the technology to an old guy like me (because I chose to listen).

I also heard, firsthand, how this work can be frustrating and “profoundly discouraging” when it feels like the systems are stacked against innovation and political responses are filled with rhetoric. Innovation feels like a nice idea but appears to be tough sell politically. For now, it’s the courageous entrepreneurs that are taking up the cause and making stuff happen.

I’m encouraged by Steve’s work and glad that he has such a keen mind and passion to improve efficiency in the sector. He notes that “when given the challenge, we rise to the occasion”. Imagine the country we’d be if we adopted that attitude across industries – and I don’t necessarily think we’re far from it. Remember, I’m a social sciences guy writing about innovation in the energy sector – imagine the impact if people from across sectors chose to align for the purpose of building a nation to support our people, our progress and our planet. We need to support one another. We need a new narrative Canada. Let’s build that narrative together at #visioncanada2119.


Bassa Social Innovations

Scott Cameron is the former Social Planning Manager at The City of Red Deer, and before that he was Executive Director of The United Way of Central Alberta.   He now lives in Calgary.

bassa Social Innovations is a values-based and principled consulting firm committed to positive social well-being for people, their families and their communities. We can help navigate the shared, and sometimes divergent perspectives of government, corporate, non-profit and community organizations to unravel social complexity, and explore collaborative and sustainable social change.

The term ‘bassa’ comes from the world of music, and basically means to play or sing an octave below what’s written. That’s how we describe our work – we work collaboratively to understand what isn’t obvious on the surface. The metaphor goes one step further…the bass note is the foundation of the chord and we seek to create foundational work that serves our clients in the present and future.


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Peace-keeping veteran says only the red poppies please



Submitted by Mark E. Meincke

About those white, and rainbow poppies……

Here is what the poppy means, and why I implore people to STOP with both the white poppy, and the rainbow infused poppy.  Contaminating the poppy through co-opting, is NOT ok.

The Poppy was first adopted as a symbol of recognition, and remembrance for soldiers in WW1 and was inspired by the poem, In Flanders Fields. Since then, the poppy has become such a sacred symbol, that it has formed part of the Canadian Military uniform during Remembrance Day ceremonies.

The poppy is a very specific symbol, meant to be used exclusively to respect the ineffable sacrifice of our Military and Veterans, especially the soul gouging sacrifice associated with battle. Any co-opting of the hallowed flowered symbol can do nothing but diminish the original intentions for the poppy.

The White Poppy, though arguably ill conceived from it’s outset, is almost as old as the Veteran’s poppy. The altruistic original intent of the white poppy however, stands in opposition to the unwelcome perceived meaning which it tends to emit. Today the white poppy stands as a beacon of anti-veteran sentiment, which makes it very disrespectful to wear on November 11th.

Pro-Peace is a noble pursuit, however wearing a white poppy to promote peace is a risk free lip-service which spits in the face of those who actually risked it all to physically fight for peace.

If you wish to promote peace, wear a white dove on your lapel, or better yet, sign up for the Military Reserves and jump aboard the next peace-keeping mission that comes along. The dove offends no one, so please wear that instead of slapping Veterans and Military members in the face.

And now, about that rainbow infused Poppy….

Seriously, WTH? Is the point of this sacrilegious co-opting to acknowledge the fact that within the military, and Veteran community, we too have a segment who identify themselves as being within the LGBTQ+ community? If so, then you have NO idea what being a soldier is all about. We are the most pro-LGBTQ advocates ever!

When a soldier is in battle, NOTHING could matter less than the sexual, or gender orientation of their fellow soldier. All we care about is whether or not you have buddies six. The rest is totally irrelevant. Co-opting the poppy by infusing the rainbow creates DIVISION, not inclusion.

The battle field is the most inclusive environment on earth. If you are shooting in the same direction, then you are included as an equal…period. Nobody cares about who you are attracted to, or which gender you identify as, the only salient measure is your character, and ability to do your job. Be brave, do your job, and you have the respect of your peers. It’s that simple.

So, wear your rainbow flag, get a rainbow tattoo, commemorate the LGBTQ+ community any which way you wish, and we will ALL stand firm for your right to do so. But, please leave our poppy alone. The poppy is a hallowed symbol which must remain pure.

Mark E. Meincke
Peace-Keeping Veteran

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