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Grade 3 teacher at Barrie Wilson Elementary nominated by Red Deer Public Schools for Provincial Honour


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Grade 3 teacher Randi Cummerford with student at Ecole Barrie Wilson Elementary

From Red Deer Public Schools

Edwin Parr nominee is following the footsteps of her biggest inspirations!

It is often said that teachers have one of the greatest influences on a child’s life.

Randi Cummerford’s passion to pursue a career in education was inspired by the teachers in her life.  A Grade 3 teacher at Barrie Wilson Elementary, she is Red Deer Public’s nominee for the prestigious Edwin Parr Teacher Award this year.

Each year the Alberta School Boards Association honours six outstanding first-year teachers with the Edwin Parr Teacher Award. School boards may nominate any first-year K to 12 teacher who has taught in an Alberta school jurisdiction which is a member of the ASBA.

“It’s common for teachers to come from a teaching family, but I don’t. The people who inspired me were teachers in my life, so that is what brought me to the teaching profession. With the great group of kids that I have, it feels like this is where I need to be,” she said. “It’s also awesome to be able to work in Red Deer. I feel very, very lucky to be able to stay here in the community that I grew up in.”

Students in Cummerford’s class were excited to hear the news of her nomination and describe her as sweet, kind and helpful.

“It’s rewarding to see the growth from the students. This is because of the community that we have in the classroom and in our school – our students work with a growth mindset and they are there to help each other. They are growing as a collective, because they are all helping one another and that is what it is all about – to help each other be successful, to push each other and to make mistakes and learn from them.”

Cummerford said there are many aspects about her job that she loves, but there is one that stands out.

“It’s developing those relationships with the kids. They are excited to see me on Monday morning and tell me about their weekend, and I love hearing the things that they do and the awesome work they are doing in the community as well.”

She added she is grateful to be part of a supportive team at Barrie Wilson.

“It’s because of the team at the school – that is how I got to where I am. I feel like it is because of the awesome people in this building that I have made it this far in the nomination.”

Principal Chris Good, who nominated Cummerford, said she is a fantastic addition to the school.

“Randi is a quiet teacher, but she has a big impact not only in her class, but in the school as well,” he said. “She has a challenging classroom, but she works hard to ensure she meets the needs of all kids. She does a lot of innovative things in her classroom and she pushes the boundaries of learning and making sure all the kids are engaged all the time.”

“It was exciting to see the enthusiasm and creativity demonstrated by the group of nominees. It is evident that they are highly focused on finding engaging ways to ensure all students are learning,” said Nicola Golby, Associate Superintendent of Learning Services with Red Deer Public Schools.

Central Alberta

Understanding My Own Grief was Life changing for Me

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Understanding My Own Grief was Life changing for Me

A personal story:

“…I connected with the PCN program through my doctor’s recommendation. I have always been a thirsty learner of better ways to navigate through life. The Coaches of the program Journeying through Grief showed up every day with their humanness and wisdom.

I appreciated their loyalty to improve our wellness through learning to manage our grief. They were willing to be vulnerable in a way I have never seen in any kind of therapy or counselling. Their own histories with grief nurtured my trust and receptivity to the information.

They shared their personal experiences in dealing with life’s challenges. For me, I would describe my experience as emotional debridement. I am thankful for the contribution and support of everyone in the class. Several of us had mastered supporting others but needed to learn how to do this for ourselves.

Connection with empathy as in this group is nothing less than GOLDEN in creation of a better life of wellness in arguably a better world. Reflectively I now feel that my own grief was due initially to the loss of my dreams too quickly as important people did not believe in me. Not learning how to handle this made subsequent losses more difficult to manage.

I learned that dealing with grief is a journey and to never give up. If things get tough, have faith that things will get better soon…”

About Red Deer Primary Care Network (RDPCN):  We are a partnership between Family Doctors and Alberta Health Services. Health professionals such as psychologists, social workers, nurses and pharmacists work in clinics alongside family doctors. In addition, programs and groups are offered at the RDPCN central location. This improves access to care, health promotion, chronic disease management and coordination of care.  RDPCN is proud of the patient care offered, the effective programs it has designed and the work it does with partners in health care and the community.

Learn more about the Primary Care Network.

From Night to Day – how a visit with our clinic’s psychologist changed Steven’s life

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Germany reaches to younger audience with viral Covid-19 public service campaign

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Sometimes in the tsunami of news coming from south of the border, we forget there are other countries fighting wars, having elections, and trying to win the battle against a pandemic that is wreaking havoc with their people and their economies.

Germany has been a leader in this since the start and after a summer of relatively low infection rates, is now facing a far bigger second wave. They’ve been leaders in testing and tracing initiatives and while its caseload climbed in the early stages, the number of deaths remained lower than many countries hardest it. Now the country is seeing its second wave and it’s much more dramatic with nearly four times as many infections.

A series of public service announcements have been produced to help convince the population to stay at home, and they’re funny.

The humorous campaign focuses on the idea of “Coronavirus Heroes”.  It’s shot in a documentary style and features older people reflecting on how they fought the pandemic when they were young. The three clips are featured below and they all contain English sub-titles.  Enjoy!

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november, 2020

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