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Does the world need more Canadian energy?


Canada Action is trying to reach at least 750,000 people with their Stand Strong With Canada message.

As part of Todayville’s #visionCanada2119 project we’d like to share in this conversation.

Does this make you feel proud?  Is this a campaign you can get behind by forwarding to your various social media accounts?  Is this a step backwards?

We’ve opened comments on this post and we invite your strong and well intentioned opinions.

Please feel free to forward this post to your social media accounts.. and let us know how it goes.

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Canada is a leader in protecting people and the planet – a fact that should be known by every single Canadian.

So, we need your help to get our video to 750,000 views across all platforms by sharing this link with staff, friends, family, and on social media!

We are no longer apologizing – a future in energy and a future in the environment are not mutually exclusive.

The world needs us. We are Canadian energy — and we are proud!

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How an Alberta energy company voluntarily restores caribou habitat in northern Alberta



Helicopters dropping tree planters into forest corridors.  This is not an image that typically comes to mind when we speak about energy production in Canada.   Truth is, voluntary initiatives like the Caribou Habitat Restoration Project by Cenovus are very much part of everyday life for Alberta energy companies.

Let’s support our families, our neighbours, and our communities by taking a minute to learn about this particular effort.  If you’re already well aware of the environmental focus of Alberta energy companies, you can help by sharing information like this with people you know and encouraging them to do the same.  Just by taking the time to learn something new and sharing this information you are helping to make a difference at home in Alberta, across the country, and around the world!   Thank you for supporting your community, your province, and your country!

Todayville is sharing this video as part of our #visionCanada2119 initiative.

From Cenovus Energy

Caribou Habitat Restoration Project

Our 10-year Caribou Habitat Restoration Project, announced in 2016, is a voluntary environmental initiative that represents the largest single area of boreal caribou habitat restoration undertaken by a company anywhere in the world.

We use proven reforestation techniques to restore old seismic lines, access roads and other linear disturbances. During 2017, we treated approximately 270 kilometres of these linear features in an area comprising about 276 square kilometres. Our restoration program is helping to reduce fragmentation in the Cold Lake caribou herd’s habitat, where our Foster Creek and Christina Lake oil sands projects are located.

Since 2013, we’ve cumulatively treated more than 700 kilometres of these linear disturbances and planted more than 850,000 trees. As part of our 10-year project, we plan to take that total to 3,500 kilometres treated within an area of 3,900 square kilometres – about five times the area of the city of Calgary. We plan to have planted approximately 4 million trees by 2026.

Our project uses techniques such as mounding the ground, planting trees on these mounds, adding woody debris and leaning tree stems into the pathways to help cover historical corridors cut into the forest for seismic work, access roads and other activities. By closing these long open stretches, our work aims to make it harder for wolves to hunt caribou. Woodland caribou are listed as threatened under Canada’s Species at Risk Act.

We continue to measure and monitor the results of our restoration work and share what we learn with others through Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance. For example, we’re a member of the Regional Industry Caribou Collaboration, where producers work collaboratively across individual company tenures and lease boundaries to coordinate habitat restoration in the Cold Lake and East Side Athabasca River caribou herds and conduct research on caribou ecology and how wildlife respond to habitat treatments. We also work on a coordinated caribou approach with our peers at the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

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Prove to us you’re listening! Alberta’s Finance Minister made these 5 requests to his Federal counterpart



From the Province of Alberta

Discussion with Minister Morneau: Minister Toews

President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance Travis Toews issued the following statement on his discussion with federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau:

“Today, I was pleased to speak with federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau. We discussed the frustration Albertans are feeling over federal policies that are failing our province and the urgent need for action to support the Alberta economy.

“In particular, I asked Minister Morneau to:

“Provide Alberta an equalization rebate to address the problem that federal support for a hurting Alberta economy is arbitrarily capped, while transfer payments out of Alberta to other provinces continue without a cap. This can be solved by an immediate retroactive payment of $1.72 billion to cover what we should have received if the Fiscal Stabilization Program (FSP) were not capped for 2015-16 and 2016-17, plus the outstanding $251 million we are owed under the FSP for the year 2016-17.

“Respect provincial jurisdiction by removing natural resources from the calculation of equalization entitlements, and end the automatic escalation of the floor for equalization to ensure Albertans aren’t paying for ever-increasing equalization while struggling through the deepest recession in a generation.

“Address the inequity caused by the fall 2018 decision to favour manufacturing capital cost allowances over the energy industry when the energy industry was in the depths of an economic crisis. This decision irrationally favoured those who build vehicles that consume oil over the welfare of Albertans working in the energy industry. Providing the energy industry with an equal 100 per cent capital cost allowance would put them on even footing with manufacturers and American competitors.

“Follow through on the platform commitment to give ‘energy workers…training, support and new opportunities needed to succeed in the clean economy’ by investing in green jobs for well reclamation in Alberta.

“And finally, I reiterated that Minister Morneau needs to end the mortgage stress tests needlessly imposed on Albertans because of challenges in other parts of the country.

“Immediate action on these items would back up the words we heard from Prime Minister Trudeau on election night, that he has heard our frustration and wants to be there to support us. I look forward to working with Mr. Morneau on these policies, because a strong Alberta is good for Canada, and a strong Alberta economy will support jobs and growth across Canada.”

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