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Everything You Need to Know About Opportunity Cost


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Opportunity cost is the comparison of one economic choice to the next best choice. This is the value of what a consumer loses when selecting between several options. When a person decides that he feels the choice they have made will have better results for them no matter what they lose by making it. 

Also, opportunity cost means for investors that their investment choices will have straightforward or future gains or losses. Hence, the opportunity cost tries to quantify the impact of selecting one investment over another. Keep on reading to find out how to calculate opportunity cost, how it works, and what it can mean for you.

Basics of Examples of Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost means the value of what you can lose if you choose between two or several options. It represents the prospective benefits an investor, individual, or business misses out on when selecting one alternative over another. 

If you are an individual or a business owner choosing one investment over another, you may later make better decisions. An alternative definition states opportunity cost is the loss an investor or individual takes to make a gain or the loss of one gain for another gain.

For instance, if you need to choose between skipping work and going to work, it’s also called opportunity cost. You may lose out on something in case you select one over the other. Opportunity cost isn’t just connected with funds as it may also apply to various life decisions. 

Another example is when an investor may have a choice whether to hold onto stock shares or sell them now. On one hand, an investor may sell stock shares straight away and secure instant gains, or lose out on any gains this investment would bring them in the future.

What Opportunity Cost Means for You

Is it challenging for you to grasp the idea of this notion? Then it will be easier to realize that opportunity cost is connected with the idea that almost every decision demands a trade-off. After all, our world is finite and we can’t be in two places at the same time. Thus, each choice and decision we make in our lives have an opportunity cost.

You may decide whether to take out a $500 loan same day or wait a few months until you save the necessary sum but some emergencies and financial disruptions can’t wait so long. Before you make any important decisions like launching a startup or purchasing a house, you will most likely conduct thorough research and evaluate the pros and cons of this monetary decision. However, the majority of daily choices are made without a full understanding of the prospective losses and opportunity costs.

Some people who are worried about making a big-ticket purchase will typically check their balance on their savings account before they buy an expensive item. But few people consider the things they have to give up if they make this spending choice.

The main issue occurs when a person doesn’t look at what else they could do with their funds or when they make a big purchase instead of thinking about the lost opportunities. 

It doesn’t make sense to eat out each day of the week and 30 days a month as it will gradually lead you to some missed opportunities. On the other hand, if you have takeout for lunch once in a while it may do you good and serve as a long-needed break from work.

How to Calculate Opportunity Cost

You can calculate this figure if you compare the returns of the two options. This process can be conducted when you make the decision and estimate future returns. Moreover, you may calculate the opportunity cost with hindsight if you compare returns since you’ve made the decision. Here is the formula that shows how you may calculate it, it’s suitable for investors to want to compare the returns on various investments:

Opportunity Cost = Return on Option Not Chosen – Return on Chosen Option

This is a common-sense concept that investors and economists prefer to explore. For instance, any famous person could have done something else in their lives, so that you might never have heard their names. This is about opportunity cost. You may find more real-life examples of opportunity cost to get a better understanding of this process and how it is determined in everyday life.

What Opportunity Cost Can Tell You

The analysis of opportunity cost plays an important role in defining the capital structure of the business. A company issues both equity capital and debt in order to compensate shareholders and creditors for the risk of investment, but each of them also has an opportunity cost. 

The money you utilize for paying down the loans can’t be invested in bonds and stocks. So, it provides the possibility of investment income. The venture should make a decision whether the growth made by the leveraging power of debt will lead to more profit compared with investments.

Opportunity Cost And Risk

Risk describes the possibility that an investment’s real and potential returns are different. This is what it means in economics. In this case, the investor loses a portion or the whole principal. Risk compares the real performance of an investment against the projected performance of the same investment. At the same time, opportunity cost compared the real performance of an investment against the real performance of another investment.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, the opportunity cost is the value of what a person loses when selecting between two or several options. It can relate to investments or even daily choices. Each decision has trade-offs, and opportunity cost means the prospective benefits a person or an investor loses out on by selecting one direction over another. 

It’s really important to understand opportunity cost as it may help you make smart decisions and fully realize the prospective benefits and costs of every option you choose. This way, you will be able to make a more informed choice and be ready for the implications of your decision.

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Your Guide to the Best Canadian Online Casinos

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There are many great Canadian online casinos to choose from. In case you don’t know where to start from, there are always a couple of safe options to look for.

How do you know if an online casino is safe?

You always need to check if the casino is licensed by a reputable gaming commission. This will ensure that the casino is subject to strict regulations and that it is regularly audited to ensure fairness.

Next, take a look at the casino’s security features, so you can be sure your information and money are safe when you play at their casinos.

Finally, read some reviews of the casino at before you decide to play there. See what other players wrote down about their experience with the site. If you see a lot of complaints about slow payouts or unfair games, then you might want to avoid that casino. But if players generally seem happy with the site, then it’s probably safe to play there.

What bonuses are available at Canadian online casinos?

The welcome bonus is the most common and is usually a match deposit bonus. This means that the casino will match your first deposit up to a certain amount, usually 100% or 200%.

No deposit bonus is another popular bonus that casinos may offer. This is where the casino will give you a certain amount of free money to play with, usually $10-$20.

There are also reload bonuses, which are similar to welcome bonuses but are offered to existing players instead of new players.

Finally, there are VIP and loyalty programs that offer exclusive bonuses and perks to regular players.

7 tips for playing at online casinos in Canada

1. Make sure that the casino is licensed and regulated by the Canadian government. That way you can be sure that the casino is fair and trustworthy.

2. Be aware of the different types of bonuses and promotions that the casino offers.

3. When choosing an online casino, people rarely look for anything else rather than beautiful and various games, with great graphics and easy to play options.

4. Customer support systems are very important because you never know when you might need help. Make sure to find one that is accessible 24/7.

5. Withdrawing money is one of the most important things you need to consider at the end of the day. Many casinos offer various payment methods you can choose from.

6. Make sure that the casino has a good reputation.

7. Make sure that the casino offers a good bonus system.

In conclusion, online casinos are a great choice for Canadian players, offering a variety of games, bonuses and payment options.

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Alex Kleyner on What A Rise In Interest And Mortgage Rates Means For Real Estate Markets Outside of Miami Florida

Published on

Despite the challenging economic times, 2022 has seen a rise in interest rates to offset rising inflation but Florida is in a world of it’s own and Miami continues to hit record sales while the rest of the nation tends to be decoupled according to young 30 year old Alex Kleyner of Miami, Florida.

The increasing rates reflect a reviving economy after the struggle during the pandemic. According to experts, people should expect the mortgage and interest rates to keep going up, at least for the entire year. Anything that happens to the mortgage and interest rates will automatically affect the housing market. Let us look at what high interest means for the real estate market.

Influence On the Homebuying Process

Several factors influence property buyers purchasing decisions. Higher interest rates mean home buyers will pay more monthly payments. However, the monthly payment increases will not be as drastic as you may assume.

For instance, if you get a 3.5% interest rate for a $300,000 mortgage, the monthly payment would be around $1347. However, with a 0.5% increase in the interest rate, your monthly payment on the mortgage principal will be $1432. That means you will only pay $85 more monthly despite the increased interest rate.

Simply put, while you can expect increased monthly payments on your mortgage's principal, you do not have to worry about a drastic increase. So, it would be wise not to base your home-buying decision majorly on the rise in interest rates. However, homeowners can worry about being unable to budget a stable monthly housing expense as the rates do not remain fixed.

Change in Home Purchase Trends

When the economy is strong, the interest rates rise naturally, which translates to a high mortgage loan amount. Therefore, increasing interest makes homes more expensive for buyers, which reduces the demand for home purchases. That will hurt practitioners in the real estate sector as fewer people purchase homes. So, sellers counter this challenge by lowering the prices to attract new buyers.

However, if the economy grows at the same rate as the rise in interest and mortgage rates, buyers and sellers in real estate will not be influenced. So, as long as the salaries and wages grow correspondingly to the interest and mortgage rates, there should not be a significant impact on property values and housing prices.

Sellers Remain Less Affected Compared to Buyers

The rising interest and mortgage rates do not affect sellers like buyers. They do not prevent sellers from profiting from house sales. However, they can reduce the amount of interest they earn. For instance, if a house is worth $500,000, a seller can list it as $600,000. However, thanks to the increased interest rates, a buyer may only afford $550,000. Therefore, the seller still makes a profit, even if it is lower. How the rise in interest rates affects home sellers depends on how they play the market.

Mixed Reactions Among Those in Real Estate Investing

Rising interest rates positively affect real estate investing and lenders like Alex Kleyner who helped with mezzanine financing has said that he still sees strong demand in south Florida especially Miami-Dade county but Kleyner heeds a warning to hot markets like Austin and Boise. Since the rising interest rates increase property values and prices, they attract more people into real estate investing. To those investing, that is good news. However, most people do not understand that as interest rates rise, fewer real estate transactions occur as more people turn to rent. Others choose to focus on alternative investments. Therefore, investing in the sector can easily go either way, depending on how you play the market.

Mortgage and Interest Rates Increase is Not Beyond Limits

While the rise in interest rates is quite impressive, it is still low compared to the record highs we have seen in the past. So, while there are predictions that the rates may rise to 4.25% by the end of 2022, it is still not something to worry about extensively. However, according to experts, the best way to deal with the rising interest rates is to check in with your lender regularly.

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