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What is Calvin McCarty’s future with the Eskimos?


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Time flies when you’re having fun, and Calvin McCarty has had great fun spending time on a football gridiron for a large part of every season since 1998. His enjoyment has continued since then at all levels of the Canadian game, including the Edmonton Eskimos, who drafted him in 2007, a fourth-rounder in the annual draft of university prospects.

Calvin McCarty courtesy Edmonton Eskimos

But, as long established, time flies. Now, at the football-mature age of 36, the solid, thoughtful person waits with all CFL players for word on the potential start of what would become his 14th season as a valued and versatile Eskimo contributor. He is listed as a free agent, as much because of the Covid-19 delay as any other reason.

There has been no public comment since McCarty reached free agency but the Eskimos did not take a prospective fullback with any of their draft choices last week.

Carty was 14 when he stepped into the spotlight by setting all kinds of records as a Grade 8 student at St. Thomas More High School in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby, B.C. There, he played two positions, running back and linebacker, well enough to lead the Knights to the B.C. championship by collecting three touchdowns in a one-sided final victory.

One year later, by now a high school senior, McCarty’s standards climbed even higher. He switched from linebacker to defensive back while remaining dominant on the offensive side of the ball. At the end of the season, a close observer estimated the versatile young guy had collected more than 1,000 yards rushing.

One interesting aspect of the McCarty career is the time he spent at university: one season at Boise State and one at Reedley College, a school with about 10,000 students in California, before ending his scholasic career at Western Washington in the border community of Bellingham.

In every university situation, McCarty’s statistics were beyond the acceptable norm, but as a pro, his versatility has much exceeded his individual totals. He has been a persistent blocker, an able receiver and a forced on special teams, in addition to the running well as a tailback and fullback, especially in short-yardage situations.

In yardage gained, his best year was 2008, when he totalled more than 1,000 yards rushing and receiving. Since that prosperous second season, individual numbers have fallen. Injuries, of course, have been a big part of the reason. but by the end of last season he had compiled 1,615 yards as a runner and more than 2,000 yards on 263 catches through the air.

Will there be more this year? Time and roster competition and the pandemic will help to tell the story.

But one aspect of McCarty’s career remains indelible: he has been a consummate professional on the field and off. Few athletes in any sport have made commitments as large as his to his home community, St. Albert, and many surrounding centres.

When word first surfaced that McCarty’s active career might come to an end, his supporters smiled broadly at the realization he had scored two touchdowns against Saskatchewan – both on one-yard plunges – in what may have been his last career game.

The good news is two-fold: the Eskimos have said they hope to find a post-playing career position for him, perhaps as a coach. Whether he remains with the organization or not, he has committed to staying in and around Edmonton. The entire community will benefit.

Appearances can be deceiving – take the WHL for example




Help Us Preserve Alberta’s Sport History

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Red Deer Hospice Seeking Holiday Support

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From the Red Deer Hospice 

Hospice is home for the holidays

Red Deer Hospice, a residential home for the terminally ill, is seeking donations this holiday season.

Hospice staff are making every effort to give their residents and families one last memorable
Christmas together. The home is decorated, cheerful music plays in the common area and the aroma
of holiday baking fills the halls. On Christmas morning, each resident receives a special gift and enjoys
a delicious turkey dinner, cooked in-house by Hospice’s talented chefs.

“Our mission is to support a peaceful and compassionate end-of-life journey,” said Jerri Taylor,
Hospice’s Executive Director. “Not only during the holidays, but throughout the entire year.” Because
residents are never charged a fee, Hospice relies on donations to make them as comfortable as
possible in their last stage of life.

Year-round, donor funds are used to provide home-cooked meals for residents and their families,
specialty beds and mattress, medical equipment, furnishings, therapeutic bathing systems, personal
care items and much more.

“We hope the community considers our residents who are spending their final days here,” stated
Taylor. “Especially during this special time of year.”

To make a donation to Red Deer Hospice, please visit

At Red Deer Hospice, we are committed to providing compassionate end-of-life care. Located in South Red Deer, with the beautiful Memorial Gardens across the street, Hospice offers 16 private rooms that ensure peace, intimacy and dignity for residents and their loved ones. Professional nursing care is provided 24 hours a day, as well as companionship and bereavement support.

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