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WCBL season cancelled ending the Edmonton Prospects run at Re/Max Field


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According to a contract held by the city of Edmonton, COVID-19 has ended the life of the Edmonton Prospects at Re/Max Field.

Until members of the Western Canadian Baseball League voted on Wednesday to write off what would have been a 2020 season, the Prospects were in line to play at the field in Edmonton’s Saskatchewan River valley until the end of the regular schedule or playoffs.

Now, since there will be no WCBL season, there will be no more Prospects in Edmonton unless a one-year agreement can be devised with other park operators that would bridge a one-year gap and keep his team here 2021. He has spoken often of work to be completed on a complex to be developed in the Spruce Grove-Stony Plain area slightly west of Edmonton in time for the 2022 season, by which time a group headed by Randy Gregg will have control of Re/Max.

“I think it would be mighty ambitious to promise a new park would be functioning in time to start a new season less than a year from right now,” Cassidy said in a telephone interview.

The Gregg group won its long-term contract although it has no team at present and has held no meeting with league president Kevin Kvame and other governors about obtaining one. Several involved citizens have advocated that the Prospects and a new team (perhaps the Capitals) ultimately could share playing dates, but Cassidy suggested such an arrangement is unlikely.

“A couple of deals have been presented for us to look at, but they don’t work for us,” Cassidy said. “We offered a deal to the Gregg group but they didn’t accept it, either.”

Evidently, those negotiations will continue into the future. In the meantime, all 10 teams face the necessity to operate with a 2021 start as their most optimistic possibility. Entry of a new Sylvan Lake franchise will add to the enthusiasm, as will the promising ownership and participation structure already taking shape for the Brooks Bombers.

“We had all been kind of hoping that we could start our season in a month or so and get maybe 20 home games for each team,” Cassidy said. “Always, the July 1 long weekend has been good for our league at the gate.” There also had been brief conversation about extending the season into August before starting playoffs – roughly a month later than usual.

“The problem is that every time we got some encouraging news (on lifting lockdown provisions), we got new and discouraging news a day or two later.

“There was not a lot of debate about how we could keep things alive with the information we had, so it was not a hard decision for all of us to make.”

President Kvame expressed regret on “a sad day for the WCBl, our 10 teams, 300-plus players and tens of thousands of fans in Alberta-Saskatchewan, adding that operational costs have been expanding as the league improves and shortening the schedule would only add to potential financial stresses. “We are a gate-generated league. We will mourn the loss of the season for a day or two and then we’ll get busy on 2021.”

The governors’ vote to discontinue plans for the coming season was unanimous, he added.

Our sports history has value

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Help Us Preserve Alberta’s Sport History

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As we approach Giving Tuesday, we invite you to join us in celebrating the spirit of athleticism and honoring the legends who have left an indelible mark on the world of sports. At Alberta’s Sports Hall of Fame, we are dedicated to preserving the rich history of sports, recognizing outstanding sports heroes, and inspiring future generations.

Why Support Our Hall of Fame?

  1. Preserving Sporting Legacy: Our Hall of Fame stands as a testament to the achievements, dedication, and passion of athletes and builders who have shaped the landscape of sports. By supporting us, you contribute to the preservation of their legacy for years to come.
  2. Inspiring Future Champions: Every inductee enshrined in our Hall of Fame serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring individuals. Your generosity helps us develop programs that foster the next generation of champions, instilling values of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance.
  3. Community Engagement: We believe in the power of sports to bring communities together. With your support, we can organize events, outreach programs, and educational initiatives that promote inclusivity, diversity, and the joy of sports within our community.
How Your Donation Makes a Difference:
  • $25: Provides resources for the maintenance and preservation of historical artifacts.
  • $50: Supports educational programs that introduce schoolchildren to the history and importance of sports.
  • $100: Contributes to the development of interactive exhibits, making the Hall of Fame an engaging experience for visitors.
  • $250 and above: Enables us to expand our outreach, bringing the magic of sports to underserved communities.
Join Us on Giving Tuesday:
This Giving Tuesday, be a part of something legendary. Your contribution, no matter the size, makes a significant impact on our ability to celebrate, educate, and inspire through the power of sports.Donate today at and help us continue the legacy of greatness in sports.Thank you for being a champion of sports history and the people who have made it unforgettable.

With gratitude,
Alberta Sports Hall of Fame Team

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Red Deer Hospice Seeking Holiday Support

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From the Red Deer Hospice 

Hospice is home for the holidays

Red Deer Hospice, a residential home for the terminally ill, is seeking donations this holiday season.

Hospice staff are making every effort to give their residents and families one last memorable
Christmas together. The home is decorated, cheerful music plays in the common area and the aroma
of holiday baking fills the halls. On Christmas morning, each resident receives a special gift and enjoys
a delicious turkey dinner, cooked in-house by Hospice’s talented chefs.

“Our mission is to support a peaceful and compassionate end-of-life journey,” said Jerri Taylor,
Hospice’s Executive Director. “Not only during the holidays, but throughout the entire year.” Because
residents are never charged a fee, Hospice relies on donations to make them as comfortable as
possible in their last stage of life.

Year-round, donor funds are used to provide home-cooked meals for residents and their families,
specialty beds and mattress, medical equipment, furnishings, therapeutic bathing systems, personal
care items and much more.

“We hope the community considers our residents who are spending their final days here,” stated
Taylor. “Especially during this special time of year.”

To make a donation to Red Deer Hospice, please visit

At Red Deer Hospice, we are committed to providing compassionate end-of-life care. Located in South Red Deer, with the beautiful Memorial Gardens across the street, Hospice offers 16 private rooms that ensure peace, intimacy and dignity for residents and their loved ones. Professional nursing care is provided 24 hours a day, as well as companionship and bereavement support.

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