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Comprehensive… “hands-on”… 1-day… Social Media Central at Red Deer College




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    Tired of “fluff” seminars that leave you exhausted and more confused than when you started?

    Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Social!

    Facebook isn’t as business friendly as it once was, YouTube is a great tool but how do you use it?  Video online is now king but how will you use it in your business?
    Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter do you use all of them or just one?
    So many questions!
    You’ll find all the answers at Social Media Central on September 27.
    Social Media Central features an instructor roster
    made up of people who do the work – the budgeting, strategizing, management and reporting of social media for business.
    Learn from industry experts who know what it’s like to do the work
    and are willing to share how to do it well.
    Register Here

    Central Alberta’s leading conference for LEARNING Social Media.

    Bring your laptop and see how the world opens up as you learn how to navigate the chaotic waters of everything Social Media.

    Check your Master Class seat here

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    Local Business




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  • Walking into a car dealership can be one of the most anxious
    experiences. At the centre of this anxiety are some common
    questions. Will I encounter a high-pressure sales person? Am I
    going to be treated fairly? What are all of the steps? How long will
    it take?

    Kipp Scott GMC Cadillac Buick is the oldest dealership in Red Deer,
    and the Scott family has set the standard of treating people properly
    by working hard to earn their business and not acting as if your
    business is owed to them. These values and practices are followed by
    every Product Knowledge Specialist you will encounter at the
    dealership, giving you a no-pressure, high value experience.

    When you come in, here’s what to expect:

    1. You’ll walk in and be greeted by a Product Knowledge Specialist.

    2. You’ll join your Specialist in their office and discuss what you’re
    looking for.

    3. If you have a vehicle to trade in, we’ll appraise it using various
    market indicators to give you fair value for your vehicle .

    4. You’ll go for a test drive in a vehicle that best meets your needs.

    5. We’ll show you a fully transparent break down of the numbers
    including paying off your current loan should there be one.

    6. If you like what you see then you’ll talk to one of our Finance
    Managers, who will show you different ways to protect your
    investment, submit your application to the bank, or work out
    payment details if financing is not needed.

    7. After discussing details of your approval , you can sign the final
    documents and we’ll schedule delivery of your new vehicle.

    8. DELIVERY DAY! Congratulations! You’ll be thoroughly walked
    through your new vehicle to answer any and all questions to ensure
    your full satisfaction.

    Here at Kipp Scott we understand that purchasing a vehicle takes
    a lot of work, we operate with full transparency to ensure our
    customers enjoy the entire experience from start to finish.

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    High Performance Leaders Need Rest and Play



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  • It’s’ spring!

    With the change of season, it’s a great time to reflect on how you might want to adjust using your time and energy.

    How many of us have forgotten how to REST? How many of us have forgotten how to PLAY?

    I am guilty of not being aware of play or creating the rest I needed. I spent YEARS breathing way too fast, racing from task to task and event to event.

    I somehow believed that my worth was attached to what was accomplished. Leaving something undone was actually painful.

    Rest and play are not just important, they are critical.

    Researcher Stuart Brown says that the opposite of play isn’t actually work, it’s depression. Sadly, I know this all too well too.

    What happens to us when we don’t rest and play? Creativity suffers. Relationships suffer. Effectiveness suffers. Clarity and purpose suffer. Decision making ability suffers. Our overall capacity for resilience suffers.

    Can you relate?

    There is one simple metaphor that helps me choose when REST and PLAY are important: an elastic band.

    When we work so hard, give and parent, the elastic band is stretched with each new effort. Some elastics have far more “give” and can stretch great distances, much like each persons ability to work.
    Be careful to not let pride and ego take over here…. elastics have a breaking point. So do we.

    It’s impossible to know when an elastic has reached it’s breaking point. There are clues, but sometimes they surprise us.

    What clues are in your life? Are you paying attention to the clues? Have you already learned this lesson, but need to learn it again?

    Better than stretching an elastic to breaking point, is a the use of an elastic to stretch and release. Work and rest. Play.

    Referring back to the body of research by Dr. Stuart Brown, play is time spent without purpose; time spent when we can lose track of time and self consciousness.
    For me, that usually involves being in nature or in water…. and that is where I find hope, rest, creativity and a tonne of joy.

    Where do you feel like you lose track of time and self consciousness?

    That’s your zone.

    Find it and make sure you refuel.

    The purpose of an elastic is to stretch. For that it must contract.

    Work can be immensely satisfying. For that we must find rest.

    We cannot give something that we don’t have.

    What do you find restful? Where do you lose track of time?

    What resources do you have to employ a period of rest?

    Are your holidays restful and playful for you or are they a different form of work?

    Do you have any practices in place that allow you to shut off your phone?

    Give yourself what you need if you’re feeling stretched and ask yourself what is important. Get curious. Then breathe deep and make some choices.

    There may be hard choices at first. As you get better at playing and resting, you’ll become better at it.
    You’ll thank yourself.

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    fri8mar - 30aprmar 85:30 pmapr 30Real Estate Dinner Theatre(march 8) 5:30 pm - (april 30) 10:00 pm

    fri26apr8:30 am- 4:30 pmApplied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)Canadian Mental Health Association8:30 am - 4:30 pm

    sat27apr1:00 pm- 4:00 pmMAGSaturday @ the MuseumMAGnificent Saturdays welcomes all ages and abilities to participate in a fun art project every week! 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    sat27apr7:00 pmMusical Theatre ShowcasePresented by the 2019 Red Deer Festival of the Performing Arts7:00 pm

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