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BC driver caught driving 215 km/h on a northern Alberta highway, given highest possible fine


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From RCMP-Alberta Sheriffs Boyle Integrated Traffic Unit

B.C. woman fined $2,300 for speeding

A 30-year-old B.C. woman received the highest possible fine of $2,300 for speeding, in Boyle court on Nov. 20.

The sentence was handed down by a justice of the peace traffic commissioner in provincial court after an ex parte trial, meaning the accused was not present, and the woman was found guilty.

On Aug. 14, 2017, just after 9 p.m., a member of the RCMP-Alberta Sheriffs Integrated Traffic Unit in Boyle was conducting enforcement at kilometre marker 23 on Highway 63, just north of Grassland, Alta. The member observed a northbound vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed, and using radar, obtained a speed reading of 215 km/h in a 110 km/h zone.

A court summons for a mandatory court appearance was issued to a female driver for driving at 105 km/h in excess of the speed limit. Summonses are issued for speeding offences for more than 50 km/h of the limit.

During a traffic stop with the subject vehicle, the traffic unit received further complaints about the same vehicle driving at high rates of speed and passing other vehicles on double solid lines near the school in the hamlet of Grassland.

“This is an extreme and dangerous rate of speed, and the court has recognized that,” said Cst. Paul Banks of the Boyle RCMP-Alberta Sheriffs Integrated Traffic Unit. “At high speeds your ability to react to something on the road, including other vehicles, people and animals is greatly reduced, as is your stopping distance. You also risk an increase in severity of injury when there is a collision.”

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