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The Most Prominent Business Sponsorships in the CFL


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The Canadian Football League (CFL) is more than 100 years old.  For millions, the love for Canadian football is never coming to an end. That’s a good sign for businesses who affiliate themselves with any of the nine clubs in the CFL.

Some of the most prominent business sponsorships in the CFL clubs are in the online gambling market. You don’t have to look far before stumbling on an online bookmaker that allows you to bet on CFL games. The CasinosforMoney site provides a handful of online casinos that have partnered with CFL clubs and offer you a chance to play a wide range of games. Online casinos or betting sites invest heavily in the league to be advertised on the LED screens. This is an ideal marketing strategy that’ll help the companies attract more players into gambling with them.

Below you will find some prominent business sponsorships in the CFL.

Betting Firms

Like other leagues in the US, Europe, and other parts of the world, the CFL has partnered with betting sites in sponsorship agreements. This move is aimed at benefitting both parties. The league will get funding from the bookmakers. On the other hand, online bookmakers will place advertisement signs at all CFL stadiums to market their brands.

The two prominent online sports books that have partnered with CFL are Bowmans Sportsbook and recently BetRegal Casino. These operators have entered into multi-million deals with the CFL for a given number of years. The companies will reach out to more fans, teach them about sports gaming, and bet responsibly. As a result, more players will come in and gamble with the casinos.

Bank of Montreal

The Bank of Montreal (BMO) has a significant engagement in sports, sponsoring some community-based leagues and professional teams. For example, the company supports the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes in the CFL.
The BMO’s generosity in sports can be attributed to its success across different parts of the world. Today, BMO has 150 companies in various parts of the world and continues gaining credibility due to its participation in public affairs.


Safeway is a Canadian supermarket that has entered into a sponsorship agreement with the CFL. As a result, the supermarket has launched a contest that allows its customers to win prizes that includes game tickets. Safeway understands that most of its customers are CFL fans. As a result, their shoppers win the prizes after shopping in any of their stores.


Purolator has been sponsoring CFL since 2003. Purolator Courier Ltd. has been operating as the official CFL courier, supporting the league by running the Purolator Tackle Hunger program. This award-winning program has given the fans a chance to help people struggling with food insecurity. Fans can bring non-perishable foodstuffs or donate money during some select games in the season.

Final Thoughts

From online bookmakers, to financial institutions, to local companies, small and large businesses have come in to sponsor the CFL.  Whether the goal is to affiliate with a national passion, or a wildly popular regional team, these businesses can use the CFL to market their brands, attract more customers, and remain on top of the competition. Critically, this business strategy has gone a long way in benefitting the CFL clubs, fans, and sponsors.

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Electricity prices: Canada, USA and Australia

Published on

If you’re only used to paying for utilities in one country, you probably have no idea how average prices compare with what consumers pay in other parts of the world.

There are all sorts of variables involved, of course, but it’s interesting to get a broad understanding of the state of play in a handful of major nations. So to that end, let’s explore electricity costs in Canada, the US and Australia.


With record gas prices still being recorded, switching to an electric vehicle has never seemed more attractive to US consumers. But if you were to make the leap, would the price of domestic power be a prohibitive factor?

 Well, across the OECD countries, the average electricity price sits at just over 24 cents for a kilowatt hour (kwh) of energy. In America, the residential average is just under 14 cents per kwh.

This is impressively low, and comes in spite of the fact that there has actually been a 4.3 percent annual increase in typical costs.


Some see Canada as holding the key to energy stability. With its ample natural resources and smaller population, it follows in the footsteps of the US by enjoying cheaper than average electricity.

For 2020, Canada’s kwh costs were pegged at around 18 cents. Again, this represents a rise from the previous year, following the general upward trend in power generation expenses globally.


As a country the size of a continent, with a modest population, Australia has more in common with Canada than the US in many ways.

This is reflected in its electricity market, where competition between energy companies is significant enough to ensure that consumers have access to below average prices for power.

The most recent available stats place Australia’s averages at 19.21 cents per kwh. Interestingly this actually represents the lowest level of pricing seen in the past eight years, which suggests that Australia is actually bucking the trend of the price rises seen elsewhere.

Understanding the factors at play

Now that you have an idea of how much variation there is in electricity costs between three developed, progressive Western nations, it’s worth unpacking what can cause these differences, and what other factors are at play.

First, there’s the part played by the government in terms of taxing the different types of power that are available. In Australia, for example, around a tenth of the total costs that’s passed onto consumers is used to fund environmental programs and counteract the damage done by energy sources still powered by fossil fuels.

Then there’s the cost of actually getting the electricity to the consumer. Australia’s large size and dispersed population mean that building and maintaining the network accounts for almost half the cost of provision. Meanwhile in the US, where there are more than ten times the number of people, the economies of scale make the provision of power more affordable on a per customer basis.

Finally there’s the factor of resources. Whenever a nation needs to import the fuel required to generate electricity, rather than being able to source it closer to home, prices will be higher, and also more susceptible to fluctuations on the global stage.

Final thoughts

For the time being the US is home to cheaper electricity costs than Canada or Australia, but if price rises continue apace then America might eventually overtake its neighbor to the north, and also eclipse its ally in the southern hemisphere.

Consumers in all countries should keep a keen eye on energy prices where they live, and aim to switch to the best value deals from providers where possible.


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4 Appropriate Types of Flowers to Send to Someone in the Hospitals

Published on

It just might be that nothing is more uplifting to a sick patient than a get well soon note. Sometimes all one needs to get better is a gift that literally tells them, “Hey, you can beat this” or “we need you, get out of that hospital bed” And if your guess is as good as anyone’s, a bouquet of flowers can work magic at this!

However, not all flowers may be appropriate for use as a get-well-fast gift. If someone you love is hospitalized and you want to help them get well, here are some types of flowers you can consider.

Sending Flowers to Hospitals 

If you have to send flowers to a hospital, this could mean a few things. Perhaps you’re unable to deliver them personally to your ill loved one. Maybe you’re abroad at the moment, but you want to support someone you know (or don’t know) to get well soon.

Whether you choose to send the flowers through a courier or flower delivery service, it pays to do the following:

  • Find out if the hospital accepts flower deliveries
  • Know the hospital’s preferred delivery times for floral gifts
  • Make sure to get the recipient’s name, medical facility address, and hospital room number right
  • Send the right flowers

What To Consider When Choosing Get-Well-Soon Flowers 

Quick recovery flowers should help brighten up the sick person’s day. They should be timed right as well. They shouldn’t be too small or too large. The color shouldn’t be tied to any bad memories or traumatic events that the recipient may have experienced.

Most importantly, you will want to consider picking flowers that won’t cause any harm to the recipient/s, especially those with a history of allergies to pollen. 

This makes it important to consider things like:

  • Flower type and size
  • Flower color (with preference for bright flowers)
  • Allergy-free flowers

Some Appropriate Flower Options to Send to A Sick Person 

If a person known to you has been hospitalized, you’ll want to send blooms that will make them feel special, loved, and supported. And of course, there are so many different types of flowers out there, some of which a sick person would find alluring.

Here are some that might even help an ill person get out of the hospital sooner than everyone thought.

1. Irises 

Irises are some of the most popular and beautiful flowers to send to a hospitalized person. The flower is a symbol of rebirth and renewal, making it a powerful and uplifting get-well-soon gift.

2. Daisies 

As you may already know, being hospitalized is no joke. Daisies are commonly used as a heart sign to express feelings of sympathy for a sick person. Some people love daisies because they are soft and very sweet and look amazing on all occasions.

There’s a big chance your recipient will feel energetic and loved, enough to get out of that hospital bed once they receive some daisies from you.

3. Tulips 

Tulips are loved and admired for being vibrant and beautiful. Many people think tulips represent true love and friendship, so some people take this as a symbol that the love in their lives is with them even when they’re sick. So, this is definitely a great get-well-soon gift to send to a hospitalized person.

4. White Roses 

People adore white roses, so it’s not surprising that some will even do anything to get their hands on one. They’re often a symbol of hope and good health, making them a great option when you want someone ill to feel special.

And besides being available in a wide range of different colors, you can order roses online these days, and have them delivered right where the sick recipient is situated.

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