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History on the Block-Brother Can You Spare $400 million?


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History on the Auction Block…DC Comics 1934 to 2014

As a young comic book collector, I often dreamed of finding a comic book horde.

Not a small pile of books with a few 1940s and 50s books in it, but a real stash, one that movies are written about. A collection of books that as you look through the pile you see Action #1, #2, Detective Comics #27 and Worlds Finest #1, the Flash #1, and Wonder Woman #1. That is the kind of treasure I, along with every collector in North America, wanted to find.

I had an aunt once who did have those books, and she clearly remembered saving them until her parents threw them away. She did say she would have given them to me as I was her favorite nephew….

This week, amidst the Covid 19 panic, pandemonium pandemic, the impossible is about to happen.

Ian Levine, an internationally known comic book and music ephemera collector, is auctioning off EVERY DC Comic book published from 1934 to 2014! The total number of books exceeds 40,000! Now, all of these books are the best possible, they are the most rare, most sought after, most significant of all comics. And ONE person, institution or archive will become caretaker to history.

Many professionals, collectors and fans have spoken of the magnitude of this Sotheby Auction with awe.

Paul Levitz, in his Facebook post, spoke of assisting Levine with his quest:

So a story of a quiet day at DC…I think it was over the holiday break, before the company closed for those days. Happened on an ad in one of the comics trades, probably Comic Buyers’ Guide, from a guy who was trying to assemble an absolutely complete DC collection. He was down to hunting some pretty obscure stuff, odd issues of romance and war titles, and many of our ‘custom comics,’ the giveaways we’d produce for companies to promote their products (or for good causes like keeping kids from being blown up by landmines). There were quite a few of the listed customs that were basically valueless but hard-to-find things we had large stacks of to use as samples, so I spent a few minutes in the library and my files pulling a bunch together. Sent them to him with a note that said, “Buy 40,000, get 12 free.” The collector was Ian Levine, and he kindly let Taschen use the collection for the photos for 75 YEARS OF DC. He’s now auctioning off the whole collection at Sotheby’s. Hope it goes to someone who’ll love it, or an institution with a giant endowment and great taste.”

With the pound of the gavel, some billionaire (likely) will become protector of the collection of the century.

To steal and paraphrase a line from Marvel and Stan Lee, with such a great collecton comes great responsibility .May it be used wisely.

Click for a link to the amazing catalogue for the collection follows:


And Money Flowed in the Streets….


The ultimate penalty for package thieves – A hilarious Christmas story of revenge

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You may be familiar with Mark Rober. Mark is an engineer who loves to put his profession to work for him in curious and extremely entertaining ways.  His video called Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder has been watched more than 53 Million times!

Well here’s a new video and the timing is perfect.  Considering the combination of COVID19 and online Christmas shopping, package thieves are undoubtedly busier than ever.   A couple of years ago the creator of this video had a package stolen from his front step and when there was nothing police could do about it, he decided to take his revenge and do his part to decrease the practice of poaching packages.

For anyone who has had a package stolen from their step, here’s your revenge!  Mark admits it’s a bit petty, but his overall goal is to steer people away from making poor decision.  Take a few minutes to enjoy Mark’s amazing work.

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3 Questions for John Wing (The Tonight Show, America’s Got Talent, Just For Laughs)

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I think it’s safe to say my first large scale comedy show I ever put on was bringing John Wing to town. Two sold out shows back to back in a market that hadn’t really seen that kind of comedy talent in a long time. John had just finished up a stint on America’s Got Talent and I remember thinking “holy heck, he’s actually coming here…”

“I’m not a BARBARIAN, you know!”
– John Wing

Since then I have remained somewhat buds with John and have followed his journey over the last several years. John has performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno six times, performed several Just for Laughs and countless other festivals, clubs, cruise ships and more. John is an accomplished author spanning several books and most recently launched his “The Bad Piano Player” podcast.

I caught up with John and gave him the “3 QUESTIONS FOR” treatment.

1) As a Comic who’s normally on tour a huge percentage of the time, what activity if any have you taken up or rekindled to keep the mind occupied?

I started playing the piano three or four hours a day, and planning podcasts. That’s totally what kept me sane. Writing the episodes as well.

2) What’s your favourite memory of being on the Tonight Show?

My first Tonight show was in 1990. Jim McCawley, the guy who booked and wrangled the comics, was holding the curtain, ready to pull it back when I was introduced. We were coming back from commercial. As we did, a couple of seconds before Jay started my intro, McCawley turned to me and said, “Hey, don’t forget your jokes.” I had my set typed out in my suit jacket pocket and I whipped it out for a final scan. Jesus, what an A-hole.

3) Ketchup or no ketchup on your Mac n’ Cheese? Or no Mac n’ Cheese at all?

No Ketchup on anything. I occasionally dip fries in Ketchup one by one, and I like cocktail sauce with shrimp, which is a form of ketchup but never ON anything. I’m not a BARBARIAN, you know!

Check out John’s podcast and enjoy a little you time with your headphones on or cozied up by the fireplace with the bluetooth. The Bad Piano Player Podcast is available on PodTail, Buzzsprout, Apple podcasts and basically anywhere you get your podcast fix. OR JUST CLICK HERE!


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