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Downtown Business Spotlight: Paige Koster Photography


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This week we shine our business spotlight on Paige Koster Photography, located at # 2 4942 – 46 St. in downtown Red Deer. A local and very talented photographer, Paige absolutely loves what she does, and it shines through in her incredible work. We were happy to meet up with Paige so we could hear more about her thriving business.

What is your business?

At Paige Koster Photography we specialize in maternity and newborn photography, but we also offer milestones, cake smashes, family and weddings. Basically, anything that falls under photography events we will do.

When did your business open?

I photographed as a hobby for as long as I can remember for friends and family, on the side and just for fun. After my maternity leave in 2017, my husband encouraged me to do it full time. So, we took the plunge the first year and in November 2017 we were registered and ready to go. A year after that we had the studio and its been a year since we moved in!

What makes your business unique?

Our biggest focus is to be able to offer solutions to every parent. We can offer customized packages and all-inclusive packages including payment plans. For example, a cake smash all-inclusive package would mean mom just brings baby and we supply everything such as the decor, the cake, anything that is needed. For a maternity package, we can supply the gown and a hair and makeup team. Weddings are obviously a little different, but we will provide an assistant on the day for no extra charge. We strive to make it as easy as possible for the client and customize it to their needs.

What are some products/services that you offer?

Newborn and maternity are our main services and we focus mostly on newborn. With the newborn, portraits and 1st-year packages we offer tier pricing so it can fit every budget. It basically comes down to what the person wants, and we can customize to that.

Why did you choose Downtown Red Deer as the location for your business?

It is a central location, close to my home and most importantly we wanted to be somewhere that was easy for people to find and everyone knows where everything is in Downtown Red Deer. We personally love downtown in general so there really wasn’t much thought that went into it.

What do you think makes Downtown vibrant?

I think its all the things we do for Downtown Red Deer. I lived in Oshawa, Ontario and I don’t remember events happening as they do here such as the Downtown Farmers Market. That to me is amazing. I love the shops downtown, they are so cute, quaint and historical which I like.

 I love Downtown Red Deer because… I love everything about Downtown Red Deer! I love that it is unique, quaint, small and historical portions. I think the DBA puts a lot of effort into maintaining it and striving to bring beauty back to the city.

Paige Koster Photography is truly a gem to have in downtown Red Deer. Paige’s professional and caring nature along with her ability to put her clients at ease have made her a favorite among Moms and Dads in Red Deer!

Her reviews on Facebook speak for themselves!

Also check out her Instagram:

And her website!

We serve approximately 500 businesses and property owners in Downtown Red Deer, Alberta. Our Mission is to build an engaged Downtown community, develop a Downtown brand and enhance the Downtown experience.

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City to experiment with Winter Outdoor Patio

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From the City of Red Deer

Ross Street Patio to remain open for winter pilot program

Ross Street Patio will remain open this winter, as a new pilot project launched by The City of Red Deer. The patio, a beloved downtown amenity, was scheduled for seasonal removal earlier this month; the decision to explore a winter patio pilot project is in direct response to advocacy efforts from nearby businesses to retain the patio through the winter.

“We know downtown businesses are struggling as a result of the pandemic and we want to continue our support to help them mitigate the negative affects of COVID-19,” said Bobby-Jo Stannard, Community Development Superintendent. “Extra space provided by the patio allows nearby food and beverage businesses to expand and increase their capacity, while adhering to safety guidelines and restrictions.”

The winter patio pilot project in Red Deer follows decisions by both Calgary and Edmonton to extend their seasonal patio programs amid COVID-19. The project involves a partnership with these businesses that includes maintenance, snow and ice control, litter collection, and programming.

Downtown businesses with seasonal summer patios will be contacted by City staff regarding the option to renew their permit for the winter months.

A comprehensive evaluation will be completed in the spring to evaluate the success of the program and to determine the viability of retaining the patio as a year round amenity.

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The Ross Street Patio – A Summer to Remember

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“If you wish to make a space safe and vibrant you must occupy that space.”

If you happened to visit the Ross Street Patio installation over the summer, you likely would have seen just that; a vibrancy that was created through positive, collaborative engagement. 


  The Ross Street Patio installation has been a mainstay in Red Deer’s downtown for close to a decade. The area, located on the north lanes of Ross Street adjacent to the Cenotaph Park offers beautiful greenery in the form of planters, flowers and trees as well as patio tables with umbrellas and benches. Each year the City of Red Deer with the support of the Downtown Business Association create this lovely space for citizens to gather and enjoy a coffee or snack, enjoy programming in the form of live music and other entertainment, and take in the sights and sounds of a more bustling city centre. 

  The summer of 2020 saw a massive increase in foot traffic to the area, possibly more than any summers in the past. The spring was a time of uncertainty for many of the businesses in the area, and the restaurants in the area were making preparations to open their doors to the public after being closed for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Restaurants and bars were given the green light to reopen their doors in late May and by early June most had.

   Over the course of the following few weeks, these businesses began setting up their own patios within the boundaries of the Ross St. Patio. Tribe, Tacoloft, Occam’s Razor, and The Velvet Olive Lounge/Capitol Package Store are all very different food and beverage joints with one thing in common: they were all neighbors sharing the same uncertainty. 

   And then, it happened. What began as a conversation on the patio with Kyle Key, owner of the Olive and the Capitol Package Store, and musician Paeton Cameron, and a few others, became what would be remembered as one of the greatest summers on the Ross Street Patio to date.

   The Velvet Olive had previously been “the spot” for live music downtown. With open mic nights for musicians to have space to show off their talents, and other live music events weekly. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic these live music venues were prohibited from showcasing live music inside their establishments, leaving musicians with essentially nowhere to play, and left music lovers longing to hear live music again. 

 “Let’s do it outside.” 

   It was a thought, then a conversation, and then it was happening. On a warm Thursday night, Kyle, Paeton, and friends put up a tent directly in front of the restaurants, plugged in a couple speakers, and invited musicians to sign up for the first ever “Open Mic Night” – outdoors, on the Ross Street Patio. It didn’t take long before the people began to gather, safely and respectfully, to listen to the live music they had been starved of for months. And it didn’t take long for the other businesses to see the benefits and reap the rewards. By the following Thursday, Tribe, Tacoloft, and Occam’s Razor all offered to support the live music by pitching in on costs, promotions, and maintaining the space. Before long there were up to 3 live music events per week that were programmed by the businesses. This was in addition to the programming created by the DBA and made the Ross Street Patio the most popular space in town. And the businesses all reported a remarkable increase in foot traffic and sales as a result of its popularity. Over the next few months the area had garnered such attention that photographers and film crews began attending to document the successes, and the citizens of Red Deer were calling to make reservations at the establishments, sometimes weeks in advance. 

  One of the last great events to take place on the “Ross Street Stage” was a collaboration between the 4 businesses, four breweries, and 11 local musicians. The “Save Our Stages – Originals Open Mic” night on Sept 18 was broadcast live over the internet. Each of the 11 musicians was invited to play 3 songs, all originals, to the excited crowd that filled the seats of the businesses’ patios and the Ross Street Patio seating. Filmed and broadcast by the team at Hot Shoe Studio the event was a huge success, culminating in a show of support by the local RCMP. As the sun set, approx 10-12 RCMP patrol vehicles slowly passed the Ross Street Patio with lights flashing and sirens sounding as a salute to the citizens of Red Deer and the businesses for doing their part to make the downtown safe and vibrant, by occupying that space. The cheers were deafening, and the tears of joy were real. What a summer, and what a city.

 Thanks to the City of Red Deer for providing the space. Thanks to the Downtown Business Association for the support and additional programming. Thanks to the businesses for breaking down their silos and working together for the greater cause. And thanks to the citizens of Red Deer for showing up, supporting local, and being generally good in the world. 

I’ve never been more proud to be a Red Deerian, and I can’t wait for next summer. 

To watch the full Originals Open Mic video click here:

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