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WATCH: YEG Artist Spotlight: Aftershock


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Aftershock YEG Artist Spotlight

Todayville’s YEG Artist Spotlight is AFTERSHOCK, they are known for setting up a wave after wave of energetic pulses everywhere they play! I asked each of the band members three questions… see below.

Check out their next show on November 23rd, follow them on

Rhythm section Doug Bodtcher & Mike Klassen, kick the seismic energy into high gear, balanced with Paul Coffey & Tyler Stang on guitar. Stang, who’s also the owner of Edmonton’s Stang Guitars, keep jamming with their vibrant and oscillating guitar licks. The lead singer at the epicentre of the music, and with earth moving vocals is Themesa McKeen!!

Doug Bodtcher:
1. Where do I find my artistic inspiration?
I have been a drummer for as long as I can remember. If a song has a powerful drum beat, that is what drives me.
My inspirations are Nikko McBrain, Alex Van Halen, Tommy Aldridge, Tommy Lee, Stewart Copeland and many others.

2. Talk about live music scene in edmonton.
The live music scene is alive and well, more live music venues are popping up and we are very pleased to be able to play for so many enthusiasts of live music.

3. Add something to make the article personal
– Mike, Paul and I were in a band together that ended. We missed each others company and realized the only way to see each other more frequently was to put instruments in our hands, so we started getting together to mess around with some songs. Doug was in another band called Sadie Gunn. Mike and Paul came out to support and instantly fell in love with “Pipes” Doug’s vocalist Themesa. She joined the crew and later Tyler joined to be the fifth and final piece of Aftershock.

– Our style: we listen to a song a few times, get the meat and potatoes down and then play it without memorizing the song as the audience doesn’t want a canned act but rather a live performance so we make subtle changes to try to make each song ours.

Heres my submission… i did it on my phone with no spell check so good luck. Hahahah

1. Where do I find my artistic inspiration?
Iinspiration, I have to say for me, it all comes from the audience. Being a musician on its own is amazing but it’s the interaction with the audience that truly inspires me. When you look out at a croud and you can see that they’re having a great time, especially when they ‘get it’ and and then they’re somehow part of what you’re doing up there, that inspires me..Thats when its magical.

2. Talk about live music scene in edmonton.
I won’t lie, the live music scene has seen better days but the community is still tight and the friends we make along the way still make it worthwhile getting out there to perform.

3. Add something to make the article personal:
Like Doug said, we started down this road together a long time ago. I guess noone really sees it coming, but as time passes and we get a bit older, our lives all take us in different directions. Its important to create ways to maintain connections.. so we might not be the ‘best’ band going, but I know I’ll be hanging out with my friends on Friday.

Our style: our style is nonsense. Every one of us has a different ‘style’. haha. Sometimes I’m baffled how we even function. Yet somehow all of our differences are ‘super’ complementary. It all just seems to work. But if i had to point in any one stylistic dirrection, I would say we are colorful blend of ‘rock’ and ‘silliness’

Mike Klassen:
I’m inline with Paul on question one. Definitely inspired by the interaction and energy from a crowd. I draw a lot of inspiration from many genres of music and have an appreciation for those with artistic flair! Many of the other thoughts shared are echoed by me too. Thanks again Raoul.

Themesa McKeen:
1. Where do I find my artistic inspiration?

I find it through the crowd as well as feeling their energy that they’re all having a good time makes me give it my all on stage.. but also from other musicians..and to name a few would be incorrect… One of my biggest inspirations though is from my mother Linda McKeen my Auntie Beverley McKeen who are both singers and song writers as well as amazing musicians and god rest his soul Fraser Bud McKeen who was a amazing singer with such a powerful voice!

2. Talk about live music scene in Edmonton.
My thoughts are the same as Doug’s and Paul’s thoughts on this.

3. Add something to make the article personal.
Most of what Doug and Paul has said is the same thoughts just like what Mike said.. But I have to add that Paul Coffey… Doug Bodtcher… Mike Klassen…And Tyler Stang Are all My Bros and I’m their Broette lol 🤘🏼🤘🏼and I’m so grateful for being part of this strong, wonderful, fun and very talented band family. It’s very rare to find a band that You click with right away! And You know what… I would not have it any other way I love them to pieces! 🤘🏼


RBC launches new series to help out Canadian musicians

Published on

From the good folks at RBC…

May 20, 2020


Today, RBC announced a new virtual performance series, First Up with RBCxMusic that will support and promote emerging Canadian recording artists and musicians through the challenging circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Musicians and recording artists who traditionally rely on income from paid performances continue to experience financial hardship with the suspension of live events. According to a recent survey by Music Canada and Connect Music Licensing, nearly half of artists reported they have lost more than 75% of their income since the crisis.

Applications for First Up with RBCxMusic are now open, and beginning in June, the program will spotlight emerging artists from across Canada who represent a variety of musical genres to celebrate the vast musical talent we have in our country.

RBCxMusic will select more than 100 artists to participate in the program in 2020. Selected artists will receive a $1,000 stipend to perform a 30-minute virtual set hosted on the artist’s personal Instagram channel, with media and promotional support from RBCxMusic. A schedule of each week’s musical performances will be shared at the beginning of the week on the RBCxMusic Instagram Channel, with performances taking place Thursday through Sunday evenings.

In addition to receiving funding and promotional support, recipients will have access to mentorship and networking opportunities with renowned Canadian artists through RBC’s partnership with Live Nation Canada.

“With live events and paid performances currently on pause, the creative community is in need of support now more than ever,” said Matt McGlynn, Vice-President, Brand Marketing, RBC. “First Up with RBCxMusic hopes to help fill that void, so emerging musicians and recording artists can continue to hone their craft, perform for fans and ultimately, progress their young careers.”

First Up with RBCxMusic is open to Canadian recording artists and musicians between the ages 18 and 35, who are in the early stages of their career and seek primary income from their music. Submissions should include a brief biography, song sample, artist imagery and Instagram handle. RBCxMusic will be accepting applications for round one starting today.

RBC has a long-standing commitment to supporting emerging creatives, demonstrated through programs such as the Music Video Production (MVP) Project and the RBC Emerging Artists Project. At RBC we believe the arts play an important role in creating strong and vibrant communities, and in fostering creativity and innovation. Dedicated to supporting the careers and development of emerging artists, RBC offers funding, mentorship and training, as well as networking opportunities. Since 2015, over 13,000 alumni have been supported by the RBC Emerging Artists Project, through the RBC Foundation’s donations totaling over $8 million each year to hundreds of arts organizations across Canada.

About RBC
Royal Bank of Canada (RY) is a global financial institution with a purpose-driven, principles-led approach to delivering leading performance. Our success comes from the 85,000+ employees who bring our vision, values and strategy to life so we can help our clients thrive and communities prosper. As Canada’s biggest bank, and one of the largest in the world based on market capitalization, we have a diversified business model with a focus on innovation and providing exceptional experiences to our 17 million clients in Canada, the U.S. and 34 other countries. Learn more at‎

We are proud to support a broad range of community initiatives through donations, community investments and employee volunteer activities. See how at

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Jesse Roads LIVE from The VAT Saturday night at 10. Watch it right here!

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HEY! We’ve really missed you guys out there! We have something reallllly cool to tell you.  We’re gonna do a live show! Full band! Full meal deal! Myself, Sammy and Scotty. Loud and full out. We’re gonna live stream it, we’re gonna film it. It’s gonna be on one of the most iconic stages in the country. Right here. In our little city. Here’s the thing, you can’t come but you can sure as hell watch from wherever you are in the world. This Saturday night. 10pm. It’s party time. 

Jesse Roads LIVE (Stream) from The Vat! Saturday May 23rd, 10pm

Yes that’s right we will hit the stage at The Vat 10pm! You can tune in from anywhere in the world via Facebook Live on the Jesse Roads page. We are adhering to all Alberta Health guidelines and practicing Physical Distancing. The bar will be closed. So that’s the catch. You gotta catch it from your place. Or wherever you are. 10pm MST we’re gonna stream the show live as well as film the whole thing, to later be presented as some sort of special.

 The Vat to me is like it is to many of you. It’s legendary. I’m excited to bring this raw live show to you from one of our favourite places. Please share and tell everyone you know, we’ll see ya Saturday ya bunch of beautifuls.

Here’s a little taste. Maybe you’ll hear “No Love” performed live Saturday night

P.s. the venue will be closed during the performance with no patrons and or anyone other than the required personnel for the show and will comply with all AHS regulations for the safety of all involved. Physical distancing will be adhered to.


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