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Edmonton Police Service

Violent offender released in Edmonton area


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picture of Matthew Powder

Public information and warning: Violent offender released

from Edmonton Police Service:

For Immediate Release: 27-Jul-2019 @ 12:00 PM
MRU #: HR19R012

In the interest of public safety, the Edmonton Police Service is issuing the following warning; Matthew Marty Powder is a convicted violent offender and the Edmonton Police Service has reasonable grounds to believe he is a risk of significant harm to the public and will commit another violent offence against someone while in the community.

Powder will be residing in the Edmonton area. The Edmonton Police Service is seeking a recognizance order on Powder and he will be monitored by the Behavioural Assessment Unit of the Edmonton Police Service.

Powder has a history of violent offences causing bodily harm to both male and female victims, known and unknown to him, in addition to using weapons while committing the offences.  Powder’s risk for violence increases significantly while under the influence of any intoxicants.

Powder has been placed on a series of court ordered conditions including:

  • He must abide by a curfew of 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. daily.
  • He shall not purchase, possess or consume any alcoholic beverages. He shall not consume or possess any drug listed in the schedules of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act including cannabis, any prescription drugs not prescribed to him, or any other intoxicating substances.
  • He shall not be in any licensed premises other than a dining room for the sole purpose of having a meal.  He shall not attend at any liquor store.
  • He shall not possess any drug paraphernalia such as crack or marijuana pipes, self-made pipes of any kind, e-cigarettes, bongs, water pipes, cigarette papers, or syringes.
  • He must not travel out of the City of Edmonton without written approval of his Supervisor or the Provincial Court of Alberta.
  • He must not be in possession of weapons of any kind, including knives (except in his residence or at a restaurant for the sole purpose of consuming a meal), bear spray or dog spray, firearms, ammunition, explosive material, or any weapons whether homemade or otherwise.
  • He shall not enter into a dating, intimate, sexual relationship with any person or any friendships with females until her identity has been disclosed to his Supervisor or designate and she has been informed of his previous offending by his Supervisor.

               Anyone with any information about any potential breaches of these conditions by Powder can contact the EPS at 780-423-4567.

The Edmonton Police Service is issuing this information and warning after careful deliberation of all related issues, including privacy concerns, in the belief that it is clearly in the public interest to inform the members of the community.

Matthew Powder

Matthew Marty Powder, 47

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 190 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Members of the public are advised that the intent of this process is to enable citizens to take suitable precautionary measures. Releasing this information is NOT intended to encourage people to engage in any form of vigilante action.

This information is released under the authority of the FOIP Act, RSA 2000, C. F-25.

The information in this release is that which was verifiable prior to the release time indicated. Continued investigation and review could result in additional information or clarification.

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Police disrupt major liquor distribution network

Published on

New release submitted by The Edmonton Police Service

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has charged 10 people in relation to a major liquor distribution network investigation.

In late 2020, the EPS Focused Intervention & Apprehension Team (FIAT) initiated an investigation in response to the growing trend of liquor theft. During the investigation, a large market for stolen liquor was uncovered, along with a coordinated distribution network that was supplying the liquor to legitimate local businesses. Alongside the liquor theft, investigators also determined the individuals involved were trafficking illegal drugs and unmarked cigarettes and were in the possession of stolen property. Over the course of several months, search warrants were executed at multiple residences and businesses across the city. This resulted in the seizure of:

  • Approximately $130,000 of liquor
  • 350,000 unmarked cigarettes (approximate value of $35,000)
  • 730 fentanyl pills (approximate street value of $73,000)
  • 1.49 kg of cocaine (approximate street value of $185,000)
  • 270 Xanax pills (approximate street value of $5,400)

Photos of some of the seized items are included below



Police have since arrested and charged 10 people and are looking to arrest and charge four additional individuals. These individuals include business owners and those involved with the distribution network, and they are facing a combined total of 40 charges, including conspire to possess property obtained from crime for the purpose of trafficking over $5,000, traffic in a controlled substance, conspire to sell/distribute unstamped tobacco products, attempt to possess property obtained by crime for the purpose of trafficking over $5,000, and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

To date, the following ten individuals have been arrested and charged:

  • Steven Dahrouge, 39
  • Julien Roussel, 65
  • James Cermak, 41
  • Cara Yaremchuk, 34
  • Michael Gennaro, 51
  • John Berg, 67
  • Harkamal Singh Kahlon, 45
  • James Burns, 42,
  • Thomas Areekadan, 57
  • Raj Sony Jalarajan, 46



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Police seize more than $1.3 million in drugs and cash following an organized crime investigation

Published on

News Release from the Edmonton Police Service

The Edmonton Police Service has charged four Edmonton men and seized more than $1.3 million in drugs and cash following a 14-month organized crime investigation.

In February 2021, EPS Drug and Gang Enforcement (EDGE) Section initiated an investigation into the suspected trafficking of drugs by a group of four men.  Over the course of the investigation, search warrants were executed on three vehicles and at five residences in south and southwest Edmonton. During the searches, police seized a large quantity of cash, a variety of controlled substances, a weapon, ammunition and vehicles, including:

  • $540,000 cash
  • 6.6 kgs cocaine (approximate street value of $327,000)
  • 74 kgs benzocaine (approximate street value of $222,000)
  • 47 kgs acetaminophen (approximate street value of $142,000)
  • #$36 kgs of phenacetin (approximate street value of $109,000)
  • 429 g boric acid (approximate street value of $1,500)
  • 170 ml of GHB
  • A Kia Sorento and Dodge Journey with hidden compartments
  • A 2021 Mercedes Benz GLE
  • 50 rounds of 9 mm ammunition
  • .22 caliber firearm magazine
  • Box of .22 caliber ammunition
  • Brass knuckles
  • A large variety of items consistent with the trafficking of drugs

All four men have since been arrested and are facing numerous charges:

Nadeem Abdulgany, 38, and Mohamed Cherkaoui, 34, are each charged with commission of an offence for a criminal organization, conspiracy and possession of the proceeds of crime over $5,000.

Mahmoud Taliani, 34, and Robert Haberstock, 30, are each charged with commission of an offence for a criminal organization, conspiracy, possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of the proceeds of crime over $5,000. Haberstock is also facing an additional charge for possession of a prohibited weapon.

“As this investigation reveals, drug trafficking can unfortunately be a lucrative business that comes at the expense of our communities and those most vulnerable to the impacts of illicit drug use,” says Staff Sergeant David Paton with the EPS Drug & Gang Enforcement Section.

“By targeting organized crime groups operating in this city, we are making our communities safer, holding these groups accountable, and preventing them from preying on the vulnerable.”

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