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KARI SKELTON: Layering – Leopard Fleece Pullover


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KARI SKELTON: Layering – Leopard Fleece Pullover

We love bringing new people into our world, and learning more about theirs. For instance, meet Edmonton’s Kari Skelton. A former radio host and now a fashion and lifestyle blogger with a focus on family, motherhood, parenting, and style.

“…Whether its fashion, fun, or family, we’re all looking for ways to make the most of our endeavours…”


Shop my leopard fleece pullover, a few amazing teddy and faux fur coats, and my new Mala necklace! 

Oh my goodness- what a week! We’ve been doing a ton of home projects including revamping Wyatt’s room to a big boy space-themed room! It was so much fun to create and his reaction was priceless. You can watch it under the ‘Our Home’ Highlight on my Instagram Story and I’ll be doing a full blog post in the new year linking all the stuff we got to put it together.

Like you, we’re also busy setting up for Christmas. We’ve got the outdoor lights up, our Copper Farmer’s Wreath is hanging (check out my last blog post: How To Keep Your Holiday Wreath Fresh), and the tree is being decorated this week! September to December just flies by, doesn’t it?

Leopard Fleece Pullover

This past week has been pretty snowy but warm where we live. With the weather constantly changing, I’m all about layering in this season. The pairing of this coat happened completely by accident! I threw it on over the pullover to run to my car, and when I came back inside and caught a glance in the mirror it actually worked together. Happy accident!

As soon as I saw this leopard fleece pullover at Red Ribbon Boutique I knew I had to have it. The cream bottom and collar really breaks up the leopard print nicely. It’s snuggly but still light enough to layer. Shop it here.

Click below to read the rest of Kari’s story.


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In Kari’s words:

“..Twenty-five years ago, way before this project existed, I’d have invited you to hang out in my tree house. That’s where my friends and I gathered almost every day to plan adventures, make new discoveries, and chat about things we loved.
That’s the idea behind this online community. Whether its fashion, fun, or family, we’re all looking for ways to make the most of our endeavours. The best way to do that is sharing ideas and experiences. Some of my posts are style-related, some focus on adventures in parenting my toddler Wyatt, and some shine light on the rest of my world – including my husband Ryan and our pup Moses. Here, you can read about what works best for me and my family. I invite you to leave a comment or two on what works best for you and yours. My goal is to learn something new every day…”  Kari Skelton


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The ultimate penalty for package thieves – A hilarious Christmas story of revenge

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You may be familiar with Mark Rober. Mark is an engineer who loves to put his profession to work for him in curious and extremely entertaining ways.  His video called Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder has been watched more than 53 Million times!

Well here’s a new video and the timing is perfect.  Considering the combination of COVID19 and online Christmas shopping, package thieves are undoubtedly busier than ever.   A couple of years ago the creator of this video had a package stolen from his front step and when there was nothing police could do about it, he decided to take his revenge and do his part to decrease the practice of poaching packages.

For anyone who has had a package stolen from their step, here’s your revenge!  Mark admits it’s a bit petty, but his overall goal is to steer people away from making poor decision.  Take a few minutes to enjoy Mark’s amazing work.

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