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Todayville provides a growing reach in Edmonton and surrounding area. With hundreds of thousands of pageviews each month, we offer access to a growing local online community.

You’re “one click away” from a new client! Your advertising dollars help you reach new customers and at the same time, you are supporting a local business.

Our ads are effective and well-priced and deliver solid CTR’s. As a business, it’s critical to tell your story too! We offer brand journalism options including video to help you tell your story in a clear, concise and informative manner.

We also offer campaigns priced on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis.

Need ad design? We do that too and offer discounted rates when combined with an advertising buy. See our Todayville rate sheet below. We offer discounts on long term and multi-position ads.

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Todayville generates thousands of page views each day.  As an advertising partner, you can take advantage of this activity!

Storytelling is critical for your marketing today. As former journalists and media producers, we know how to craft good stories.  From advertising to brand journalism to event promotion, we can help you. Let us create custom, shareable content to help you attract new customers in Alberta and beyond. We specialize in video storytelling.

Here’s a bit about our users: Users skew slightly female (52% Female – 48% Male) and reach across all adult demos:
25-34 -21%
35-44 -20%
45-54 -19%
55-65 -18%
other – 22%

Their top affinities include:
News & Politics, travel and automotive, shopping and value, food, hobbies, along with sports and fitness

Here’s another cool thing… Todayville is unique in that as a business member, you can publish your own content directly to our site.  Or, because you’re busy running your business, let us help you.

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