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Central Alberta

Local artist records original song for Remembrance Day with video showcasing Red Deer’s military history


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Editor’s note: This article was published in 2020.  It was extremely popular in the Central Alberta region so we wanted to circulate it again this year, now even more poignant with the war in Ukraine. The video uses many images that are familiar to Central Albertans and pays tribute to Central Alberta soldiers who have deployed internationally over the years. 

This spring, a singer and songwriter friend of mine from Red Deer, Shelly Dion, came to me with a song idea that had, in her words, been “knocking around in my head for the past 30 years”. She said that she really wanted to pay her respects to the people who sacrificed their lives and livelihoods to go to war.

The song is called “Lay Me Down”, and it’s a very fitting song for this time of year. We decided to get together and record a simple version of the song.  Then I sent her off to see musical wizard, Red Deer’s Heath West of Medodius Design.  Heath came up with some excellent improvements and we recorded it in his studio this fall.

As Honorary Colonel of 41 Signal Regiment in Alberta, I’m always looking for opportunities to promote the military, our Regiment’s members, and of course at this time of year, to acknowledge the sacrifice made by the men and women who serve in the Canadian Armed Forces. “Lay Me Down” hit all the right notes.

With some help from Counsellor Michael Dawe, long-time archivist for the City of Red Deer, I gained access to some wonderful historic photos that helped me to tell some of the stories of Red Deer’s military history. At the same time, I wanted to help the members of our Regiment honour the many local members who have volunteered to put their lives and careers on hold to deploy internationally to places like Afghanistan, Golan Heights, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and more recently Ukraine and Latvia. This project allowed me to both profiles some local history and recognize our more modern history. Thanks to WO Drew Adkins of 41 Signal Regiment for his help in coordinating photos from our wall of fame inside Cormack Armoury.

The above video is the result. Take some time to learn about our local military history. Do you know who Cormack Armoury is named after? You’ll also learn about local members of 41 Signal Regiment (2 Sqn), many of whom actively serve in the Armed Forces today. You may even know some of them as neighbours, friends, and co-workers.  Please take a moment to acknowledge their service, and on November 11th, attend a service, and at the very least, take a moment at 11 AM to be silent and consider how lucky we are to be at peace in our country.

“Lay Me Down” is written and performed by Shelly Dion and produced and engineered by Heath West. Musicians: Bagpipes Glenn MacLeod, acoustic guitar Heath West, electric guitars Lloyd Lewis, drums Phil Liska, Bass Doug Gagnon.

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President Todayville Inc., Honorary Colonel 41 Signal Regiment, Board Member Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Award Foundation, Director Canadian Forces Liaison Council (Alberta) musician, photographer, former VP/GM CTV Edmonton.

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Eat. Drink. Think. Local. Even in Lockdown, with Bo’s Bar & Stage!

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Bo’s Bar & Stage and Everything else too? Yep!

Really a bit of everything and the best part is, ALL local. With the 2nd round of lockdown swinging into full effect, this Red Deer establishment is turning it up to 11 and going full out to support the small biz and indie arts community.

Effective now, you can pick up so many cool things at Bo’s Bar & Stage or should we say Bo’s Quality Provision Retail Space? What an awesome idea and a great way to support local. Walking the walk as their slogan is after all  “Eat. Think. Drink. LOCAL.” So here’s the thing. Not only can you order amazing food that’s handcrafted in the Bo’s Kitchen allowing you to take the night off from cooking for yourself or the fam, You can grab some incredibly unique gifts all while supporting a community of small biz and indie arts too. How cool?

Didn’t think it could actually be any better than that? “Wrong,” (in the voice of Charlie Murphy while telling stories about Rick James on Chappelle’s Show, RIP Charlie) it does get better! As of the last few days AGLC has revised certain regulations allowing “To Go and Delivery” mixed drinks and cocktails in an attempt to support “Licensees” during these evolving times. Yes that means you can order your favourite drinks and enjoy them at home. Wow, what a time to be alive.

It’s official, whether it be take-out food, drinks, that cool Christmas gift or just to treat yourself, Bo’s is a must stop for your lockdown needs. Lets be honest, nobody wants to be in a lockdown. At least we can be thankful that establishments like Bo’s exist to support Local. So much local to choose from in one really cool spot.

***All photos from Bo’s Facebook page

Bo’s Facebook Pg
Bo’s Bar & Stage – YouTube


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Chatting about music and life with performances on hand crafted Gilmore Guitars.

Join David Gilmore as he welcomes guests into the studio to discuss life and everything in between, while enjoying the sounds of the magical handcrafted guitars off the showroom wall.


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may, 2024

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