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Central Alberta

Craft Beer Commonwealth a unique new Central Alberta brewery to open at Gasoline Alley Farmers Market


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From the Craft Beer Commonwealth



Red Deer County’s newest brewery has been built from the ground up to be a truly local, collaborative showcase of the Central Alberta beer scene. A joint venture between Lacombe’s Blindman Brewing, Red Deer County’s Red Hart Brewing, and Penhold’s Red Shed Malting, Craft Beer Commonwealth will be opening in late December in the new Gasoline Alley Farmers’ Market. The ground-breaking partnership between farmers and brewers offers a true farm-to-glass experience for beer lovers who want to support Central Alberta’s agricultural roots.

Craft Beer Commonwealth lives up to its namesake with a focus on cooperation. It will not only feature beers made in its own facility in the year-round famers’ market, but there will be selections from every brewery in Central Alberta on rotation. In fact, Commonwealth’s first beer – Landlock Ale – is a joint effort between each and every Central Alberta brewery, using only ingredients grown within 10 kilometers of Red Deer!

“Local is sometimes a bit of a buzz word, but now more than ever it really means something,” says Daelyn Hamill of Red Shed Malting. “This beer is a cooperative effort between multiple local businesses. It supports the local economy, helps Alberta farmers and is a great beer to celebrate harvest!”

The brand-new recipe redefines the pale ale style with a golden hue and resinous pine flavours evoking Alberta’s fields, parkland, and mountains. “Landlock Ale is Central Alberta’s beer,” says Ben Smithson, General Manager of Commonwealth. “Not only will it be available at the Commonwealth, but it’ll be on tap at all the local breweries.”

Breweries around the world have long been using Central Alberta’s famous malt barley in their recipes for good reason: this is one of the top barley-growing regions on the planet. Recently, Alberta-grown hops have also been making a big impression in the brewing industry. It is no wonder that Central Alberta has more craft breweries per capita than anywhere else in the Province. Craft Beer Commonwealth’s mission is to showcase the region’s growing beer prowess to locals and visitors alike. When the founders heard about the new year-round farmers’ market opening in Gasoline Alley, they knew it was the perfect location for the new brewery.

Ben Smithson, General Manager of Craft Beer Commonwealth

Ben Smithson, General Manager of Craft Beer Commonwealth

“Great beer requires great raw ingredients, so you have to keep a close connection to the farming community,” says Hans Doef of Blindman Brewing. “It is so fitting that we are opening in a farmers’ market.”

In fact, Gasoline Alley Farmers’ Market is Alberta Agriculture certified – which means that at minimum 80% of the product in the market must be locally produced. Commonwealth’s hyper-local focus helps the market meet that standard. The first functional brewery within an Alberta farmers’ market, Commonwealth will be joining a number of food vendors in the ‘Market Kitchen’ area which offers a family-friendly dining area, a large patio, and a large event space overlooking the whole market. Commonwealth will eventually be hosting corporate parties, weddings, small concerts, and meetings in that space once COVID restrictions are lifted. For now, the Market Kitchen food and beverage vendors will be open extended hours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Background Information

  • Craft Beer Commonwealth is the result of a ground-breaking collaboration between Red Deer’s Red Hart Brewing, Lacombe’s Blindman Brewing, and Red Deer County’s Red Shed Malting. Their shared vision is to unify and showcase the thriving Central Alberta craft beer community by brewing beer featuring local expertise and ingredients.
  • Craft Beer Commonwealth’s taphouse is located within Gasoline Alley Farmers’ Market and features beverages on tap to be enjoyed at the market and available to take home in cans or growlers.
  • Small-batch brewing allows professional and aspiring guest brewers to experiment with different techniques and styles, and to collaborate with other brewers and ingredient producers – even fellow market vendors.
  • The rotating taps showcase the quality and variety available from Central Alberta’s finest local breweries and wineries.
  • Craft Beer Commonwealth also serves espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos made with coffee roasted right onsite at the market by Birdy Coffee Co.
  • With a large variety of local vendors and kitchens in the market, food-parings are a special part of the commonwealth experience.
  • An exciting private function space overlooking the market is available for holiday parties, corporate meetings, weddings, and other events.
  • The atmosphere is lively, family friendly and will often include live entertainment and performances during market opening hours.
  • Operating hours: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from early until late.



Eat. Drink. Think. Local. Even in Lockdown, with Bo’s Bar & Stage!

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Bo’s Bar & Stage and Everything else too? Yep!

Really a bit of everything and the best part is, ALL local. With the 2nd round of lockdown swinging into full effect, this Red Deer establishment is turning it up to 11 and going full out to support the small biz and indie arts community.

Effective now, you can pick up so many cool things at Bo’s Bar & Stage or should we say Bo’s Quality Provision Retail Space? What an awesome idea and a great way to support local. Walking the walk as their slogan is after all  “Eat. Think. Drink. LOCAL.” So here’s the thing. Not only can you order amazing food that’s handcrafted in the Bo’s Kitchen allowing you to take the night off from cooking for yourself or the fam, You can grab some incredibly unique gifts all while supporting a community of small biz and indie arts too. How cool?

Didn’t think it could actually be any better than that? “Wrong,” (in the voice of Charlie Murphy while telling stories about Rick James on Chappelle’s Show, RIP Charlie) it does get better! As of the last few days AGLC has revised certain regulations allowing “To Go and Delivery” mixed drinks and cocktails in an attempt to support “Licensees” during these evolving times. Yes that means you can order your favourite drinks and enjoy them at home. Wow, what a time to be alive.

It’s official, whether it be take-out food, drinks, that cool Christmas gift or just to treat yourself, Bo’s is a must stop for your lockdown needs. Lets be honest, nobody wants to be in a lockdown. At least we can be thankful that establishments like Bo’s exist to support Local. So much local to choose from in one really cool spot.

***All photos from Bo’s Facebook page

Bo’s Facebook Pg
Bo’s Bar & Stage – YouTube


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Chatting about music and life with performances on hand crafted Gilmore Guitars.

Join David Gilmore as he welcomes guests into the studio to discuss life and everything in between, while enjoying the sounds of the magical handcrafted guitars off the showroom wall.


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