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RCMP Warn Of Interac Refund Email Scam


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Whether it’s an unwanted phone call or email, it’s hard to avoid encounters with potential scammers in today’s world. With this in mind, RCMP in Stettler say there’s another scam people should be aware of. It’s called the Interac Refund Email Scam. Here’s the information Mounties are providing at this point:

“Stettler RCMP has become aware of a ‘new’ scam involving personal email. A recipient will receive an email that will appear to come directly from Interac advising of a refund owed back to the recipient and provide a deadline to receive the money.
It is recommended that if you’re not expecting any type of money transfer via Interac E-Transfer to do the following:
  • Contact the ‘refunder’ directly through another medium (ie. phone, a different email account or attend in person if possible)
  • Do not open any attachments in the email
  • Do not click any links attached to the email
  • Do not provide any personal details via email in a response
Although there are a variety of scams targeting people via email/regular mail/phone, the following are some commonalities to be aware of:
  • They often involve a sense of urgency (ie. a deadline, an emergency or expiration date). This is intended to get the victim to act without thinking things through or conducing their own research into the subject matter.
  • It is often disguised as something legitimate, but will vary from how the legitimate institute typically operates. (ie. An email scam stating that CRA is sending the police to collect on an outstanding tax bill – the police don’t act in this capacity and CRA sends their correspondence through the mail, not email).
  • The item being offered seems too good to be true. (ie. The Stars Lottery email scam where the victim is told they’ve won a significant prize but needs to pay in order to receive it).”

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Conservative party disqualifies Patrick Brown from leadership race

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OTTAWA — The Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership election organizing committee says it has disqualified candidate Patrick Brown from the race to replace Erin O’Toole in the top job.

Election committee chair Ian Brodie says in a statement the party became aware of “serious allegations of wrongdoing” by Brown’s campaign that appear to violate financing rules in the Canada Elections Act.

The statement did not provide further details on the allegations and the Brown campaign was not immediately available for comment.

Brodie says the chief returning officer informed Brown of its concerns and requested a written response, deciding to withhold the interim membership list from his campaign. 

He says the response from Brown’s campaign did not satisfy the concerns and the chief returning officer recommended the leadership election organizing committee disqualify him, which it opted to do.  

Brodie says the party will be sharing what it has with Elections Canada and not be commenting further. 

He says in his statement both he and the party’s chief returning officer did their best to be fair to Brown and provide time to refute the allegations.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 5, 2022.

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CP NewsAlert: AFN rejects resolution calling for Chief Archibald's suspension

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VANCOUVER — An emergency resolution before the Assembly of First Nations to reaffirm the suspension of National Chief RoseAnne Archibald has failed.

The resolution says Archibald disclosed confidential information about the complaints against her, compromising the integrity of the assembly’s complaint process.

The vote needed 60 per cent of eligible delegates for approval, but the resolution was defeated.

More coming.

The Canadian Press

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