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Quadriplegic man dies via euthanasia after developing bed sores waiting at Quebec hospital


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66-year-old Quebec man Normand Meunier who died via euthanasia after a 4-day hospital stay left him with severe bed sores

From LifeSiteNews

By  Clare Marie Merkowsky

‘I don’t want to be a burden,’ the 66-year-old man said prior to his death after he developed bed sores due to a lack of specialized care at a hospital in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec.

A quadriplegic man in Quebec was killed via euthanasia after he developed severe bed sores while waiting in a hospital for an extended period of time. 

On March 29, Normand Meunier, a 66-year-old quadriplegic man in Quebec, was euthanized in his home after developing bed sores due to a lack of specialized care at the hospital in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, according to a report by Radio-Canada. 

“I don’t want to be a burden. At any rate, the medical opinions say I won’t be a burden for long; as the old folks say, it’s better to kick the can,” Meunier told Radio-Canada in an interview the day before he was killed.  

Meunier, whose arms and legs have been paralyzed since 2022 due to a spinal cord injury, went to the hospital’s intensive care for a respiratory virus. According to his partner Sylvie Brosseau, the hospital placed Meunier on a stretcher for 95 hours.  

Bosseau revealed that she asked medical staff to provide a specialized bed for Meunier but was told that the hospital would have to order one. According to the hospital, they are investigating the incident, adding that they do have beds available.

After spending four days on a hospital cot, Meunier developed bed sores and a major pressure ulcer on his buttocks, which were so severe that the muscle and bone were exposed and visible. 

While Meunier had previously experienced bedsores, he determined to end his life via Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), the euphemistic name for Canada’s euthanasia regime, rather than continue to receive treatment.  

Unfortunately, Meunier is not the first Canadians to choose MAiD after being given insufficient medical care.  

This was the case of 52-year-old Dan Quayle, a grandfather from British Columbia. On November 24, he chose to be killed via lethal injection after being unable to receive cancer treatment due to the increased wait times.  

Throughout the agonizing wait, his family “prayed he would change his mind or get an 11th-hour call that chemo had been scheduled,” but were instead told consistently by the hospital that they were “backlogged.”  

Similarly, in 2022, a Winnipeg woman wrote in her posthumously published obituary that she chose to die by assisted suicide after being refused the treatments she needed: “I could have had more time if I had more help.”     

However, instead of supporting the healthcare system to prevent Canadians from taking their own lives, the Trudeau government is working to expand access to MAiD by loosening its requirements. 

On March 9, 2024, MAiD was set to expand to include those suffering solely from mental illness. This is a result of the 2021 passage of Bill C-7, which also allowed the chronically ill – not just the terminally ill – to qualify for so-called doctor-assisted death.    

After massive pushback from doctors, pro-life groups and politicians, the program’s expansion was temporarily paused until 2027.

According to Health Canada, in 2022, 13,241 Canadians died by MAiD lethal injection, which is 4.1 percent of all deaths in the country for that year, and a 31.2 percent increase from 2021. 

The number of Canadians killed by lethal injection since 2016 now stands at 44,958.  

Red Deer

2024 Hospital Lottery presents major prizes

Published on

Officials from the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation have presented the top prize for the 2024 Red Deer Hospital Lottery.

The Grand Prize Dream Home package is valued at $1,072,624, including furnishings by Urban Barn. The key was presented to the winner, Maxine Rumohr of Sylvan Lake.

When informed that she was the grand prize winner, Rumohr said winning the home is a “dream come true.”

“This is a nice dream that I hope I don’t wake up from,” said Rumohr when she heard the news.

The bungalow by Sorento Custom Homes features 2,796 sq ft of finished living space and has four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a large, covered deck with vaulted ceilings. Among its features are a large primary suite with ensuite and soaking tub, a basement entertainment area, a walk-in butler’s pantry, main floor laundry, and a stone clad gas

Manon Therriault, Foundation CEO, expressed appreciation at the prize presentation. “We are incredibly grateful to the hardworking team at Sorento Custom Homes for bringing us a truly breathtaking Dream Home again this year,” Therriault said, speaking of the Red Deer Hospital Lottery’s biggest supporter. “Enormous thanks as well to our dedicated volunteers. All of Central Alberta benefits from the dedication of this tireless group of individuals who give so generously of their time each year.”

This year’s proceeds from the Hospital Lottery and Mega Bucks 50 will provide funding for critically needed equipment for several units at Red Deer Hospital.

Other prize winners present included Carolyn Pelerine of Cochrane, Alberta, who walked away with the $303,600 Mega Bucks 50 prize, as well as the winner of the Tree Hugger Tiny Home prize package valued at $163,798, Mary Vincent of Red Deer.

Red Deer Hospital Lottery 2024 Winners Fact Sheet

– 26th year of the lottery
– Built by award-winning Sorento Custom Homes
– Valued at $1,072,624
– Located at 16 Emmett Crescent, Red Deer
– Bungalow with 2,796 square feet of finished living space, four bedrooms, 2.5 baths
– Winner: Maxine Rumohr of Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Tree Hugger Tiny Home Prize – (includes accessories from Urban Barn)
– Valued at $163,798
– Winner: Mary Vincent of Red Deer, Alberta

Mega Bucks 50
– 50/50 raffle – Total jackpot of $607,200
– Winner of $303,600: Carolyn Pelerine of Cochrane, Alberta

Early Bird Prize
– $20,000 CASH
– Drawn May 16, 2024 at 2:00 pm
– Winner: Frieda Doz of Edmonton, Alberta

Second Chance Early Bird Draw
– $10,000 CASH
– Drawn June 6, 2024 at 2:00 pm
– Winner: Wendy Howe of Castor, Alberta

Additional Prizes
– Total value of all prizes was over $1.29 million, including dream home and tiny home
– Prizes included
o Cuisinart air fryer and Barista coffee maker (6), GoPro HERO 12 (5), Asus Vivobook Flip 14” laptop (10), DJI Mini 2SE Drone Flycam (4), Dyson V8 cordless stick vacuum (10), Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC power bank (5)

– Proceeds from Red Deer Hospital Lottery and Mega Bucks 50 contribute to acquiring critically needed, state-of-the-art equipment in several units at the Red Deer Hospital. This year’s lottery will fund equipment like a phototherapy system to allow parents to hold and soothe their infant while undergoing phototherapy, a cardiology case cart to monitor cardiac rhythms during stress testing, and other equipment to provide excellent care for patients at the Red Deer Hospital.

About Red Deer Regional Health Foundation

The Red Deer Regional Health Foundation is a fundraising organization for Alberta Health Services Central Zone, with a mandate to raise and disburse funds for programs, services, and the purchase of medical equipment.

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Alberta Premier Danielle Smith promises bill protecting rights to refuse vaccines is coming

Published on

From LifeSiteNews

By Anthony Murdoch

The plan is to introduce an amended Bill of Rights this fall that includes protections for individuals’ personal medical decisions.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has promised that the province’s Bill of Rights will be amended this fall so that there are protections added for people’s personal medical decisions that most likely will include one having the right to refuse a vaccine.

Smith’s promise to add protections for personal choice on vaccinations comes because of the COVID jab mandates put in place for a time in Alberta under former Premier Jason Kenney.

Speaking to Albertans at a recent town hall in Bonnyville, Smith said that the COVID crisis resulted in many people being discriminated against for their own medical decisions and that “it shouldn’t have happened.”

Smith, who leads the United Conservative Party (UCP), said that she believes “every person has to be able to do their own assessment, their own health assessment, to be able to make those decisions.”

The original plan by Smith was to add protections for one’s vaccine status directly Alberta Human Rights Act (AHRA). However, this plan was nixed after she was advised by Public Health Emergencies Governance Review Panel chair Preston Manning that this was not the right legislation for an additional protection.

Instead, Smith promised that a better “law” dealing directly with vaccine status will be forthcoming.

On Monday, Smith confirmed on X that an updated version of the Bill of Rights is coming.

“It’s time. Let’s get this done,” she wrote.

Last year, Smith, as reported by LifeSiteNews, promised to enshrine into “law” protections for people in her province who choose not to be vaccinated as well as strengthen gun rights and safeguard free speech by beefing up the provincial Bill of Rights.

On Smith’s first day on the job and only minutes after being sworn in, she said that during the COVID years the “unvaccinated” were the “most discriminated against” group of people in her lifetime.

She took over from Kenney as leader of the UCP on October 11, 2022, after winning the party leadership. The UCP then won a general election in May 2023. Kenney was ousted due to low approval ratings and for reneging on promises not to lock Alberta down during COVID.

Smith promptly fired the province’s top doctor, Deena Hinshaw, and the entire Alberta Health Services board of directors, all of whom oversaw the implementation of COVID mandates.

Under Kenney, thousands of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare and government workers lost their jobs for choosing to not get the jabs.

While Smith has not said much regarding the COVID shots since taking office, she has allowed her caucus members to have broad views when it comes to known safety issues related to the jabs.

UCP MLA Eric Bouchard hosted a sold-out event titled “An Injection of Truth” that featured prominent doctors and experts speaking out against COVID vaccines and mandates.

“Injection of Truth” included well-known speakers critical of COVID mandates and the shots, including Dr. Byram BridleDr. William Makis, canceled doctor Mark Trozzi and pediatric neurologist Eric Payne.

The COVID shots were heavily promoted by the federal government and all provincial governments in Canada, with the Alberta government under Kenney being no exception.

The mRNA shots have been linked to a multitude of negative and often severe side effects in children.

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