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Foreign interference investigation leading toward public inquiry as Poilievre asks “When did he know?”


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By the time Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Special Rapporteur reports to Parliament in several months, David Johnston’s advice may be moot.  Calls for a full public inquiry into foreign interference are heating up and questions are going beyond which MP’s Chinese operators may have funded.
This week Global News is reporting that two “national security” sources say former Liberal MP Han Dong met with the Chinese Consulate in February of 2021.  In that meeting which the sources say Dong called for, the MP allegedly asked the Chinese to delay the release of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor for political purposes.
This report spilled over into Thursday’s Question Period in the House of Commons.  The opposition Conservatives have opened up an extremely troubling line of questioning for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives asked the house two dozen times to reveal  “when” the Prime Minister was informed of this request from his MP.
There’s no good answer for the government.  It’s either highly unlikely or extremely disturbing if Dong was negotiating with a foreign government without knowledge of the Prime Minister’s Office.  If the PMO was aware that would indicate Canada’s PMO directed the further imprisonment of the “The Michaels” for political purposes.
This footage from Question Period comes from the Facebook page of Pierre Poilievre
Conservatives asked 24 times today.
What did Trudeau know & when did he know it?
Open, independent, public inquiry NOW.

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