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Foreign interference investigation leading toward public inquiry as Poilievre asks “When did he know?”


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By the time Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Special Rapporteur reports to Parliament in several months, David Johnston’s advice may be moot.  Calls for a full public inquiry into foreign interference are heating up and questions are going beyond which MP’s Chinese operators may have funded.
This week Global News is reporting that two “national security” sources say former Liberal MP Han Dong met with the Chinese Consulate in February of 2021.  In that meeting which the sources say Dong called for, the MP allegedly asked the Chinese to delay the release of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor for political purposes.
This report spilled over into Thursday’s Question Period in the House of Commons.  The opposition Conservatives have opened up an extremely troubling line of questioning for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives asked the house two dozen times to reveal  “when” the Prime Minister was informed of this request from his MP.
There’s no good answer for the government.  It’s either highly unlikely or extremely disturbing if Dong was negotiating with a foreign government without knowledge of the Prime Minister’s Office.  If the PMO was aware that would indicate Canada’s PMO directed the further imprisonment of the “The Michaels” for political purposes.
This footage from Question Period comes from the Facebook page of Pierre Poilievre
Conservatives asked 24 times today.
What did Trudeau know & when did he know it?
Open, independent, public inquiry NOW.

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Obama Declines To Endorse Harris In Lengthy Statement On Biden’s Withdrawal

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From the Daily Caller News Foundation



Former President Barack Obama declined to endorse Vice President Kamala Harris on Sunday in a lengthy statement on President Joe Biden dropping out of the presidential race.

Obama praised Biden’s career and time in office as president, and called him “a patriot of the highest order” following the former vice president’s decision to bow out of the 2024 presidential race.

Shortly after announcing he would not seek the Democratic nomination, Biden endorsed Harris. But rather than endorsing Harris, Obama wrote that he was confident Democratic leadership would “create a process from which an outstanding nominee emerges” at the upcoming Democratic National Committee convention in Chicago next month.

“I believe that Joe Biden’s vision of a generous, prosperous, and united America that provides opportunity for everyone will be on full display at the Democratic Convention in August. And I expect that every single one of us are prepared to carry that message of hope and progress forward into November and beyond,” Obama said.

“We will be navigating uncharted waters in the days ahead. But I have extraordinary confidence that the leaders of our party will be able to create a process from which an outstanding nominee emerges,” Obama continued. “I believe that Joe Biden’s vision of a generous, prosperous, and united America that provides opportunity for everyone will be on full display at the Democratic Convention in August. And I expect that every single one of us are prepared to carry that message of hope and progress forward into November and beyond,” Obama said.

Obama said Biden’s decision to withdraw from the race exemplified his former vice president’s love for the country.

“For him to look at the political landscape and decide that he should pass the torch to a new nominee is surely one of the toughest in his life. But I know he wouldn’t make this decision unless he believed it was right for America,” Obama wrote. “It’s a testament to Joe Biden’s love of country — and a historic example of a genuine public servant once again putting the interests of the American people ahead of his own that future generations of leaders will do well to follow.”

The statement from the former president came shortly after both former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton announced they would be throwing their support behind Harris.

“We join millions of Americans in thanking President Biden for all he has accomplished, standing up for America time and again, with his North Star always being what’s best for the country. We are honored to join the President in endorsing Vice President Harris and will do whatever we can to support her,” the couple said in a joint statement on X.

Biden released his announcement to drop from the 2024 race Sunday afternoon on X, posting a letter in which he expressed his belief that it would be best for the Democratic Party and the country for him to “stand down and to focus solely on fulfilling my duties as president for the remainder of my term.” The president’s withdrawal comes after weeks of a steady trickle of Democratic lawmakers publicly urging him to step down.

Despite the concerns from his party, Biden and his team had insisted for weeks that he would stay in the race, despite reports indicating that major Democratic donors would pause contributions totaling an estimated $90 million to the largest pro-Biden super PAC if he remained the nominee.

Endorsements for Harris have rolled through from party lawmakers since the announcement, but some have proposed a “mini primary process” to select a nominee ahead of the Democratic convention in August.

(Featured image credit: Screen Capture/CSPAN)

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‘A Lot Of Chaos’: Former Harris Campaign Co-Chair Expresses Excitement As Biden Passes The Torch

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From the Daily Caller News Foundation



A former co-chair for Kamala Harris’ 2020 primary campaign expressed his excitement about the vice president potentially stepping in as the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee on Sunday.

CNN political commentator Bakari Sellers appeared on “CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield” to discuss Biden’s decision to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race and endorse Vice President Kamala Harris. As the CNN commentator called the announcement from Biden “extraordinary” before praising the president’s political career, Sellers went on to discuss his “excitement” around Harris as the potential nominee.

“Let me just tell you, as a Democrat, somebody I was national co-chair for Kamala Harris for president. We’re so damn excited now. My phone is blowing up, is going crazy. I think there’s a lot of excitement, a lot of chaos, a lot of confusion. But at the end of the day, Democrats will have Kamala Harris and a long list of others, possible VP individuals, taking on J.D. Vance and Donald Trump and we stand a fair chance,” Sellers said.

Prior to Sellers excitement, the former Harris campaign co-chair detailed a meeting with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) last week, stating they had set “forth the rules and parameters” for the upcoming convention in August, noting all delegates will be credentialed soon.

“I think that there will be efforts in place and things in place to help ensure that the vice president of the United States is able to drop into this campaign that has already up and running [and] has cash. I think you‘re going to see a boost or a boom in donations over the next couple of days. I don‘t see this open primary that people are dreaming of, or warning of, or eliminating the entire ticket,” Sellers said.

“Last but not least, I think it‘s pretty clear to Elise Stefanik and others, my response and my retort and I expect the vice president and others to echo the same thing is that Joe Biden made it clear and conscious decision that he cannot lead the country for the next four years,” Sellers continued. “That does not mean that he cannot lead us for the next four months. He‘s been a noble leader up until this point. He will end his administration with a bang and do the work of the people for the next four months. But he made the very consequential decision that serving the next four years was something out of the realm of possibility for him to do and he wanted to turn over that to Kamala Harris.”

Biden released his withdrawal from the 2024 race within a letter posted to X (formerly known as Twitter), stating that he believes it would not only be best for the Democratic Party, but for the country if he dropped his reelection bid and instead focused on the remainder of his presidency. The announcement from the president comes after weeks of backlash from lawmakers within his own party as over 30 publicly vocalized their dissatisfaction with Biden remaining as the nominee.

However, calls from within Washington D.C. were not the only ones asking for Biden to step down from the race. A recent poll conducted by AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 7 in 10 adults, including 65% of Democrats, said Biden should withdraw from the race and allow the party to select another nominee. The dissatisfaction from Democrats over Biden jumped ten points, from 38% to 48% of Democrats no longer approving of Biden over the last month, according to the data.

While some lawmakers and influential Democrats have come forward to endorse the vice president as the next Democratic nominee, others such as former President Barack Obama have notably denied handing out an endorsement and instead called for a “process from which an outstanding nominee emerges.”

(Featured image credit: Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

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