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#EdmontonStrong features the incredible talent of @HugoSanchez


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We recently received a submission from Hugo Sanchez, and his story is fascinating. Full disclosure, Hugo gave us rights to use a number of his beautiful photos of Edmonton’s skyline on Todayville, so we were keen to help him. 

Hugo is a freelance photographer in Edmonton, and his work speaks for itself.  One of his pastimes is photographing birds. Here are a few galleries that illustrate how gifted he is.

But there’s so much more to Hugo’s story and we encourage you to read this article from the January 2020 Outside Magazine.  It’s a really well-written story that touches on Hugo’s early days as a child in the 1980’s, growing up with the horror of El Salvador’s civil war, and then follows him to Edmonton where the death of his 10 year old son sows the seeds of solace, photography, and a love of the Northern Lights.

It struck us, in reading this story, that this is a man who knows about resilience and hope. We know you will be inspired by his story.  And if you want high-quality photos shot by a ridiculously talented photographer, please get in touch with Hugo at 780-709-4360 or [email protected].  He has amazing skills, a sense of humour, and an incredible work ethic.

Here are some details about Hugo Sanchez Photography in Hugo’s own words.

Phone Number: (780)709-4360

Email Address: [email protected]

What does your business do?

I am a freelance photographer. I photograph events, weddings, family photos, wildlife, landscape and northern lights.

How has COVID-19 affected you?

It has affected me immensely, since all events are cancelled. every single wedding, national and provincial parks are closed, so it’s even hard to do landscape and wildlife photography. Elk Island, my favourite place, is closed till further notice.

What are you doing to adapt?

Right now the only photography I can do is bird photography, because i can drive rural roads where birds usually live.

What kind of help do you need?

The only way I can make money is to sell photos since there is social distancing everywhere.

What do you want the community to know?

My media name is @yeghugo and you can find me on Instagram, and Twitter. Also, Hugo Sanchez Photography on Facebook. I was recently featured in a US magazine, Outside Magazine, where they tell my life story and connection with northern lights. I have hundreds of Aurora photos including some beautiful images from Alaska. Thank you everyone for your support and stay safe, stay strong!!

Click to read more on Todayville Edmonton.

#EdmontonStrong – Hannah Deacon offers advice on staying healthy and positive

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Local producer brings together some of Edmonton’s best musical artists to take on the challenge of isolation and music

Published on

June 26th, 2020

I’ve long been a fan of RJ Cui.

We met years ago – he doing something amazing in the community – promoting good causes using his talents in music and video, to engage and create good…. literally everywhere – me, running a TV station and being admittedly jealous of his ability to do first rate production work, both music and video.  And he and his equally-talented wife Rowena Manansala owned their own company, Planit Sound, and appeared to really be living their best lives in video production and music recording.

It was apparent that RJ and his team did really good work. Innovative and engaging campaigns like this one that I was fortunate enough to be a part of, were coming out of their shop with some regularity.

But I didn’t become aware of RJ’s musical history until he was chosen as one of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 under 40 in 2010.  There I learned about his band, Darkson Tribe and that they had toured Asia a few times, played in front of some big audiences at the X Games in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

So, it was with some interest that I listened when RJ told about a project he’d done recently with a group of award-winning Edmonton musicians, singers, and songwriters.  They created the song “Feel This” while being completely isolated. Turn it up and have a listen – and celebrate these amazing local artists.

Josh Classen from “Feel This”

Even if you’re not a local music officianado, you’ll recognize this guy … long a rhymer of words, meteorologist and deliverer of weather and song, Josh Classen makes a substantial contribution to this effort.

“We will rebuild, but how long ‘till we get back in the streets and how many people killed…hands up for the workers on the front lines” Lyrics by Josh Classen AKA joc.

The news release says this:

Covid-19 changed the lives of Edmontonians in a way we will never forget.  In the middle of this global pandemic, 8 local award-winning art ists found strength in isolation and brought inspiration to the community in the only way they knew how: Music.

Across the globe, people have turned to music to bridge the space between social distancing and songs have been the sounds of consolation for communities to keep us from feeling alone. In April, 8 local artists decided that they would collaborate by creating an original song and music video that reflected what they were feeling during this global pandemic in an effort to fill our Edmonton streets with the powerfully uniting sound of music.

The musical score, lyric writing, and recording of each artist’s verse were all produced while each person was completely self isolated.  Each artist utilized their own home recording studios, sending their “scratch vocals” to PlanIt Studios (RJ and Rowena’s studio) for final editing, mixing and mastering.

The music video was shot while social distancing at the PlanIt Studios, one artist at a time.

“I choose to be prepared but I don’t let it rule my mind, little 7 year olds with fear in their eyes.” Lyrics by K-Riz

“I ain’t used to driving around, nobody downtown, in the middle of the street as I’m pulling the camera out” Lyrics by Video Director / Artist R.J. Cui AKA Jing

The song is called “Feel This” by YEG Collective Artists:

Josh Classen AKA joc

Terrell Edwards



Riwo: lead singer of Melafrique


Deuce Fantastick

Jing (Artist and Video Director from PlanIt Sound Inc.)

“Feel This” by YEG Collective Artists song and music video is available on music streaming platforms everywhere.


Read more on Todayville Edmonton.

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Two friends are bringing the world together one beer at a time.

Published on

Post from CBS News

“Black or white, relax and have a beer”: These best friends had a simple idea.

So, they put up a few signs and it started a movement in their community.

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Best friends of different races invite community for conversation and brew – and a surprising star shows up

"Black or white, relax and have a beer": These best friends had a simple idea. So, they put up a few signs and it started a movement in their community.

Posted by CBS News on Thursday, June 11, 2020

Red Deer Citizen of the Year Terry Loewen calls ‘defunding the police’ one of the most dangerous ideas yet

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