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Edmonton Humane Society Feature Pet Showcase: Meet Angus!


We’re huge animal lovers here at Todayville Edmonton and we always want to do what we can to help the fantastic organizations in our city that are working to ensure the animals who need it receive compassionate care and humane treatment.

So we’ve teamed up with the Edmonton Humane Society and we’ll be regularly showcasing some of their adoptable animals who have yet to find their forever homes!

Every animal had unique needs, so be sure to read the details about the pet carefully. If they seem like they would be a good addition to your home, first read up on the adoption process, then get in touch with the great folks at the Edmonton Humane Society at 780-491-3500.

And with that, meet Angus!


This is Angus, the Grade ‘A’ Chief Beef! Angus is large and ready to roll! He’s neutered, 5 years and 6 months old and is hoping for a fun home where he can freely roam and graze on plenty of food. Angus would love to attend Basic Obedience with his new family.

Important note:
Household age restriction. No cats, small animals or small dogs.

Angus was surrendered to the Humane Society by his owner, who reported him to:

-Have prey drive towards cats and small animals
-Growl at strangers visiting home
-Growl at some dogs
-Growl when removed from sofa and for grooming
-Growl at children
-Be very playful
-Know sit and stay commands

Since Angus has been at the shelter, behaviours observed by staff include:

-Defensive barking at strangers
-Being initially fearful in novel scenarios
-Being interested in other dogs, but intolerant of bouncy highly excitable interactions
-being social with familiar handlers
-Resource guarding treats from volunteers*

Definition– Resource guarding refers to a dog displaying behavior (growling, snapping, etc.) intended to convince other dogs or humans to stay away from a particular treasure or “resource.” The resource can be food, treats, toys, a place (a bed or favorite chair), or occasionally a person. Resource guarding can be discouraged by trading resources for higher value items in order to create a positive association with approaching valued resources.

Continued socialization is recommended to help Angus generalize and positive reinforcement training to counter-condition fear-based behaviours; it would be best to reward him for confident behaviours when introduced to strangers and other novel stimuli. We also recommend “The Cautious Canine” by Patricia McConnell for further information on living with a fearful dog and Edmonton Humane Society classes such as Creating Courageous Canines to build confidence.
It would be best to ensure that Angus has a quiet, calm space to be when loud noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks occur. Relaxation aids such as ThunderShirts, darkening blinds, calming music would help with this.

Owners should learn to interrupt and redirect/counter-condition unwanted behaviours such as prey drive and barrier reactivity. The Edmonton Humane Society class Basic Obedience would be ideal for establishing a bond and teaching Angus basic cues. Angus needs ample exercise as well as mental stimulation such as clicker training and puzzle feeders to provide challenges and help him cope with boredom. Edmonton Humane Society classes such as Brain Busters and further training such as dog sports or nose work  would be great for Angus’s mental exercise. Good to know: Adopters can receive a 10% discount on group training classes offered through the Edmonton Humane Society within three months of their dog’s adoption date!

Click here to learn more about the adoption process at the Edmonton Humane Society.


From April 16th to 30th, all adult (over 6 months) cat and dog adoption fees will be $100* off the regular price, and senior (7+ years) cat and dog adoption fees will be $50* off the regular price.

There’s no better treat these adorable adoptables could find than a forever family! Come on by the Edmonton Humane Society and meet your next furry friend today.

Click here to see adoption hours.


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“Toast of the Town” honours former Oiler Barrie Stafford and helps to raise more than $600 thousand for Colon Cancer and Multiple Myeloma research



photo of Barry Stafford at Toast of the Town
Scroll down for photo galleries of this year’s event.

“I’m a lucky sonofabitch!” – Barrie Stafford

This year’s 31st Annual Day of Golf, held over the past 2 days at the Derrick Golf and Winter Club raised in excess of $600,000 for the Cure Cancer Foundation, with funds this year going to support research and patients at the Cross Cancer Institute and research into multiple myeloma and colon cancer.  In its now 31 years, the tournament has raised more than $16 million dollars.

Grant Fuhr co-hosted this year’s tournament along with Oiler royalty Glenn Anderson who has been involved since day 1.

This year, a companion event was added.  The Toast of the Town, held at Polar Park, honoured long time Oilers trainer and equipment manager Barrie Stafford. Barrie was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2011.

Stafford spoke passionately about his fight with the disease after being diagnosed in 2011.

“My whole life I’ve been a very health conscious person. I was struggling with pain, couldn’t sleep, and just wasn’t feeling right. I came face to face with my mortality and didn’t know if I was going to live or die.”

Research into multiple myeloma has extended his life dramatically.

The night had some real high points for fans of the great Oiler’s dynasty of the ’80’s.  Greeting came from Jari Kurri and Paul Coffey. Ryan Smith sent a video with some really kind words.  It was a hug from Smith that broke Stafford’s collar bone and led to him being hospitalized and diagnosed with the disease back in 2011.

Mark Messier sent a video that started simply with “Hey Staff – it’s Mess.”.  He went on to talk about the incredible influence Stafford had on him as a young player in Edmonton.

Marty McSorley entertained everyone, and drew a big laugh as he recalled getting Stafford to sharpen his skates for him when he was playing against the Oilers with LA.  Stafford said at the time “If Sather ever finds out, I’m going to get fired!”

The Great One himself, Wayne Gretzky said in note that was read out that “Barrie is not just a trainer. He’s a fan.  He’s a player.”

Speaking of his playing days, two of Stafford’s teammates from the Amarillo Wranglers where he played as a 20 year old and where he was known as a “tough guy”, were in the crowd to honour him as well.

In Alberta, there are 300 people suffering from Multiple Myeloma.  The Cure Cancer Foundation is a new organization.  Their goal is to cut as much cost from their fundraising efforts as possible, relying almost exclusively on volunteers to organize and manage the event. It’s a grassroots movement to generate funding for initiatives at the Cross Cancer Institute—including research, diagnosis, treatment and patient care

This year’s inaugural Toast of the Town  generated $110,000 of the $600,000 2-day total.

Now, onto more fun!

Once again this year, the golf tournament was a great success – held at the Derrick Golf and Winter Club in terrific weather, with great volunteers, and a whole lot of fun reconnecting with some of our hockey heroes of the past.

This year’s winners turned in an impressive -13 in the best ball format.  Congratulations to Al Sim, Craig Simpson, Terry Loewen, Duane Sokalski, and Gary Ziehr.

Al Sim, Craig Simpson, Terry Loewen, Duane Sokalski, Gary Ziehr

If you were at either the Toast of the Town or the 31st Annual Day of Golf, there is a good chance that your photo is included in the galleries below.  Please share this story and spread the word about the amazing people of our city who put so much into helping others.

These photo galleries were sponsored by The Creative Hive, a new co-working space on Edmonton’s west end featuring a large natural light studio and plenty of quirky things to make your workday special.  These photos are from yesterday’s golf tournament and were shot by Walter Tychnowicz.


Thanks again to the Creative Hive and photographer Chad Kruger for supplying this gallery of photos from Wednesday night’s Toast of the Town event.

Click any photo to open a slide show.

Click to learn more about the Cure Cancer Foundation.



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Join Culinary Team Canada for a seven-course gastronomic experience



From Edmonton Convention Centre

Join us for the ultimate gastronomic experience on October 3 with Culinary Team Canada.

Executive Chef Serge Belair & Culinary Team Canada will present a seven-course menu featuring exclusive wine pairings in support of the upcoming IKA Culinary Olympics 2020 in Stuttgart, Germany. Our very own Executive Pastry Chef Jason Wang & Sous Chef Jacob Lee will compete on this year’s team.

Show your support for Culinary Team Canada as they prepare for this prestigious competition & enjoy an evening of culinary artistry from Canada’s most accomplished professional chefs.

Tickets $150.00 (plus GST + service fees). Limited tickets available

Click to purchase tickets.

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