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WATCH: Central Alberta Ag Business Expert makes appeal on Parliament Hill for science


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When he founded Agri-Trend over 20 years ago, Rob Saik set out to educate farmers on the latest trends and influences in the Agriculture industry. Over the years Saik found it might be even more important to educate the general population.  Like everywhere else in society, over the last 20 years there have been a multitude of scientific advancements in all areas of agriculture.  From automated equipment to advances in genetics to high speed internet connection.  You might say farming has improved by leaps and bounds as more people around the world are being fed year after year.

Not surprisingly the general population has not been able to keep up with all this new information.  Many are either poorly informed about where their food comes from… or perhaps they’re misinformed altogether.

It’s all very concerning for Rob Saik.  Together with his son Nick, Rob established Know Ideas Media.  Their company creates communication around the science of agriculture. They’ve recently helped us create and launch Todayville Agriculture.  Whether it’s the latest advancement in equipment, or the latest discovery in food genetics, they want to know the truth and they want to make sure the average person has access to the correct information.

This has taken Nick and Rob near and far, interviewing specialists, speaking to groups, even hosting discussions and debates.  Over time the Saiks have become leading specialists in the science of food production.  That’s why the Federal Standing Policy Committee on Agriculture wanted to hear from Rob Saik this week in Ottawa.   He was more than eager for the opportunity to create a better understanding of what Genetically Modified foods.. actually means.  Saik took a moment to share his presentation with the public from his hotel room the morning of his appointment on Parliament Hill.

Here it is:

Here’s my testimony as a witness to the Federal Standing Policy Committee on Agriculture today regarding public perception of agriculture.

Posted by Robert Saik on Thursday, April 11, 2019

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