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Canadian generosity hits lowest point in 20 years


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From the Fraser Institute

By Jake Fuss and Grady Munro

The number of Canadians donating to charity—as a percentage of all tax filers—is at the lowest point in 20 years, finds a new study published by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

“The holiday season is a time to reflect on charitable giving, and the data shows Canadians are consistently less charitable every year, which means charities face greater challenges to secure resources to help those in need,” said Jake Fuss, director of Fiscal Studies at the Fraser Institute and co-author of Generosity in Canada: The 2023 Generosity Index.

The study finds that the percentage of Canadian tax filers donating to charity during the 2021 tax year—just 17.7 per cent—is the lowest proportion of Canadians donating since at least 2001. Canadians’ generosity peaked at 25.4 per cent of tax-filers donating in 2004, before declining in subsequent years. Nationally, the total amount donated to charity by Canadian tax filers has also fallen from 0.58 per cent of income in 2001 to 0.55 per cent of income in 2021.

The study finds that Manitoba had the highest percentage of tax filers that donated to charity among the provinces (19.7 per cent) during the 2021 tax year while New Brunswick had the lowest (15.4 per cent). Likewise, Manitoba also donated the highest percentage of its aggregate income to
charity among the provinces (0.74 per cent) while Quebec donated the lowest (0.26 per cent).

“A smaller proportion of Canadians are donating to registered charities than what we saw in previous decades, and those who are donating are donating less,” said Fuss. “This decline in generosity in Canada undoubtedly limits the ability of Canadian charities to improve the quality of life in their communities and beyond.”

Generosity of Canadian provinces and territories

  1. Province/Territory (ranking in 2023 Generosity Index)
    % of tax filers who claimed charitable donations
  2. Average dollar value of all charitable donations
  3. % of aggregate income donated to charity

Manitoba                                         19.7      $2,601      0.74
Ontario                                            18.2      $2,729      0.63
Quebec                                             17.6      $1,026      0.26
Prince Edward Island                   17.6      $1,822      0.48
British Columbia                            17.4      $3,318      0.73
Saskatchewan                                 17.3      $2,326      0.54
Alberta                                              17.1      $3,180      0.62
Nova Scotia                                     16.2      $1,788      0.43
Newfoundland and Labrador      15.7      $1,438      0.32
New Brunswick                              15.4      $1,803      0.44
Yukon                                               15.0      $1,910      0.26
Northwest Territories                   10.9      $2,301      0.21
Nunavut                                             5.4      $2,642      0.15

NOTE: Table based on 2021 tax year, the most recent year of comparable data in Canada


Jake Fuss, Director, Fiscal Studies
Fraser Institute
Grady Munro, Junior Policy Analyst
Fraser Institute


Winners announced for Red Deer Hospital Lottery

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The Red Deer Regional Health Foundation has announced the winners of the 2024 Red Deer Hospital Lottery Dream Home and Tiny Home prize packages, as well as the Mega Bucks 50.

The Mega Bucks 50 jackpot reached $607,200.00, which makes Carolyn Pelerine of Cochrane, Alberta the winner of $303,600.00.

In addition, the luxurious Tree Hugger Tiny Home Prize Package, complete with accessories by Urban Barn and valued at $163,798.00, is now owned by Mary Vincent of Red Deer.

The coveted Sorento Dream Home Prize Package, which includes furnishings and accessories by Urban Barn and boasts a total value of $1,072,624.00, has been awarded to Maxine Rumohr of Sylvan Lake.

The highly anticipated draw took place at 10:00 a.m. Thursday at the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation office, located within the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre, with an announcement following live on Facebook, allowing participants and supporters to join in the excitement virtually.

“We are delighted to congratulate the winners of this year’s Red Deer Hospital Lottery,” said Manon Therriault, Chief Executive Officer of the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation. “The funds raised from this lottery will significantly contribute to enhancing patient care and services at the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated and supported this important cause.”

Proceeds from the Red Deer Hospital Lottery and Mega Bucks 50 will contribute to acquiring critically needed, state-of-the-art equipment for several units at the Red Deer Hospital.

This year’s lottery will fund equipment such as a phototherapy system, which allows parents to hold and soothe their infant while undergoing phototherapy, a cardiology case cart to monitor cardiac rhythms during stress testing, and other equipment to help provide excellent care for patients in the emergency and operating rooms at the Red Deer Hospital.

The winners of a variety of electronics were also drawn today. A full list of winners will be available in the coming days on the official lottery website at Prize winners who have not already been notified will receive a letter in the mail with instructions on how to claim their prizes.

The keys to the Sorento Dream Home and the Tree Hugger Tiny Home will be presented to the winners at a special ceremony this summer.

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