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City of Red Deer

The masks are coming off in Red Deer!


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Reverend Leonard Gaetz Bronze

Municipal mask bylaws to expire July 1, some provincial mask restrictions to remain in place

All three of Red Deer’s face covering bylaws will expire on July 1, in line with the lifting of the provincial mask mandate.

On June 18, the Government of Alberta announced that the general indoor provincial mask mandate would be lifted on July 1, with masking still required in some specific circumstances, including public transit.

At their meeting on May 25, Red Deer City Council made the decision to expire the local face covering bylaws when the provincial mandate was lifted. As such, the following bylaws will expire on July 1:

  • Face Coverings in Indoor Public Places and Public Vehicles Bylaw 3656/B-2021 (enacted on November 23, 2020)
  • Face Coverings in City Civic Facilities 3657/B-2021 (enacted on November 23, 2020)
  • Transit Face Covering Bylaw 3654/B-2021(enacted on August 17, 2020)

While the municipal face covering bylaws will expire, there will still be masking requirements as per provincial restrictions. Masks will still be Provincially mandated under in the following situations:

  • On public transit
  • In public ride shares and taxis
  • In specific continuing care and acute healthcare care settings

Additionally, there may be occupational and business masking requirements, so Red Deerians may still see people wearing masks outside of the Provincially mandated mask requirements.

For full details on the provincial mask mandates still in place after July 1, visit

As restrictions are set to be lifted, citizens are reminded to get vaccinated and continue following public health restrictions in place, including the use of masks, physical distancing and staying home when sick.

For more information, please visit

City of Red Deer

City Council paving the way for more house suites, backyard suites, tiny homes, and duplexes

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Council adopts new Zoning Bylaw

At Monday’s regular City Council meeting, City Council passed second and third reading of the Zoning Bylaw 3357/2024, replacing the former Land Use Bylaw.

The goal of the Zoning Bylaw is to reduce red tape, permit more uses in each zone and improve ease and understanding of the document. Notable updates include:

  • Reduction from 11 residential districts to 9 zones
  • Reduction from 7 commercial districts to 6 zones
  • Reduction from 5 industrial districts to 3 zones
  • More permitted uses in each zone
  • More gentle density options to provide increased housing options, including house suites, backyard suites, tiny homes, and duplexes
  • Increased building heights to 12.5m that considers sightlines and privacy of existing dwellings
  • Greater flexibility for development applications
  • Expanded definitions
  • Reduction of duplex side yards, removal of side yard setbacks on corner lots, and reduced frontage in residential narrow lots to improve competitiveness
  • New regulations to gently transition existing neighbourhoods to maintain character

Following adoption of the Zoning Bylaw, the following amendments were made by City Council.

Proposed Amendment Public Hearing Date 
Increase suites from 15% to 25% of the houses in a neighbourhood.   June 24, 2024
Allow commercial uses on the main floor of R-H Residential High Density.   June 24, 2024
Correct errors in the PS Public Service Zone use list: (*Recommended) a) Gaming and Gambling Establishment (Only at the Westerner) b) Education Primary & Secondary – Add to discretionary use list   May 27, 2024
Returning the Cannabis Retail Sales setbacks to be consistent with the current Land Use Bylaw 3357/2006   May 27, 2024

“The new Zoning Bylaw incorporates years of public feedback and best practices to make a Zoning Bylaw that will result in more housing options, easier development, and ultimately will improve our competitiveness,” said David Girardin, Major Projects Planner. “With the approval of the Zoning Bylaw today, we are not finished our community engagement as there will be future public hearings on potential amendments in the coming weeks, as well as more formal public participation for each additional phase of the Zoning Bylaw.”

The Zoning Bylaw will come into effect in 30 days. Public participation for phase two of the Zoning Bylaw will begin later this year. For more information, visit

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City of Red Deer

City presses ‘pause button’ on search for homeless shelter location

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City Council to consider requesting provincial Expression of Interest (EOI) related to permanent shelter

A formal request for a provincial Expression of Interest (EOI) is being considered by City Council on Monday after City Council decided to cease site selection until more information is available from the Government of Alberta related to vision and operator.

The decision to cease site selection occurred in an open meeting of Council on Monday, May 18, 2024. Since that time, Mayor Ken Johnston met with the provincial government to talk about proceeding with the development of the shelter in a new way, potentially issuing an EOI.

This is a shift from focusing on site right now. An EOI would help gauge interest related to potential shelter operators in Red Deer. It would help ensure understanding about options for operators and models in advance of any further site considerations by City Council.

“We have heard from citizens, that it is difficult to support the location of a future shelter in Red Deer without understanding what it will be. Our community wants to understand what services a future shelter may provide and how it will fit with our community,” said Mayor Johnston. “We have been looking for a different way through this process, and issuing and EOI may help City Council and our community better understand what options exist related to operators and operating models. We want to understand the vision the Government of Alberta has for a future shelter in our city.”

In April, Mayor Johnston met with the Government of Alberta related to vision and operator. Minister Nixon, Minister Williams, MLA LaGrange, MLA Stephan and Mayor Johnston were in attendance at the meeting with preliminary conversations occurring related to options for next steps.

As the Government of Alberta is responsible for the provision of shelter, it would be a provincial EOI. Red Deer City Council and administration continue to express their intention to remain committed to the project as outlined in the current Memorandum of Understanding between The City and the Government of Alberta.

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