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Welcome to Todayville Edmonton!

TODAYVILLE is a digital media platform that is specifically designed for local communities. It’s a powerful platform that sits at the crossroads of local news, social media, community, and business.
If you have a passion for local media, a history of journalism, media management or media sales, and a proven record of community service, then we want to hear from you.  As a cloud-based platform, Todayville can be used to create a sustainable, engaging local media business in virtually any size of community.  Todayville licensees benefit from a turnkey solution to their local media business.  All you need to add is a passion for “community”, a background in local media, and a desire to a catalyst to the kinds of positive change that effective local media can bring.
We want to expand!  Licenses are now available in your community. If you are one of the many amazing people who are no longer working in conventional local media, this may be the perfect opportunity to return to an industry you love, but with a new, effective and sustainable media product.
Contact me directly to learn more.
Thank you for your interest in TODAYVILLE!
Lloyd Lewis
Todayville Inc.

[email protected]