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Troubled Monk Brews Up Hand Sanitizer for Desperate Businesses and Non-Profits


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ReDiscover Red Deer – COVID-19 Response

The good people at Troubled Monk are at it again.  Faced with a challenging stretch due to the COVID-19 economic downturn Troubled Monk got creative.  Having heard about other breweries who started using brewing equipment to produce hand sanitizer, Charlie Bredo decided that would be the right move for Troubled Monk as well.

Being the community minded folks that they are, Troubled Monk decided this would be a good opportunity to give back.  While providing hand sanitizer to local businesses desperate for a supply, they’ll also be providing hand sanitizer to a few fortunate non-profits.. for free!

If you’re with one of those businesses or non-profits desperate for hand sanitizer you can get more information at [email protected].

If you need some for home, keep your eye on and Troubled Monk social media channels.  They hope to have good news for you later in March.

This article was published originally on March 20, 2020.

2020 Red Deer Hospital Lottery will help save lives in the battle against COVID-19


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New hand-made “Parlour” guitar features rare pre-1950’s Brazilian Rosewood

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For Red Deer luthier David Gilmore, it’s really all about the wood. So he was pretty damned jazzed when fate brought him a rare piece of Brazilian Rosewood.

Gilmore has many friends in the small and exclusive world of guitar-builders.  And they tend to help each other out, swap pieces of wood, and give each other advice and encouragement.  This special piece of Brazilian Rosewood came into Gilmore’s life as a result of one of these friendships.

“I obtained this wood from Jake Peters who is an amazing luthier. Jake obtained the board back in the 80’s from an old guy who was retiring who had it in his stash for decades. According to Jake, this wood was harvested pre 1950.”

Pre-1950!  Well before the Cites treaty, which in 1992 added Brazilian Rosewood to the list and banned its export, greatly restricting the supply of this rare and coveted wood. In the case of this beautiful handmade Parlour guitar, the back, sides, fretboard, bridge, headstock, veneer and binding are all made from this one rare piece of wood.

“I was able to cut 3 complete back and side sets out of this board, and this is my last of the stash.”

This stunning guitar features a Sitka spruce top from a board that David has had squirreled for several years.

“When going through the boards, when I tapped the board, the hairs on the back of my neck stood. That was it!”

To complement the look of the iron acetate finish, Gilmore commissioned MJS Pickups out of Mississauga Ontario to make a one of a kind sound hole pick up that has a very vintage look and feel.

If you want to learn more Gilmore Guitars and this rare and beautiful instrument, click here.


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Watch candlelight vigil to honour Dr. Walter Reynolds

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Our community  honoured Dr. Walter Reynolds with a Candlelight vigil on Friday August 14th.

You can watch it here. 

If you want to donate go to the Dr. Walter Reynolds Memorial Fund, organized by Dr. Johan Myburgh – go to the RDPCN website  or click on this link (we have ensured this is the official link)

Go Fund Me – Fundraiser for Anelia Reynolds.


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