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Bruce Dowbiggin

The Manchurian President: How Barack Obama Infiltrated America


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First, they came for the belts. Then they came for the shoes. Then they came for the liquids. Then they came for the… lint roller? A NYC man convinced random citizens to submit to a voluntary roll-down. Subservience to authority is the byword in the 2020s.

How did we get from Question Authority to Lint Roller guy? Wasn’t this the generation that couldn’t be fooled? Apparently not. Lint rollers, systemic racism, masks, lockdowns— the former counter culture now swallows them whole, without question.

Is the current trans/ BLM/ DEI social upheaval worse than the 1960s revolutions that threatened the West? In July of 2020 we attempted to answer the question by pointing out the gap between Abby Hoffman and AOC. “The significant difference between the (Charles) Manson years and today is that, in spite of the widespread rioting, looting, protest marches and media attention to the counter-culture in the 1960s, the forces of anarchy and political upheaval never got close to real power in the corporate and business world of the West. 

They met Chicago mayor Richard Daley head-on in Grant Park and lost. While the counterculture kept trying (and keeps trying) they never got past the 1968 Democratic convention.  The Democratic Party (still controlled by its Dixie segregationists) held their radicals at bay after the George McGovern massacre in 1972. The ascetic monk Jimmy Carter was their response in 1976 to the over-heated circus of the ‘60s and 70s radicals. 

The business community never felt any need to appease the SLA or the anti-war movement. Instead the co-opted it. Remember The Monkees?  And while some in the media were amused by Flower Power and Jane Fonda being a traitor, the corporate media never felt the slightest need to abandon the power structure. So yes, the ‘60s make great material for films. But for political theatre they were just an opening act for the enormous societal transformation taking place since the time of Covid19.

Then how did the radical left, crushed by Nixon in 1972, re-emerge today to finally achieve its agenda? Enter: Barack Obama, the Manchurian President. For those who missed the 1962 film, The Manchurian Candidate, Laurence Harvey portrayed a former soldier brainwashed by communists in Korea and trained to assassinate a presidential candidate when a specific playing card was shown to him. Allowing the baddies to control the nation.

In this updated real telling a Democratic candidate is the vessel selected by defeated ‘60s radicals to complete their power grab. Hunkered down after their murderous bomb-throwing past, radicals like Bill Ayres and wife Bernadette Dohrn searched for the ideal candidate to get them that power. Like all good Marxists they were willing to play the long game. And if a few bodies hit the floor— well, that was collateral damage.

They first hoped Bill Clinton might get them there, but his sexual peccadilloes and triangulation with GOP left them disappointed. Eventually they saw the prophet in their Chicago living room, the embodiment of their hopes. Glib but not too glib. Black but not too-black. Hip but not too hip, Barry “Call Me Barack” Obama would succeed where Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and Hilary Clinton had failed in transitioning the culture.

Fawned over by the SJWs and elected as a moderate supporter of The Sanctity of Marriage Act, he was bullish on markets, equal opportunity versus equal outcome and other traditional Democratic policies on immigration, education and foreign policy. Once in the White House the Manchurian President was shown his trigger card in 2008.

Faster than you can say Henry Louis Gates, Obama and his coterie of ambitious advisors— Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Power— sent the Department of Justice and other key bureaus into police forces, universities, government offices and the military to implement a radical diversity program. Using the template his wife  Michelle Obama had used in implanting critical race theory gender fluidity, white privilege and cultural appropriation into Chicago’s school and hospital system, they sought to make cultural guilt the most prominent fact of American life. Clever replaced wise.

The future FLOTUS was a hot commodity, brimming with resentments despite her position at the top of the food chain. She was a product of Chicago’s leftwing community spearheaded by former Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayres. She regularly attended a church where the pastor hissed, “God damn America”. 

Then she went to the University of Chicago Hospitals where, for the lofty salary of $273,610, she performed the same purgative act, inserting racial guilt and gender fluidity into their operations. By the time she left Chicago for the White House, the organizations she advised were in turmoil over white supremacy, slavery, sexism, colonialism and just about any product of the contemporary society. By all accounts her message was a raging success— for her.”

Soon, white males, police, bureaucrats, soldiers and foreign service diplomats were being cloistered in day-long encounter sessions, assailed for their “privilege” and racism, forced to recant or be fired. Over the eight years of Obama’s presidency it became clear that to access federal funds or seek advancement you had to dance the radical dance composed by Marxists professors the previous generation.

Hollywood, Wall Street and pro sports were then brought under the same authority of the restored 60s radicals. All was moving, in Obama’s words, with the arc of history. Hillary Clinton would provide a third term to seal Obama’s legacy.

They hadn’t accounted for Donald Trump. The pushback against Woke, interrupted in 2016, halted the radicals’ natural assumption of power. Shocked at the impertinence of Trump as POTUS they spent four years attacking, usurping and de-ligitimizing the flamboyant TV star. Denied their sinecures and Georgetown addresses the furious “Swamp” twice tried impeachment, launched a two-year Mueller investigation, employed MSNBC and CNN against him on a daily basis and finally blamed him for Covid.

They propped up a senile Joe Biden and exploited new Covid laws to get him elected. It worked. In the two years since wandering Joe became president, the momentum toward a Brave New World of battling “disinformation” and identifying traitors in their midst has captured all the vital organs of society.

Like the lint-roller victims, most people choose flight over fight, hoping that if they appease a trans-obsessed society it will go away. In the Manchurian Candidate Harvey’s character kills the bad guys and then himself. They hope.

Don’t count on Team Obama folk having second thoughts, however. Having allowed Trump to interrupt the gravy chain once they’ve re-doubled their efforts to stage a Red Guard-style movement, suppressing Wrongthink, disposing of the MAGA class while imposing an elite ruling cadre that will make sure no one tells the real story of Barack the Manchurian.

And the thing about this movie? Most of the lint rollers won’t know it’s done till the card is turned over.

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Bruce Dowbiggin @dowbboy is the editor of Not The Public Broadcaster  A two-time winner of the Gemini Award as Canada’s top television sports broadcaster, he’s a regular contributor to Sirius XM Canada Talks Ch. 167. Inexact Science: The Six Most Compelling Draft Years In NHL History, his new book with his son Evan, was voted the seventh-best professional hockey book of all time by . His 2004 book Money Players was voted sixth best on the same list, and is available via

BRUCE DOWBIGGIN Award-winning Author and Broadcaster Bruce Dowbiggin's career is unmatched in Canada for its diversity and breadth of experience . He is currently the editor and publisher of Not The Public Broadcaster website and is also a contributor to SiriusXM Canada Talks. His new book Cap In Hand was released in the fall of 2018. Bruce's career has included successful stints in television, radio and print. A two-time winner of the Gemini Award as Canada's top television sports broadcaster for his work with CBC-TV, Mr. Dowbiggin is also the best-selling author of "Money Players" (finalist for the 2004 National Business Book Award) and two new books-- Ice Storm: The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Vancouver Canucks Team Ever for Greystone Press and Grant Fuhr: Portrait of a Champion for Random House. His ground-breaking investigations into the life and times of Alan Eagleson led to his selection as the winner of the Gemini for Canada's top sportscaster in 1993 and again in 1996. This work earned him the reputation as one of Canada's top investigative journalists in any field. He was a featured columnist for the Calgary Herald (1998-2009) and the Globe & Mail (2009-2013) where his incisive style and wit on sports media and business won him many readers.

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Bruce Dowbiggin

Cutting Remarks: The Scourge of Hate Speech Censors

Published on

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group… in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” Frédéric Bastiat

We take you now to a day in the not-too-distant future. Citizens are lined up at the registry office to renew their license to speak. Since governments weaponized speech and then criminalized words in the mid 2020s, citizens must register their speech the same way they register guns or cars.

For their convenience the government agencies provide a list of words or insinuations that qualify as criminal speech. Here’s a CBC guide to correct speech on climate, giving you the appropriate words to describe weather-as-the-Apocalypse. Don’t forget, every climate faux pas is a micro aggression!

Should you have made it through the previous 12 months without tripping the language laser beam you’ll be permitted to again speak publicly— albeit very carefully. Pretty soon everyone will speak like Uterus Man, also known as cisgendered NDP MLA Brooks Arcand-Paul, who talks as though his mouth was a Woke minefield.

Media outlets, too, will be required to renew their speech licenses or lose the annual slush-fund monies that come with government Good Speak. Here, Trudeau wind therapist Patty Hajdu demonstrates Good Speak, decrying the cyber-violence of Adolph Hitler… er, Pierre Poilievre… over a “reckless use of the pejorative ‘crazy’” to describe her cabinet colleague Stephane Guilbeault. PP’s “slander” was, she assured us, yet another page out of the infamous Donald Trump American playbook that will rule Canada if Patty & Friends lose the next election.

To keep your talk license you’ll need to speak more like Liberal MP Ken Hardie when he says damn the facts, let’s throw a little dirt over a multiple murder on the bad side of Winnipeg: “Might it be the anti-social ‘burn everything down’ far-right attitude we’re seeing creeping in from the U.S.? And the ‘creep’ on the Canadian side? Pierre Poilievre?” (The tone-deaf Liberal has since sorta’ backtracked after being buried on social media.)

If this all sounds absurd, you haven’t been paying attention. In Canada the government of Justin Trudeau is well on its way to creating an apparatus for regulating both public and private speech. The past week it announced that it was extending its grant money though 2029 to failing media outlets, up to about $30,000 per employee. Not to be outdone, Heritage Canada is putting $40,000 per journalist as a target to promote “diversity”. No wonder so many CDN media legends rushed to defend a hapless CP reporter who was verbally upbraided by Poillievre.

Hey, money is money. Who in the collapsed media empires is not going to like that, huh? Sure you’ll have to sing for your supper, but you’ll still have the cottage in the Muskokas or Kawartha Lakes to soothe any qualms about selling out your journalistic birthright.

Here’s former-progressive author and blogger Michael Shellenberger: “Liberal Left governments have sought to use every new crisis as an opportunity to scapegoat their political opponents and, when that stops working, demand censorship, since the legitimacy and continued existence of the liberal Left hegemony in the West comes from control over information.”

Speaking of U.S. politics, where Joe Biden is polling below herpes, his administration is setting up a disinformation bureau to help the average voter divine something as “information” (Biden policy) or “disinformation” (Trump policy). Stubbornly hanging on to un-truths about The Biden Family’s shakedown of foreign governments could land you in a jail next to the Jan. 6 traitors.

To goose public fear, Team Biden has a new series of Adolph Hitler… er, Donald Trump… revenge memes. From Bill Maher (“I’m afraid of him on a personal level”  ) to former Obama spokes-bugle Jen Psaki, the ruling class is pumping the accelerator: “There is an old quote that goes, ‘For my friend everything. For my enemies the law.’ That is how Trump has operated and that is how he will continue to operate if ever given the levers of government again.” Irony alert.

Need More? Here . Here And here is a CDN fainting goat. (Clarification: DEMs jailed for political crimes or charged for same during Trump presidency: 0. Non-DEMs jailed for political crimes or accused of same during Biden presidency: more than 600, perhaps as many as a thousand.)

Rioting in Dublin

In Ireland, the recent riots over an immigrant stabbing five adults and children have inspired the EU puppets of Leo Valadkar’s government to suggest similar limits on speech must be codified after UFC star Connor MacGregor suggested that perhaps immigration was behind the anger of protesters. Here’s Taioseach fart catcher Pauline O’Connell:  “If your views on other people’s identities go to make their lives unsafe, insecure, and cause them such deep discomfort that they cannot live in peace, then I believe that it is our job as legislators to restrict those freedoms for the common good.”

In Britain, the parsing of language has produced “UK police : We will no longer accept the statement ‘re-housing of illegal immigrants” as a hate crime.” Across the European Union, the “restrict those freedoms for the common good” drumbeat is the same, as quaking bureaucrats and entitled statists seek to silence their critics using hate-language laws that would make even Orwell blush. Result: In Germany, the right-wing AFD party is rising in the polls. In France, Marine Le Pen is more popular than Emmanuel Macron. The recent election of right-wing governments in Italy, the Netherlands and Brexit in Britain has only hastened their panic to punish speech.

Says economist and blogger Tyler Cowen “if your main theory here is ‘racism,’ your contribution to the discourse probably is negative.”

Next speech regulation is silence. Or non-speech. Under the new rules, silence will be no defence when the mob orders you to “wear the ribbon”. UC Berkeley Law Professor Savala Trepczynski gave away the game saying that “White silence is incredibly powerful … It’s not neutral. It acts like a weapon.” Writes legal specialist Jonathan Turley, “In a world where silence is violence and civility is complicity, there is little room for true free speech.”

In this vein nearly 2,000 people signed a petition to fire Marymount Manhattan theatre arts associate professor Patricia Simon after she appeared to fall asleep briefly during an anti-racist Zoom meeting. Complained one colleague, Simon was “ignoring … racist and sizeist actions and words of the vocal coaches under her jurisdiction.”

Just sayin’. Better get your license now. Before it’s too….. (click).

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Bruce Dowbiggin @dowbboy is the editor of Not The Public Broadcaster  A two-time winner of the Gemini Award as Canada’s top television sports broadcaster, he’s a regular contributor to Sirius XM Canada Talks Ch. 167. Inexact Science: The Six Most Compelling Draft Years In NHL History, his new book with his son Evan, was voted the seventh-best professional hockey book of all time by . His 2004 book Money Players was voted sixth best on the same list, and is available via

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Bruce Dowbiggin

Could AI Make Yesterday Into Today For Culture, Sports & Politics?

Published on

On a recent trip to the Fredericton Playhouse to see PEI’s splendid The East Pointers we couldn’t help but notice amongst the coming attractions an appearance by the Glenn Miller Orchestra. As far as we know, Miller disappeared over the British Channel in 1944 on his way to play a concert for the troops post D-Day.

Since then a succession of people have carried his musical heritage under the Miller name. Most of them have joined Miller in the great bandstand in the sky. It is safe to say that the number of people who heard anything by Miller himself live are virtually nil. Still, someone is still buying tickets to hear A String of Pearls, Pennsylvania 6-500, Chattanooga Choo-Choo and In The Mood.

Perhaps it was serendipity but seeing that Miller was still a thing came shortly after the arrival of a final Beatles song “Now and Then”. It’s not as long ago as the final Glenn Miller original cut, but “Now and Then” is the first original Beatles music since the 1970s. Which is when this lacklustre John Lennon composition was born from a demo cut by Lennon.

Its provenance has been talked about by Beatles obsessives ever since. Frankly they’d be excited to hear Lennon/ McCartney read the Liverpool phone book. (Which won’t be any less underwhelming than this song.) Now And Then stayed out of the public realm, probably because George Harrison (d. 2001) hated it, and the recording was scratchy at best.

But thanks to the officious Paul McCartney cleaning it up in the studio and AI producing a catchy video to accompany the song “Now and Then” is on the Billboard chart with a bullet. Where it will probably stay for a while. No doubt this artful dodge will put the idea of reviving other dead musical icons into the heads of their colleagues and supporters.

The AI variations already extend past music. “@ilumine_ai This has been my first test of an experiment I’m doing, which is why it might feel a bit rough. It might not seem like it, but this video shows a single, uncut take at normal speed, where I move through a 3D stage that I am generating at will and in real time.”

Can some clever soul use AI to create a new Humphrey Bogart movie using previous material? What about reviving Katherine Hepburn from her many films? Could Glenn Miller suddenly emerge from the mists to lead his band in Fredericton? We already know about The Beatles.

There ramifications, says cartoonist/commentator Scott Adams.. “If you let ChatGPT answer without constraints, it gives you the “approved narrative,” also known as bullshit. In other words, you can use AI to give you any answer you want on political questions by manipulating the allowed “experts.”

No wonder the Screen Actors Guild went on strike this year to protect the properties of stars dead and alive. What security will they have if AI makes them redundant? AI is, in the words of Hunter S. Thompson, “a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.”

To say nothing of the AI implications for sports. Can AI replicate the greatest of the past? Already there’s a slightly cheesy commercial running in which present-day Wayne Gretzky counsels 18-year-old Wayne Gretzky on the future. But could AI create a better NHL mixing Gretz, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr and Bobby Hull with the best of today? A league with no injuries, no travel fatigue, no bad coaching? Ditto for the other leagues. An NFL with Joe Montana, an NBA with Michael Jordan, an MLB with Barry Bonds?

In Canadian politics AI could revive Pierre Elliot Trudeau to assist his dimwitted son (“Interest rates are at historic lows,” PMJT, 2020). Bill Davis could bring back the days of Blue Ontario. Ralph Klein could recreate the Alberta Advantage. If someone younger and more charismatic pops up you can use them in the present. With an AI figure waiting in the wings for when the real politicians eventually screw up.

In the US-AI, the leading candidates for U.S. president in 2024 are creakingly old. Democrats are in a lather over Joe Biden’s decrepit state as he hit 81 this week (he’d be 87 when a possible second term ended). Polls show Americans are not fooled by the grinning Amphetamine Joe staggering up the stairs of Air Force One.

Republicans are alternatively exhilarated and exhausted by the prospect of loopy 78-year-old Donald Trump carrying their banner next November. With Trump it’s less age than instability. Were he remotely stable he’d be leading Biden by 15 points in the polls.

In the Senate and House of Representatives octogenarian and nonagenarian members are literally dying at their desks for want of term limits. Across the political spectrum voters and media are asking, “Is this the best we can do?” Some recall the movie Dave where Kevin Kline plays a doppelgänger for a comatose U.S. president. Maybe that might work?

Or what if AI could revive JFK or Ronald Reagan in their primes? Or John McCain and Ruth Bader Ginsberg? “Now and Then” would be an appropriate slogan for re-inserting these tried & true political figures into the present, using their former selves to re-craft today’s arguments. (We’ve seen how it might work since most believe that Biden is simply the conduit for a third Obama term.)

Anything has to be better than two old guys who could’ve heard “I’ve Got A Gal In Kalamazoo” when it was originally released by Glenn Miller in 1942.

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Bruce Dowbiggin @dowbboy is the editor of Not The Public Broadcaster  A two-time winner of the Gemini Award as Canada’s top television sports broadcaster, he’s a regular contributor to Sirius XM Canada Talks Ch. 167. Inexact Science: The Six Most Compelling Draft Years In NHL History, his new book with his son Evan, was voted the seventh-best professional hockey book of all time by . His 2004 book Money Players was voted sixth best on the same list, and is available via

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