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Multiple guns taken off the street as patrol officer spots stolen vehicle


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From St. Albert RCMP

St. Albert RCMP seize firearms and arrest one male

On September 23, 2020, at approximately 11:00 p.m., a St. Albert General Duty member was conducting patrols in the Century Casino parking lot and observed a Ford Explorer parked in an unlit area of the property with a male occupant in the driver’s seat.  The RCMP member went to investigate and determined the vehicle was stolen.

The male driver was arrested and identified as Wesley Aubichon (36) of Edmonton.  Inside the vehicle, the police noticed in plain view a lot of new household items still in boxes along with ammunition for a shot gun.  The registered owner of the vehicle indicated that none of the property inside the vehicle was theirs and asked police to remove & secure all the items before they took the vehicle home that night.

Police emptied the contents from the vehicle, while doing so, located the following:

  • Remington 12 Gauge 870 Shotgun (loaded)
  • 3 Huntgroup Arms Shotguns
  • Ranger Shotgun
  • Ammunition
  • Metal Baton
  • Drugs (believed to be Heroin)
  • Jewelry
  • Canadian Currency
  • Security Safe
  • Numerous Electronic/Household Goods
  • Audio Equipment
  • Numerous Cell/Mobile Phones
  • Police Equipment/Tactical Vest
  • Numerous sets of keys
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Buck Knife
  • Tools

Wesley Aubichon was charged with the following Criminal Code offenses:

  • Possession of Weapon For Dangerous Purpose X 1
  • Possession of Prohibited or Restricted Firearm With Ammunition X 1
  • Unauthorized Possession In Motor Vehicle X 2
  • Possession Contrary To Mandatory Prohibition Order X 2
  • Unauthorized Possession of Firearm X 1
  • Possession of Property Obtained by Crime X 1
  • Possession of Break-In Instrument X 1

Wesley Aubichon was also charged with:

  • Possession of Body Armour Without a Valid Permit X 1 (Body Armour Control Act)
  • Possession of Controlled Substance X 1 (Controlled Drugs and Substances Act)

Following a Judicial Hearing, Wesley Aubichon was remanded into custody and appeared in St. Albert Provincial Court on Sept 28, 2020, where bail was denied.  His next court appearance is on October 19, 2020 (St. Albert Provincial Court).

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Opposition bill against coal mining in Rockies can proceed to legislature: committee

Published on

EDMONTON — An Opposition bill that proposes Alberta’s Rocky Mountains be protected from open-pit coal mines can more forward for debate in the provincial legislature.

The committee that recommends which private members bills should go ahead has given unanimous consent to the bill sponsored by NDP Leader Rachel Notley.

In a rare show of unity, six members of the governing United Conservatives sided with four New Democrats in agreeing the bill should proceed. 

The bill calls for cancellation of leases issued after the government scrapped a policy last May that once protected the land.

If passed, it would also stop the province’s energy regulator from issuing development permits.

Open-pit mines would permanently be prohibited in the most environmentally sensitive areas and mines elsewhere would not receive the go-ahead until a land-use plan for the region was developed.

The government brought back the policy protecting the mountains and foothills and is setting up public consultations on coal mines.

The Canadian Press

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Whistle Stop Cafe owner challenging lockdown and authorities

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Just a few months ago Mirror, Alberta might have been referred to as UCP heartland.  But things seem to be changing quickly.  One of the hottest spots in the area is Chris Scott’s Whistle Stop Cafe.  The owner, Chris Scott opened The Whistle Stop in the middle of Alberta’s second lockdown back in January.  Still facing legal action from that lockdown, Chris didn’t hesitate to announce he would also be defying Alberta’s third lockdown of indoor dining as soon as that was announced.  Hundreds of supporters showed up on the weekend.  They were treated to music, a beer garden, as well as both outdoor patio, and indoor dining options.
As expected The Whistle Stop was visited by an AHS inspector and RCMP members who noted the violations and informed Mr. Scott of impending legal actions against The Whistle Stop Cafe.  All this hasn’t slowed Scott down one bit.  As of Tuesday morning, the cafe is open and serving customers (who are warned by staff they could be charged for violating indoor dining restrictions) and Chris Scott is planning for another busy weekend.  Scott addresses his massive social media following daily.  His Tuesday morning address shows just how committed he remains despite the obvious impending showdown sure to take place in the coming days between Scott and AHS as well as the RCMP.
In his facebook post, the owner of The Whistle Stop Cafe almost seems to be daring Premier Jason Kenney to make a move:

From the Facebook page of The Whistle Stop Cafe

Good morning everyone! It’s been a busy, stressful couple days for us here. I’m not going into details as they’re irrelevant to our vision of serving delicious food, to beautiful people ❤️ today could be a very big day for us here at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror, Alberta. We’ve got a lot on the go including planning this coming weekends festivities here. Live music, karaoke, and wonderful food prepared with care and attention to detail. All of us here believe strongly in taking every precaution with the way we handle food. As a food “service,” provider our number one priority is ensuring that what we serve its fresh and safe. We also believe in your choice to either venture out in this dangerous world or stay home and limit your exposure to the thousands of risks we encounter every day. Nobody here will ever judge you for making your own choice. As most of you know, Alberta Health Services suspended our food handling permit yesterday, via EMAIL. Now I could have ignored the email and said I didn’t recieved it and made them come out here and deliver themselves, but I didn’t. AHS inspectors are not well received these days. And I’m happy to consider them as human beings and keep them out of situations where they may be subject to abusive language and threats. So I accepted the email as it was written and acknowledge the suspension of my permit. However, as a man and a human being I have the right to engage in commerce. I have the right to Life, Liberty and security. These rights are not conditional on any agency “permitting,” them. We continue to follow best practices in regards to purchase, storage, and preparation of our food. And we continue to maintain a clean environment in which to serve or consume said food. We will not continue to be bullied into submitting to garbage, harmful, baseless restrictions forced on the people of Alberta by those who will never suffer the consequences of their own actions. We are OPEN for business. And we have some great specials today!

Eggs Kenney

Breakfast- Eggs Kenney served with a side of disobedience. 2 eggs poached one way, then changed to whatever we feel like making up at the time. We will give you ham, sausage, and bacon with your eggs Kenney but then we’re going to take back half of it and tell you is for your own good. Comes with hashbrowns on the side, but only if you submit to our stupid rule of clapping three times and saying the word, “knee,” (as in the Knights who say, knee. Because it’s ridiculous and changes nothing.) $5.00 plus a fee of $7.95 for the permit to eat.
Lunch special today is a UCP burger. Our delicious classic burger! But like our government it will be served open and two-faced with an egg on its face. Comes with delicious freedom fries! $11.95
Soup today is Hinshaw chicken noodle. Chicken soup is good for you! And since Dr. Hinshaw seems to think she’s the only person who knows what’s good for us I figured it was an appropriate name.
Supper special is whatever you want. We will prepare you anything you like! Because what you put in your body, and where you choose to eat and do business is YOUR CHOICE!!! Keep in mind our kitchen is small so please don’t go crazy🤣 our supper special is FREE! And if you feel like donating to our cause we would be very happy to accept it. I heard something about “plague rats,” so all donations will go towards cleaning supplies and a consultation with an exterminator because we want ALBERTA TO REMAIN RAT FREE!!!
We’re looking forward to seeing you today!! We NEED YOU HERE. We need your support! We need to push back as hard as we can, knowing that we may get sick but doing OF OUR OWN ACCORD!!
Sending love and freedom from the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror ❤️
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