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The iGaming Tech Sector Increasingly Dependent On B2B2C Partnherships


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The Shifting iGaming Landscape Has Companies Facing New Challenges – Entrepreneur Gia Janashvili Believes Better Partnerships Are the Way Forward

The iGaming industry has seen rapid growth over the past few years. Skyrocketing globally after a major US Supreme Court Ruling in 2018 on sports betting and seeing even more acceleration as the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered many physical gambling options. This growth has been accompanied by ever-increasing competition among iGaming platforms, with significant pressure for companies to continuously innovate.

Gia Janashvili is one entrepreneur who is helping those companies do just that. As the co-founder of Veli Services, Janashvili enables iGaming companies to take a more personalized approach when it comes to platform development.

Dealing With the Increasing Fractionation of iGaming Niches

iGaming covers a broad range of internet gambling applications. It includes sports betting, casinos, lotteries, and more. However, the specialization of individual iGaming platforms runs far deeper than that.

Even with the massive variety of iGaming options available today, customers will frequently change platforms seemingly on a whim. They are constantly seeking out the latest innovations and features that are geared more specifically towards their niche.

To compensate, iGaming companies must operate and develop many platforms, each catering to the unique demands of some specific market segment. Veli Services partners with these companies and provides them with the development support they need to address the unique challenges of their industry.

Gia Janashvili says that “iGaming is such a dynamic industry, and the companies we work with need a partner that can keep up with that pace. Veli Services leverages our unique position to do just that, providing solutions with the latest technology and innovations.”

Development within the iGaming industry isn’t a simple matter of optimization. Instead, it’s focused on customization and personalization. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all iGaming platform solution that companies can implement to ensure their success. In order to succeed, companies must identify what specific customers want and how they can give it to them.

Meeting the Key Needs of Any iGaming Platform

While there are many individual factors that go into the success or failure of iGaming platforms, they generally come down to three key elements. The platforms that iGaming companies operate need to focus on engagement, player retention, and monetization.

Much of what Veli Services does goes towards determining how these three metrics can be maximized for given markets. The company provides iGaming development services across an incredibly broad range of regions, including a significant presence in the burgeoning African iGaming industry. In turn, Veli Services has to focus on how regional cultures and ways of life impact iGaming platform success.

Drawing on his experience throughout Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe, Gia Janashvili says that “With any business opportunity, not just in iGaming or even other similar industries, there’s always an advantage to knowing the landscape. I’ve worked with individuals and organizations from many backgrounds and can say that one critical element to success is really knowing the people, in terms of both end-users and partnerships.”

Where the iGaming Industry Is Headed Now

The continuing trend towards more specialized platforms shows the direction that the iGaming industry is headed for the foreseeable future. Rather than relying on their own internal development teams, there is an increasing focus among iGaming companies to seek out meaningful B2B2C partnerships.

These partnerships with organizations like Veli Services are addressing many of the key challenges that iGaming companies face in the changing industry. With the dedicated support that they provide, iGaming companies are better able to meet the unique demands of their markets.

Gia Janashvili says that “Veli Services is able to offer iGaming companies great versatility in their iGaming platforms through the use of the latest technologies. We focus on a more agile approach that incorporates microservices, containers, and DevOps to create more robust platforms than iGaming companies would be able to launch on their own.”

Much of the benefit that Veli Services provides for iGaming companies comes from the more effective use of available data. In the current landscape, companies need to be able to quickly and accurately identify what works and what doesn’t. With more advanced analytics, Veli Services lets iGaming platforms adapt with the necessary speed to capitalize on rapidly shifting markets.

In addition to these latest innovations, along with a strong foundation of the anti-fraud and data security measures required for any iGaming platform, Veli Services is transforming the industry with a stronger focus on support. Having a committed partner enables iGaming companies to deliver better products and services for their end customers.

“At the end of the day, Veli Services succeeds when our partners succeed. We’re changing the way that partnerships work within the iGaming space by delivering a supportive, enriching, and personal experience” – Gia Janashvili


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The at the signature technology you choose should adapt to your specific processes, solutions, user management and authentication requirements. It should also incorporate with your organization systems and reliability policies, and become based on internationally accepted standards.

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Choosing a Digital Boardroom Application for Your Organization

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