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Qatar World Cup Stadiums 2022


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qatar world cup 2022The future holds a great many things for Arab nations everywhere especially where sports are concerned. 2022 will be a chance for Qatar to shine. The FIFA World Cup will take place this coming year in Qatar making it the first Arab Nation in the world to host the World Cup. This is a large honor and an opportunity for a great deal of international cooperation as well as the opportunity for increased tourism, economic stimulation, social exchange, and cultural exchange. A great deal of work has been done to prepare the country for the honor of hosting the event including the construction of a multitude of new stadiums.


Quick facts:

  • The World Cup 2022 will take place in the winter rather than the traditional summer months because of the significant heat that engulfs Qatar.

  • Qatar teams have been heavily involved in Sports for years but this is the first time the nation will host the event.

  • Qatar submitted for hosting rights in 2010, 12 years beforehand and beat out the United States, Japan, Australia, and South Korea all four of whom were vying for the same opportunity.


Alongside this opportunity comes the subsequent opportunity for change in the Gulf Nation. The United Nations and the International Labour Organisation had to investigate claims over the mistreatment of Migrant workers in Qatar as part of the permissions granted for hosting the World Cup.


Changes in preparations for the qatar-based World Cup are quite extensive. Qatar issued a new bill for higher minimum wage and legal protection for its foreign workers, something particularly important given how many foreign workers comprise the working economy of Qatar on a regular basis and the uptick that will comprise the workers in preparation for the World Cup. 

Stadiums in Qatar

Stadiums are being constructed for the upcoming event, the work of over 26,000 people. In fact, contractors in Qatar have provided recruitment fees for foreign workers who moved to Qatar  just for the construction of the World Cup stadiums. Read more detailed information in Construction updates and pictures can be found for each of the stadiums currently in construction.

How many have been constructed so far? The figure stands at 7.  The goal is to have all of the stadiums ready to go a few years prior, but the pandemic has influenced not just construction deadlines but the determination for which countries will participate.

  • Newly Constructed

Lusail Stadium in Qatar7 brand new stadiums have been built from scratch each of which feature things like open air cooling systems to combat even the hot temperatures that the country faces in the winter. 

Lusail Stadium is one of the newly constructed stadiums that is scheduled to host both the opening match and the final match, as well as the opening ceremony.

Al Bayt Stadium is comprised of tents so it gives it the appearance of the traditional tent structures found in the desert. This one is slightly larger than the renovated stadiums with a capacity of 60,000.

One of the more interesting stadiums is Education City Stadium which is centered in the middle of a University campus and will be used for the quarter-finals. Once the quarter finals are over however, the country plans to donate 20,000 of the current seats to developing countries who are apparently in need of not only economic stimulation and food aid, but chairs.

Other 40000 person capacity stadiums in Al Rayyan, Ras Abu Aboud, and Al Thumama, the latter featuring an architectural design which mimics the traditional male cap: the gahfiya. 


  • Renovated and Upgraded

The eight stadium has undergone upgrades to the existing Khalifa International stadium, and was officially inaugurated in 2018. This stadium was built in 1976 and has a 40,000 person capacity. It has already made a name for itself as the host for events like the AFC Asian Cup, and the Gulf Cup. It did not need to be reconstructed but simply upgraded.

In 2019 the ninth stadium was inaugurated, Al Wakrah.Similarly, this stadium was inaugurated with a 40,000 person capacity.


So who will get to participate next year at these newly constructed sites? Qualifications began in June of 2019 and some are still ongoing but there is the potential for high number of participants from countries like Israel, Estonia, Finland, Bulgaria, Greece, Luxembourg, Hungary, Germany, El Salvador, Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the United States, Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa, Togo, China, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and South Korea.

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How One Man’s Initial Donation Leads To 150 Tons Of Humanitarian Aid For Ukraine

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Humanitarian aid from the US to Ukraine

Yesterday, Melik Kaylan wrote a lengthy Forbes column about how former Georgian Defense Minister David Kezerashvili stepped forward in March 2022 and funded an entire flight of aid from the United States to Ukraine. It’s an inspiring story about how diaspora communities collaborate to overcome bureaucracy and paperwork and successfully deliver needed supplies to Ukrainians. Here’s a rundown of what happened.

Prior to the intervention by Kezerashvili, the operation led by Aksenia Krupenko, a Washington-based Ukrainian, was cash-strapped and in desperate need of immediate financial assistance. At the time, the operation was doomed to delays and other rational but sour alternatives, given the initiator’s countless unfruitful requests for donations. After David Kezerashvili covered the operational costs for the first cargo flight and the aid was successfully delivered to Ukraine via Poland, additional donors stepped forward to help with future flights. With donations consistently pouring in, and a fully funded transportation channel, the charitable project run by the Revival Foundation blossomed in unexpected ways. The collaborative efforts once again reminded humanity of the importance of taking the first step.

The Amazing Humanitarian Aid Program Orchestrated by Revival Foundation

The Revival Foundation is one of the non-profit organizations working tirelessly to ensure the well-being of Ukrainians who have been subjected to the horrors of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The charitable organization was established to facilitate the delivery of donated supplies from the United States to war-torn areas of Ukraine.

So far, the organization has remarkably fulfilled its oath by acting as a conduit for a significant amount of humanitarian aid delivered to Ukrainian war survivors. However, completing this difficult task has not been easy. Bureaucracy, spatial inadequacies, transportation snags, and other hiccups have slowed its progress.

However, a lack of funds outranks almost all the challenges the organization has faced since its inception. Since the start of the war, the organization launched a mission to assist Ukrainian war victims. Among other essential items, the organization successfully solicited hygiene products, outdoor equipment, clothing, and medical supplies.

Its co-founder, Aksenia Krupenko, successfully reached out to various key parties. Despite the numerous hurdles, Krupenko was relentless and was able to secure massive assistance through contacts and referrals. Ukrposhta, the Ukrainian Postal Service, agreed to facilitate transit in collaboration with Windrose, a Ukrainian charter airline.

Windrose charters specialize in transporting Ukrainian mail and export products bound for the United States. Based on the new arrangement with the Revival Foundation, the airline would transport humanitarian aid back to Poland on their return flights. Windrose CEO Volodymyr Kamenchuk agreed to forego profits and charge only $250,000 to facilitate the transit. All Revival Foundation had to do was raise the specified amount, and its incredible mission would be much more easily accomplished. Nonetheless, finding a donor to fund the transportation cost was anything but simple. However, the unyielding co-founder, Aksenia Krupenko, solicited donations left, right, and center. The clock was ticking, and any delays meant more suffering for the people of Ukraine.

The Driving Force behind the Transport of Aid to Ukraine

Krupenko’s tireless efforts attained a new milestone when she reached out to Temuri Yakobashvili, co-founder and president of the Revival Foundation. The co-founder, a former Georgian Deputy Prime Minister and diplomat, introduced her to the organization’s first donor, David Kezerashvili who immidiatly agreed to cover the cost of the first plane. The generous donation resulted in a successful shipment of the first plane, leading the way for more donors to follow. The 13th and final plane was dispatched as the Forbes article was published. Overall, the organizer, Aksenia Krupenko, has sent 150 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but she claims it is insufficient. She continues to raise funds for additional flights.

Georgians Commendable Efforts in Rallying Aid for Ukraine 

When Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, approximately 30,000 Georgians marched through the streets of Tbilisi to condemn Russia’s aggression. Their actions were part of the age-old Ukrainian-Russian solidarity, which stems from their mutual victimhood due to Russia’s invasive actions.

Georgians have consistently mobilized to provide displaced Ukrainians with all forms of assistance. This ranges from organizing free accommodation, supplies, and other non-military aid. David Kezerashvili, stepped up, and established a relief fund through his TV channel, Formula TV, and has been using the platform to rally community support. Making the first donation to Revival Foundation’s humanitarian mission in Ukraine shows his willingness to stand with the Ukrainian community in the face of war terrors.

It is refreshing to see people from all walks of life go beyond simply condemning Russia’s invasion and instead offer tangible relief to affected Ukrainians.


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Julia Budzinski, daughter of Blue Jays first-base coach, died in tubing accident

Published on

TORONTO — Julia Budzinski, the 17-year-old daughter of first-base coach Mark (Bud) Budzinski, died in a tubing accident in Virginia on the weekend.

Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources spokesperson Paige Pearson said in a statement that two girls fell off a tube being pulled behind a boat on the James River on Saturday.

As the boat operator returned to get them out of the water, the boat hit a wave causing it to be pushed on top of a 17-year-old victim, striking her with the propeller.

“It was a very happy, fun last day on earth for her,” Budzinski’s mother Monica, who says she was with her daughter at the boat, said at a vigil at Julia’s Virginia high school Sunday night. “Sadly obviously … but it was happy, laughing, having a good time, and that’s the way I’m going to remember her, that’s the way everybody needs to remember her. She loved life, she loved being outside, sports, everything.

“She’ll live on through all you guys.”

Pearson said foul play is not suspected. Life-jackets were worn and alcohol was not a factor.

Mark Budzinski left the Blue Jays in the third inning of the second game of the team’s doubleheader against the Rays on Saturday after learning of his daughter’s death.

The Blue Jays issued a statement, saying that Budzinski would take some time away from the team to grieve with his family.

There was a moment of silence for Julia before Sunday’s series finale.

“My heart breaks for Bud,” Toronto manager Charlie Montoyo said after Sunday’s game. “There’s good men and great men. He’s a great man. He’s a special kind of person. His family is great. The only thing I can share about what happened is that he left a note for the team. He did this while going through a tragedy, and that tells you everything about him.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 4, 2022.

The Canadian Press

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