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Welcome to Todayville, a new concept in local media.  This platform allows all members of our community to publish directly to our home page.  As a business you can take advantage of incredibly affordable mostly membership packages that allow you to tell your story as well.  Take advantage of the opportunities that come from publishing directly to a local platform that reaches deep into the local Red Deer community.  
Todayville is free to all others. Whether you are a member of the general public or a group that contributes to the well being of our community, you can use Todayville to reach the public and tell your story. 
You must publish under your real name or the name of your business, organization or group. Please do not make up user names or nicknames.  This is a site that serves our entire community so please use good manners and be accountable for what you publish.
Thanks for registering on Todayville and we look forward to hearing your stories!
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