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Lethbridge Superstore offers Alberta’s first walk-in health clinic led by pharmacists


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Lethbridge – A Canadian retailer has partnered with the University of Alberta to offer the province’s first pharmacist-led health clinic as part of a pilot project.

Loblaw Companies Ltd. said the walk-in clinic, which opens to patients Monday, is located inside the Real Canadian Superstore in Lethbridge.

Jeff Leger, head of pharmacy for Loblaw and president of Shoppers Drug Mart, said pharmacists in Alberta are uniquely positioned to relieve some of the burden on the province’s health-care system.

“In Alberta, there’s great scope of practice,” he said. “Pharmacists are able to do quite a number of things to help people with either minor illnesses or pain or chronic conditions, so that’s what we’re doing.

“We’re actually going to offer primary care through the pharmacists.”

Health Minister Jason Copping, who attended the announcement in Lethbridge, said in a statement that the clinic will be a place where people can get help quickly and easily.

“Pharmacists have the knowledge and expertise to contribute more to the primary care team, and government recognizes that,” he said.

Copping said it’s one way the province is increasing access to primary care, which is a major challenge in the health-care system.

“Access is an issue right across Canada; and like other challenges, it was an issue even before COVID, but of course the pandemic has made it much tougher,” he said.

Copping said the province is also working with Alberta Health Services to recruit more family doctors in places like Lethbridge.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on June 24, 2022.

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From Cafe Owner to Political Activist at the heart of the Alberta Prosperity Project

Published on

The COVID pandemic has turned Central Alberta Cafe Owner Chris Scott into nothing short of a lightning rod.

Many business owners grumbled and suffered through a couple years of mayhem due to wave after wave of COVID and the various restrictions affecting day to day operations.  Where most business owners zigged, Scott, as they say… zagged.

Chances are you know something about his story as he’s been in the news and seemingly on a never ending speaking tour ever since this all started.

You likely won’t be surprised to know Chis Scott is still operating his cafe, still facing court charges, and heavily involved in trying to influence Alberta politicians.

No matter what side of this discussion you fall on, no matter what you think of the business owners, doctors, and religious leaders who stood in defiance of covid restrictions, this conversation will help you understand where those who have emerged as leaders of those who stood up to the health restrictions are putting their attention in the summer of 2022.

If you’re interesting in learning more about the Alberta Prosperity Project.

If you’re interested in WS Full Steam Ahead


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Voting deadline looms in race to replace Jason Kenney as Alberta UCP leader, premier

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EDMONTON – It’s deadline day to buy $10 Alberta United Conservative Party memberships to vote for the next leader and premier.

The party is accepting drop offs by 5 p.m. and online memberships until midnight.

The party will then go through the memberships and confirm information and expects to have the final tally ready in two weeks or so.

Seven candidates are on the ballot seeking to replace Premier Jason Kenney in the party’s top job.

Kenney announced in May he was quitting after receiving a lukewarm 51 per cent support in a party leadership review.

The next key date in the race is the second debate, slated for Aug. 30 in Edmonton.

The candidates have been proposing a range of policy ideas from health care to education reform, but the focus of debate has been on how to leverage Alberta’s relationship with the federal government to get a better deal in areas such as equalization.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Aug. 12, 2022.

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