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Top Scorers in FIFA World Cup Tournaments


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The FIFA World Cup is one of the world’s most prestigious and popular sporting events. Since the 1930s, FIFA has organized its tournament every four years, almost uninterrupted. And in its 90+ year history, the fans have seen some excellent players and teams raise hell in the various stadiums worldwide. But many still wonder, who are some of the top scorers in the history of the World Cup? We are looking at stats and history to compile a list of the best players in the Cup’s history.


It isn’t easy to separate the name Pele from the sport. Often regarded as the greatest footballer in history, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele to the world, began his career at the tender age of 15. By 16, he was already playing for the Brazil national team. In terms of scorers, he is Brazil’s all-time leading player, with 77 goals in 90-or-so games. He holds several records, including Guinness World Record for most goals scored, with over 1200 in 1300ish games.

It might surprise you that Pele needs to hold the record for the most goals scored during the World Cup. Though he has been on the winning team three times, and he certainly is no slouch, Pele has scored 12 goals in the FIFA competition. Twelve goals in 14 matches make him one of the best players in the top 5 FIFA World Cup scorers.

Just Fontaine

Just Fontaine is a legend in the sport. One of France’s most prolific forwards, Fontaine made his name as a forward for USM Casablanca. However, he shone on the international stage as France’s forward. On the international scene, Monsieur Fontaine competed at several prestigious events. Most notably, he cemented his legend during the 1958 World Cup.

The 1958 iteration of the World Cup was held in Sweden, marking the first time a Nordic country had served as a host. While the French team did not make it to the finals, they did go home with some accolades, largely thanks to Just Fontaine. In the six matches in which France did compete, Monsieur Fontaine managed to score thirteen goals. To this day, this is the record for most goals scored during a single edition of the World Cup, and Fontaine is one of the top 5 goal scorers in the event’s history.

Miroslav Klose

Miroslav Klose is a German of Polish descent who coaches Austria’s Rheindorf Altach. As far as Germany is concerned, Miroslav Klose is one of the all-time top scorers, and to this day, he holds the record for most goals scored in World Cup tournaments. And while his coaching career is relatively new (going on since 2016), most football fans remember Mr. Klose for his impressive showings during his time on the field.

Klose has competed in four different iterations of the World Cup from 2002 until 2014. During these four editions, he competed in 24 matches. In these matches, Miroslav Klose scored 16 goals, one more than previous record-holder Ronaldo Nazario. These accomplishments propel Miroslav to the status of superstar, and he is still considered one of the greatest players that Germany has ever produced.

The 2022 Edition’s Best Players

This article’s final section looks at some of the top scorers in the 2022 edition of the World Cup. Excitement has been bubbling for the past year. So, now that the tournament is in full swing, many people are looking for the best sites to bet on the FIFA World Cup. So, with this section, we would like to provide insight into which players are worth watching.

First, France’s Kylian Mbappe will take the top spot in 2022. In the four games France has already played, Mbappe has shown that he deserves consideration as one of the best active players. Already, the young player has scored five goals, putting him square in the lead as the top scorer of the 2022 World Cup, at least for now.

Apart from Mbappe, many players have shown they are worth their salt. Most notable, of course, is Lionel Messi. He is earning his paycheck, having already scored three goals in the tournament. Also in the “three goals club” are Spain’s Alvaro Morata, England’s Bukayo Saka and Marcus Rashford, the Dutchman Cody Gakpo, and France’s Olivier Giroud.

Honorable Mentions

The three men mentioned in this article are only a few of the greatest goal-scorers. Due to necessity, we had to leave off legends like Brazil’s Ronaldo, who, in 19 matches, has scored 15 goals. This accomplishment puts him squarely at the number 2 spot, behind only Miroslav Klose. Other big names whose achievements should be acknowledged are Gerd Muller (14 goals in 13 matches), Sandor Kocsis (11 goals in 5 rounds), and Jurgen Klinsmann (11 goals in 17 games).

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Varieties of cricket betting

Published on

Cricket rivals soccer in popularity, and is only slightly inferior to it. This national English sport is especially popular in the homeland, as well as in the former English colonies. Cricket bet is no more complicated than betting on other sports, especially since the legal betting company Pari Match offers a wide range of lines, where everyone can find an event to his liking. There are a huge number of different cricket championships and leagues. In general, in terms of the number of rules and their diversity, cricket ranks first in the world.

A little about the discipline

Cricket is a team non-contact game using a ball and bat. The aim of the match is to score more points, or runs, than the opponent. Athletes use a leather-covered cork ball and wooden bats. Clubs alternate between serving and batting sides. The athletes of the attacking team take the field in full and play against 2 opposing batsmen who take the pitching positions.

The pitcher of the fielding team delivers a throw from the outfield to the opposite side of the field to the opposing batsman. The fielders use any available means to catch the batted ball and earn points. After 6 innings, a bowler change is executed, and a new over begins.

Types of cricket betting at Сanada Parimatch

You can place a bet by selecting one of these categories:

  1. On the outcome. Tier 1 cricket includes matches that can result in draws, leading to a three-way outcome in Test matches. Draws don’t happen as often as in soccer, but still the probability is relatively high and comparable to hockey. In the one-day and Twenty20 format, bookmakers offer 2 way outcomes with no possibility of a draw.
  2. Double chance is akin to outcome betting, with the distinction that it allows the consolidation of two potential outcomes at reduced odds. For instance, this could involve predicting the absence of a draw or ensuring that at least one of the teams will not face a loss.
  3. On a handicap. You can make a prediction here on the advantage that the team will win or the disadvantage that the opponent will face. For instance, in test matches between strong teams, it is common to predict a forfeit (0).
  4. Totals. Betting on the number of runs per match or for a particular segment – after 5, 10, 15 overs and so on. These figures can encompass both overall totals and specific totals for each team.
  5. Player statistics. In top-level cricket, there are typically a sufficient number of opportunities for personal player achievements. There are a variety of indicators: the number of runs or 6-point knocks, various titles at the end of the match – the best batsman or the best player of the meeting.

Cricket is rich in different statistical indicators and secondary events. It will not be difficult to find Pari Match quotes on the number of runs or the best score of the first partnership in the lines for big matches.

It’s worth noting that in cricket, there are some interesting specific events that you can place bets on. For instance, the “Mendis over” is an exceptional situation where a batsman, usually in the middle of the match, makes only one hit but scores the maximum number of points – 36. Such a rare moment can make your bet exceptionally profitable, as these stories are remembered for a long time.

Additionally, you can test your luck in betting on individual player achievements, such as the “Golden Batsman” – determining the player who hits the most sixes (shots beyond the boundary for 6 points) in the tournament. This can be an exciting aspect of betting, as watching a player make spectacular hits is always interesting.

In a unique way, cricket also serves as a platform for the most sophisticated strategies. For example, bets on the “big three” allow you to determine the three best teams in the tournament, which can be challenging to predict, but if you guess correctly, you are guaranteed a significant win. These diverse opportunities make cricket an excellent arena for bets that combine expertise and luck.


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Why Bill S-268 Could Bring Real Changes for Indigenous Peoples and Gaming in Canada

Published on

The latest installment in the story of legal gaming and betting in Canada happened on June 20, 2023, when Bill S-268 had its first reading. If the Bill passes, it will bring big changes for Indigenous peoples in the country and their involvement in the Canadian legal gaming landscape.

This happening follows other major changes to iGaming and sports betting in Canada. In April 2022, Ontario became the first Canadian province to launch a regulated iGaming market. This launch followed the legalization of single-event sports betting the previous year. Now, players can enjoy games and sports betting at Ontario online casinos that are registered and regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario or (AGCO). These big changes in Ontario are now being followed by Bill S-268.

What is Bill S-268?

The Bill was put forward by Senator Scott Tannas and intends to amend the Criminal Code of Canada in terms of the legality of lottery schemes in the country. If the Bill progresses, the First Nation will be permitted to license and manage lottery schemes on its reserve. They will have sole responsibility for operating such lotteries as long as they notify the Canadian Government and the provincial government of the intention to do so. In addition, the content of the Bill refers to amending the Indian Act to allow the council of the band authority to create bylaws concerning the operation and management of proposed lotteries.

How the Bill will change iGaming in Canada

The current laws concerning iGaming in Canada state that it’s illegal in the country. However, Section 207 of the Criminal Code of Canada allows provincial governments to conduct and manage iGaming within their own province. This ruling means that any lottery schemes in the country must be operated by a provincial government.

If Bill S-268 passes, it will change the status quo by removing the effective monopoly that provincial governments have on the conducting and management of lotteries. The preamble for the Bill refers to the changes being part of the recognition of the Inherent and Treaty rights of Indigenous Peoples. This means that the Bill is not about bringing new rights for Indigenous Peoples but seeks to confirm the rights they already have.

The future of iGaming in Canada will be significantly changed by Bill S-268 if it passes. It will help to further the reconciliation between Canadians and Indigenous Peoples. Plus, it will enable Indigenous Peoples to have full control of their own lotteries. This means they will make more money from operating lotteries which will bring financial benefits to them and further the recognition of their rights.

It remains to be seen whether the Bill will pass, but there is support for it, especially within Indigenous communities. There is also a certain amount of resistance from provincial governments that are wary of their dominance in iGaming being diluted. Now that the first reading of the Bill is complete, there will be much interest concerning its progression.

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